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Volume 10, Issue 0

Volume 10, Issue 0, Winter 2014, Page 1-323

Democracy and institution of civil society

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 31-42

Civil society contributes daily in the promotion and protection of democracy all over the world. However different naming civil society organizations, whether they are defenders, non-governmental organizations, trade unions, student clubs, trade unions, university institutes, bloggers or charities that work with groups vulnerable to discrimination-the actors of civil society are working for a better future and share in the general objectives to achieve justice,equality and respect for human dignity under a democratic system to ensure human rights and freedoms. This is not limited to civil society to volunteer an individual only for the purpose of achieving social benefit for the people, but also the freedom to establish institutions of civil works in the political sphere .
The civil society in terms of principle, knitwear of the relationships that exist between its members on the one hand, and between them and the state of the other. These relations are based on mutual interests and benefits, hiring, understanding and diversity and the rights and duties and responsibilities, and accountability of the state at all times, which necessitates where it accountable , hand procedural, this fabric of relations requires in order to be meaningful, that is embodied in the institutions of voluntary social, economic and cultural rights multiple together constitute the basic rule that underpin the legitimacy of the state on the one hand, and a means of accountability if needed, on the other .
And civil society is a society largely independent from the supervision of the state direct,it is characterized by independence and automatic regulation and the entrepreneurial spirit of individual and collective,and volunteer work,and enthusiasm to serve the public interest,and to defend the rights of vulnerable groups,and even though it elevates the status of the individual,but it is not an unincorporated community on the contrary,community solidarity through a wide network of institutions.Growing importance of civil society and the maturity of its institutions for his role in organizing and activating the participation of people in their destiny and confront the policies that affect their livelihoods and increase their impoverishment,and what is its role in spreading the culture of creating self-initiative ,the culture of institution-building,culture upholding the citizen,and the emphasis on the will of the citizens in the historical action and attract them to the yard historical action and contribute effectively to the achievement of the great transformations of the communities do not even leave the monopoly of the ruling elites and all this

Al qurania of poet Ali bin Mohmmed bin Ali Al Ramadhan

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 43-56

Abridged disquisition Espoused disquisition terminology ( qurania ) and it is the terminology modern propose Dr. mushtaq Abbas Meaen and might designedly disquisition to lurk appearances ( qurania ) in effected capillary belong to 14 th century 19 th century A.B . , to poet Arabian he is ( Alibin Mohammed bin Ali Al Ramedhan ) and might appear .
To disquisition that terminology ( qurania ) revelation in three axis , and appear to disquisition too commit this is manners artistry , premeditate to inter penetration between theologian and poeticsin glim convection from .anatimies super ficiality its represents letter press poetics , to anatomies in texts stanzgs it give denotations New theme .

A Study in the Political activity of the British Labour Movement 1868-1931 " The ideology and Political role of the Labour Party as an example"

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 57-101

The Paper studies the activity of the Labour Movement in Britain and the Political role played by it in the British society, and the means the Movement followed to reach power. The study shows the most important socialist union and societies that preceded the establishment of the Labour Party and the principles followed by it and role of the labour leaderships in it.Move over,light is shed on the ideology followed by the Labour Party through the study of the writings of Ramsay MacDonald. The paper also explains the most significant challenges faced by the First Labour Government in the history of Britain in1924that eventually resulted in its down fall. The paper also explains the factors that led to weakening the role of the Labour Party on the Political Scene after1924and the factors that helped it regain Popularity and reaching Power to form the ministry for the second time in1929 as well as the nature of the interior and foreign policies followed by it.
The Paper includes an introduction, four Chapters and a conclusion:
Chapter one showed the activity of the Labour Movement during the stage before the establishment of the Labour Party before 1900. Chapter two tackles the ideology of the Labour Party Through the writings of Ramsay MacDonald. Chapter three is entitled " The First Labour ministry" ( January- December 1924). While Chapter four discusses the Policy of the Second Labour Government (June 1929- August 1931).
By studying all these events the researcher arrives at conclusions that explain the political activity of the British Labour Movement, the goals it sought to achieve and the ideology adopted by the Labour Party since its foundation through studying and analyzing the writings of the Party chief Ramsay MacDonald and the role this Party played in the British foreign Policy Since its establishment until the down fall of the second Labour Ministry in 1931 with evaluating this role and examining the degree of its conformity with the Party ideology Presented before arriving to Power.

The Buyid vizier AL – Sahib Bin Abbad ( 385 AH / 995 AD ) and AL – Mu’tazila ( search Unsheathed )

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 132-177

The main topic in this research is the studying of the personality of the Buyid vizier AL – Sahib Bin Abbad and shade a light on his close relationship with AL – Mu’tazila in hadirat AL-Ray the Capital of the branch Buyid ruler in the territory of the mountain during the fourth Century After Immigration / the tenth Century After Birth .
This Study illustrates that AL- Sahib Bin Abbad was one of the most famous vizier . He served out the Buyid state in various aspects as political , Administration , science and cultural aspect . He worked to establish and strengthen the ideological pillars of the Buyid state which are well represented by Shi’ism and abandonment , with the promotion of religions tolerance and ideological . Such features help in composing between different components and spectra of the Buyid community and its various religious and confessional antmaeth .
This study illustrates also that the isolationist ideology was rising soforth and its authority became so strong during the era of that Buyid vizier . He was the most representative figure of the mixture Union between AL- Zaidy Shi’iasm and isolationist ideology . He did his best to spread this doctrine or faith by following various ways and methods . So he remained a great strength that supported AL – Mu’tazila during the fourth century (A.H ) / tenth century (A.D ) .

The Iraqi political parties between the violence and the joint cooperation ( 1968 – 1972 ) The Ba’ath and the Communist parties as a Sample

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 145-196

The nature of the relations among the Iraqi political parties formed one of the most prominent feature of the political scene of Iraq post the outbreak of the revolution that happened in the 14th July of 1958 . the relationship between The Ba’ath and the Communist parties has not been inseparable of the current events as it transformed into or of the greatest political phenomena of the historical stage that followed The Ba’ath’s authority capture at the second time 1968

Cultural Intelligence and its role in Recruitment human resources

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 251-268

The study aimed at introducing the concept of cultural intelligence and its effect on the activity of recruitment human resources on a sample of employees of the General Company for services and trade fairs in Iraq. A sample of ( 52) employees from the total workforce of the mentioned company.
The study has established two main hypotheses :
- There is a correlation between cultural intelligence and recruitment human resources in the company surveyed .
- There is a significance effect of cultural intelligence in recruiting human resources in the company surveyed .
Data were analyzed using statistical methods ( simple correlation coefficient and regression) .
The study concluded the following :
- The existence of a correlation between IQ and cultural polarization of human resources .
- The existence of a significant effect of cultural intelligence in the recruitment of human resources.
- there is an increased in the cultural intelligence of the surveyed employees of the company and ownership of the strategy that will enable them to modify their ideas in the case of disagreement with their expectations .
According to the above conclusions the study suggest many recommendations .
_ The need to develop a specialized program illustrates the strategy for the recruitment and selection is consistent with the standards of modern communications revolution Information and technology.

Evaluation the analgesic and anti-inflammatory activity of aqueous extracts of Iraqi propolis in male Albino mice

Raeed Abdel mahdi Kassim Altaee

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 1-6

The present study was designed to evaluate the analgesic and anti-inflammatory activity of the aqueous extracts of Iraqi propolis(AEIP) in male mice, AEIP at the doses of 100,200 and 300mg/kg/orally. For the evaluation of analgesic activity hot plate and acetic acid were used, while for anti-inflammatory we using carrageenan to induce paw edema. The results exhibited significant p<0.001 and dose dependent activity compared with the control by increasing in reaction time to thermal stimuli and reduction in abdominal writhing induced by acetic acid, furthermore AEIP was significantly p<0.001 reduced paw edema induced by sub planter injection of carrageenan. In conclusion oral administration of AEIP showed that it has antinociceptive and anti-inflammatory activities .

Isolation and identification of Trichodina strelkovi Chan, 1961 for the first time in Iraq from gills of the mugilid fish Liza abu

Abid Ali J. Al-Saadi

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 7-11

A total of 123 specimen of the mugilid fish Liza abu were collected from fish markets in Baghdad city during the period from November 2012 to the end of March 2013. The inspection of skin, fins and gills revealed the infection of these fishes with three species of ciliated protozoans belonging to the genus Trichodina. These species included T. cottidarum, T. gracilis and T. strelkovi with prevalence infection of 11.3%, 6.5% and. 9.7%, respectively. Among these parasites, T. strelkovi Chan, 1961 is reported here for the first time in Iraq and hence number of Trichodina species, so far recorded in Iraq, reached 20 species. In addition, L. abu is considered as a new host in Iraq for T. gracilis.

Comparison between digital hematocrit reader and standard centrifugation based hematocrit measuring instrument.

Mohammed Shnain Ali

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 12-14

The study is designed to determine the differences between readings of hematocrit by the digital hematocrit reader and the standard centrifugation based hematocrit measuring instrument.75 individuals (25 healthy individuals, 25 anemic individuals and 25 polycythemic individuals), 38 males and 37 females with age range of 18-51 years, were studied after their consent. For each patient, 2 ml of venous blood sample was obtained for hematocrit measurement by the two different devices for comparison. Results showed that the digital hematocrit measures are less than that of the standard centrifugation based instrument in 69 out of 75 individuals i.e 92% which requires special attention during diagnosis or treatment and follow up.

Activity Aspergillus oryzae to cellulase production

Athraa H. Muhsin; Mushin H. Resin; Fatima abide AL-Hussein

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 15-27

This study aimed to extractioncellulase enzymes and purificatied by using many methods The crude enzymes when using ammonium sulfate had total activity (14 , 90 , 2835 )U, total protein 10.57 mg and the specific activity ( 0.013 , 1.57, 2.68 ) U/mg protein The crude culture filtrate containing Filter paperase (FPase) , Carboxymetheylcellulase (CMCase) and β-glucosidase were subjected to ammonium sulfate precipitation. Different concentrations (20, 40,60, 80 and 100%) of ammonium sulfate were used for that purpose. After conducting some preliminary trials, 40- 60 % concentrationwere selected for the enzyme precipitation.
On the other hand,the protein of crude enzyme extract was separated in (33 ) fractions of fungi from DEAE-cellulose column is ,It was found that only the fractions ( F-8) contained cellulase activity., while other fractions were eluted by the buffer containing different concentrations of Nacl .On the other hand,the component of the active fraction ( F-8) , obtained after DEAE cellulose chromatography was separated by gel filtration and gave only one peak of enzymes alone and the fraction also found to be contained cellulase activity. as given in the specific activity of cellulase were ( 15.67 , 7.94 , 1972 .16 ) U/mg for FPase ,CMCase and β-glucosidase respectably and characterized purified enzyme effect of various pH values the highest enzyme activity was found at 5.5 pH. When the pH of the enzyme medium was increased up to 6.0 , FPase enzyme giving activity ( 0.91 ) U , but CMCase and β-glucosidase giving highest activityat pH 6 were ( 0.34 , 65.12 ) U and the activity declining at pH 5 to ( 0.25 , 59.95 ) IU . and It found that the enzyme exhibited maximum activity at 25 C° in CMCase was ( 0.33 ) U , but 30 C° for β-glucosidase was ( 38.22 ) U . On the other hand, FPase was having activity at 25 and 30 C° were (0.14,0.15)U.
Finally,the crude enzyme preparation was subjected to SDS-PAGE to determine the molecular weight of the enzyme.While conducting the electrophoresis, one major band showing cellulolytic activity. The molecular weight of the protein was found to be about (38) kD, (52) kD and (49) kD for (FPase ,CMCase , β-glucosidase ) respectively.

Derivation equation and calculation Differential cross section for elastic scattering of γ-ray by deuteron in the ground state

Abbas Ahmed Ali

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 28-37

The scattering of a photon by a system of deuterons consists of the absorption of the initial photon (k) and the simultaneous emission of another photon (k^,) .The deuteron may be left either at its initial energy level or at some other discrete energy level. In the former case the photon frequency is unchanged (Rayleigh scattering);in the latter case the frequency changes by
(ω^,-ω) which it equals to (E_1-E_2) divided by ħ
Where E_1 and E_2 are the initial and final energies of the deuteron (Rayleigh scattering); Since the electromagnetic perturbation operator has no matrix elements for effect appears only in the second approximation of perturbation theory .It must be regarded as taking place via certain intermediate states, which may be one of two types;
(l) The photon (k) is absorbed and the deuteron enters one of its possible states E_n;in the subsequent transition to the final stats, the photon (k^,) is emitted. (ll) The photon k^, is a emitted and the atom enters the stats E_n; in the transition to the final state, the photon k is absorbed [1].We will refer to the initial energy of the system deuteron-photon by 〖(ξ〗_n^1) and to the intermediate states 〖(ξ〗_n^11) we also refer to the matrix elements for the absorption of photon (k) by 〖(ν)〗_ik and those for the emission of photon (k^,)by〖(ν^.)〗_ik, The aim of this research is to derive equatiom for (σ) differentivl cross-section of interaction γ-ray with Deutron and to give result’s of (σ) and comparing these results with the results found by experiment’s.

Design holographic gratings using Fourier transform

Khawla j. tahir

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 39-47

In the present work we have designed a computer generated holograms using Fourier Transform .The grating was printed on the transparent paper to obtain a grating lines number (300,600,1200,2400) line/mm. The most important factors that depend on the efficiency of grating such as lines number, diffraction orders and diffraction angle have been studied. The highest efficiency was 90%(for grating lines number 2400 line/mm) fringe spacing 0.8333 µm and angle of diffraction 18˚.The grating is used to analyze the spectrum of halogen lamp and to test aspheric mirrors.

SMS Spam Identification Based on Message Duplication Detection by Cuckoo Filters

Saif Ali

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 48-55

Short message service (SMS) spamming has become a large problem due to the wide spread of smart phones in the past few years. Modern smart phones processing power and extended connectivity has been employed by new spamming techniques to send spam messages from multiple infected devices controlled by command centres. Besides the annoyance for the receiver, this new breed of SMS spamming is causing financial loss for the infected devices owners since these devices has been used as tools for SMS transmission and spending the owner credit in the process. These new methods introduce a challenge for the telecommunication companies since it requires new techniques to identify and stop spam messages and the suggested method provide one practical solution for this problem. This paper presents a method to detect spam messages using the chronological characteristics of the spamming campaigns and the similarity among the spam messages’ contents which servers a single goal. A system has been built to recognize the repeated transmission of identical or near identical spam using the compact and high-performance Cuckoo filter. Real SMS messages were used to evaluate the system performance and detection rate.

Molecular detection of bacteriocin producing Lactic acid bacteria from fermented milk in Alnajaf

Nawfal Hussein Aldujaili

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 56-61

Bacteriocins are ribosomal synthesized antimicrobial peptides produced by one bacterium that are active against other bacteria, either in the same species (narrow spectrum), or across genera (broad spectrum).
Thirty isolates of Lactic acid bacteria obtained from fermented milk and Yoghurt from various locations in Alnajaf were analyzed by PCR to rapid screening of pediocin, plantaricin and enterocin genes that present on the bacterial chromosome or on plasmids
Multiplex PCR method was used to detect the presence of bacteriocin gene by using specific primers to amplify a fragment from bacteriocin structural gene. Eighteen strains produced one of the PCR fragments with specific primers. Highest frequency of occurrence 11(61.1%) of isolates produced fragment of 428 bp indicate to presence of plantaricin gene, 5 (27.8%) produced fragment of 332 bp indicate to presence of pediocin gene whereas 2(11.1%) produced fragments of 412 bp indicate to presence of enterocin gene. The agar well diffusion methods was used to detect the selected strains with antibacterial activities against P. aeruginosa . The supernatant of the thirty LAB screened for bacteriocin production, eighteen (60%) were gave inhibition zones (12-20mm) onto the indicator pathogenic strain. Among LAB isolates, strain M5 plantaricin producer the most effective antibacterial compounds against P. aeruginosa. (20 mm as diameter of inhibition). The LAB isolates were: Lactobacillus plantarum, Pediococcus and Enterococcus. L. plantarum had the highest frequency of occurrence 11(61.1%), while, Pediococcus and Enterococcus had 5 (27.8%) and 2(11.1%) respectively.

Experimental infection of pigeon birds with Giardia lamblia parasite isolated from human and treatment of infected birds with ginger extract

J.K .Ali; H.A. Swadi; H.H. Alewi

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 62-66

Twenty - three of peogin birds , 31 days age were experimentally infected with a dose of 10000 cyst/bird of G. lambila parasite that was isolated from human . Present study was succeeded to confirm experimental infection in pigeons with G. lambila for the first time in the country. From the total of 23 pigeons , 20 birds were found infected ( 86.9%).No significant differences were found between infected male and female pigeons . The prepetant period of infection was 6-9 days and feces of infected birds was liquid if compared with that of uninfected birds , which was soft. Flotation by zinc- sulphate was not exhibited significant differences in the diagnosis of the parasite comparison to the direct examination of feces , while scarping technique from duodenal mucosa was best for diagnosis of the parasite and with significant differences was P<0.05 in compared to the direct smear of duodenal contents .
The extract of aqueous ginger ( zingbar officinale) was exhibited high efficiency in treatment of infected pigeons and the highest efficiency of treatment was by concentration 10% of the extract , which reached 100% , and was in significant difference on level P<0.05 comparison to the efficiency of 5% concentration of the extract, that was 62.5 %. untreated infected pigeons continued of shedding the cysts of the parasite until end of the experiment .

Advance ACS Using Chaos Searching Technique (Case Study: ACS-Based Network Routing Algorithms)

Soukaena Hassan Hashem

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 67-74

In this paper a hybrid algorithm by combining the Ant Colony System (ACS) with Chaos Search (CS) is presented to enhance ACS (case study ACS-based network routing algorithms). The hybrid algorithm is injecting CS into ACS by initializing the algorithm with a set of random ants that travels in search space from source to destination. Then an optimization is obtained by CS to distinguish whither ant is feasible or not. That proposed model called (H-T-S-C). In each of iterations all feasible ants are ranked in ascending order. Ants in the front of the list are updated by ACS, while ants in the end of list are updated by CS. CS used here is not only to enhance the ants but also to improve the diversity of ant swarm so as to avoid ACS trapping the local optima. The results showed that the hybrid algorithm increased Message Delivery Ratio (MDR) about 10%, decreased jitter about 10%, decreased congestion about 5% and decreased time of search about 3%.

Design and Reconstruction the Digital Holography Microscopy

Rafah Abdul Hadi Omer; Khawla Jameel Tahir; Sarah Abdul Hussein Ali

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 75-86

In-line DHM was designed, holograms recorded and the numerical reconstructions were made using an algorithm based on the diffraction theory in Fresnel approximation using Fourier Transformation. Using double Nd:YAG laser (λ = 532 nm) output (approximately 30 mW), and CCD camera used with 1024 X 1024 pixels , microscopic objective with 0.87 NA was used for magnification, obtained images resolution about 0.31µm.we observed there are Inverse relationship between the numerical aperture and the resolution .
for applying this new microscope we used it for a biological sample -red blood cells- that took it from different diseases (e.g. Healthy Person, G6PD, Thalassemia Major ,SCD ,Hereditary Spherocytosis) and making a blood films from it , We present the experimental image result, their 3D image, cross section profiles and histogram. these offer insight into the nature of morphological abnormalities used to identify various disorders, to compute important parameters for each cells have morphological changes (Normal Cell , Anchitocyte , Bite Cell, Elliptocyte, Macrocyte , Spherocyte , Sickle Cell , Stomatocyte , Target Cell , Tear Drop Cell )in this easy way this parameters like Diameter ,Thickness ,Refractive Index , Optical Path Length, Surface Area , Volume ,Spherocity Index.
We found that the diameter of the cells limit between (9.9 µm for macrocyte -3.9 µm for sickle cell) and the normal cell was 7.4 µm , and the thickness of the cells limit between (2.249 µm for Tear-drop cell - 4.233 µm for Spherocyte) and the normal cell was 2.646 µm. refractive index values of 1.18 to 2.22 were and 2.64 for normal cell. The surface areas of individual erythrocytes were measured range from 251.1µm2 for macrocyte to70.8µm2 for sickle cell and the normal cell was 147.70µm2 ,and The volumes of individual erythrocytes were calculated range from 239.25µm3 for macrocyte to 45.8µm3 for sickle cell and the normal cell was 113.98 µm3

Estimation of some oxidative stress parameters in the serum and cerebellum of ovariectomized rats

Al-Bazii W.J

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 87-94

There is growing evidence that oxidative stress and estrogen deprivation after menopause or ovariectomy represent two main risk factors closely related to the development of Alzheimer’s disease .The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of ovariectomy on some oxidative stress markers and pathological lesions in the cerebellum of adult rats. Twenty rats were randomly divided into two groups (10/group) control(C) and overctomized group (OVX).After three months estimated levels of Malondialdehyde( MDA), Nitroxide (NO) and glutathione peroxidase (GPX) in the serum and cerebellum and sections of the cerebellum was removed histopathologial study . The results Showed a significant increase (P<0.05)in the ( MDA), (NO) and (GPX) levels and significant decrease(P<0.05) in (GSH) level and(CAT) activity in the serum and cerebellum tissue of the overctomized group compare with that in the control group . The microscopical examination was shown in the cerebellum tissue in the overctomized group characterized by decrease in the purikinje and granular cells in the gray matter . Vacuoles were present in the white matter with microglial cells infiltration in the pia mater .For conclusion The overctomy in adult rats an showed increase in the oxidative stress markers and pathological lesions in the gray and white matters in the cerebellum .

Sonographic Findings In Scrotal Swellings

Haider Najim Aubaid; Raid Al-Garawy; Mohammed Hussen Hammed

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 95-105

Based on physical examination alone, it is often difficult to decide whether a palpable scrotal swelling arises from testicle itself or from extra testicular elements in scrotum. Aim of the study: To evaluate the causes of scrotal swellings in different age groups using sonography.
Patients and method:One hundred patients, with age ranging between1-77years(mean age of 31 +/- 7 years), presented with scrotal swellings were examined by real-time ultrasound during the period from October 2011 to April 2012 in Al-Sadir Medical City at Al-Najaf government-Iraq
Results: Sonographic examination was normal (could not detect any lesion) in 7 patients (7%). The commonest sonographic finding was hydrocele (33.1%) while the next common findings were varicocele (20.3%) and epididymal cysts (14.4%). Inflammatory causes were detected in 14 patients (11.8%). Of the 8 (6.7%) patients with scrotal trauma, 5 cases showed features of hematocele and 3 cases extra-testicular hematoma. Least sonographic findings were testicular torsion, scrotal hernia and solid intratesticular mass (2.6% for each). Most of scrotal swellings were unilateral (right more than left) and 8% showed contralateral incidental findings.
Conclusion: Majority of causes of scrotal swellings were benign with the hydrocele being the commonest cause among all age groups. The least common causes of scrotal swellings were scrotal mass, hernia and testicular torsion. Although most of causes of scrotal swellings were benign, some were serious requiring urgent intervention, particularly testicular torsion, necessitating no delay in ultrasound examination for evaluation of patients with acute scrotal pain and swelling. To overcome limitations of this study, future study encompassing larger sample, including emergency cases, is recommended.

Synthesis of new bis-1,3-oxazepine-4,7-dione derivatives containing tow azo groups and preliminary evaluation of their antibacterial activity

Zeid Hassan Abood; Sawsan Khdeaur Abbas

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 106-138

In this work new bisazo bis -1,3-oxazepine - 4,7- dione derivatives have been synthesized via cycloaddition reaction type [2+5→7] of phthalic and maleic anhydrides to some synthesized bisazoimine derivatives .
ortho-Tolidine was converted to the corresponding bisazoaldehyde derivative 1 via coupling reaction with phenoxide anion of 2-hydroxybenzaldehyde. Aldehyde groups in bisazoaldehyde derivative 1 was condensed with different primary amines and only one hydrazine derivative (cyclohexylamine, phenylhydrazine, 2,4-dimethylaniline, 4-methoxyaniline, aniline and 4-bromoaniline) in presense of glacial acetic acid as catalyst in absolute ethanol to give bis-azoimine derivatives 2a-f respectively. The resulting bisazoimine derivatives 2a-f were then introduced in [2+5→7] cycloaddition reaction with each phthalic and maleic anhydrides in dry benzene to give new bisazo bis-1,3-oxazepine-4,7-dione derivatives 3a-f and 4a-f respectively.
All the synthesized target compounds 3a-f and 4a-f have been characterized by (C.H.N.) elementary micro analysis and the spectroscopic methods including FT-IR , 1H NMR for compounds 3a-e and 4a-e and 13C NMR for compounds (3a, 4a and 4e). The last step included preliminary evaluation of antibacterial activity for all target compounds 3a-f and 4a-f which were tested against Staphylococcus aureous (Gram positive) and Escherichia coli (Gram negative), these activities have been determined in vitro using disc diffusion method (Agar), the results revealed that some of compounds showed measurable activity as shown in table (9).


Ali .R .Abed; Fateh .O .Kadhim

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 139-147

This study conducted to determine the effect of dietary mint, fenugreek and combination on productive and immune parameters of broiler chicks (Ross308).A total of 80 broiler chicks of one day old have been reared for 35 day under good hygienic condition .The chicks were randomly divided into four groups :Treatment 1 (Mint 1%) ,Treatment 2 (fenugreek 1% ) ,Treatment 3 (Mint 1%+ fenugreek 1%) & Treatment 4(Control), each of one have 2o chicks with 2 replicate for each treatment .the addition of dry leaves of Mint and fenugreek started at one day until end of experiment, while the control group given the standard feed only .the productive parameters are measured weekly, and immune status of chicks are measured at 21 and 35 day by ELISA technique. The results have appeared that there is an improvement in performance and immunity traits for all treated groups if compared with the control group. However, the chicks feed with 1% mint and 1% fenugreek performed better than those fed with others concerning live body weight and body weight gain. with regards to feed consumption, the first treatment that supplemented with 1% mint achieved better one.
the second treatment that supplemented with 1% fenugreek recorded high antibody titter against Newcastle disease virus and Gumboro disease virus at 21 and 35 day of broilers age .
from these results we can say that the dietary addition of herbs will improve the production and immunity in broiler chicks .

Training System Artificial Neural Networks for Recognition Numbers

Maha Abdul Ameer Kadhum

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 148-159

This research present a multiply connected neural network designed to recognize input images to it which are the numbers (0……9) by using neucontron network with for layers (U1, U2, U3, U4) in addition to input layer (U0) to after training network and produce database related to its which can use to check the performance rate of network , also we will mention in this research to the way that normalize image before inter it to the network and then the research will appear the way to display the output to the network by designing program using Matlab for simulation Artificial Neural Network. These results show that the improved learning algorithm is effective for letting neural networks learn all trained patterns, which cannot be learned by conventional methods.

Solving Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations Using Homotopy Perturbation Method

Sharifi; Hussein Ali Mohammed Al; Sahar Ahmed Mohammed

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 160-167

In this paper, we attempt to solve samples of nonlinear partial differential equations (PDE's) of the form f(u,ux,uxx) using He's Homotopy Perturbation Method (HPM) with time fractional derivative, which proposed by J. H. He. We present in this paper an algorithm of the new modification of the homotopy perturbation method to be suitable to be applied in nonlinear PDE's.

Genetic Discrimination among 21 Corn (Zeay mays L.) Varieties through Total Soluble Seed Protein Profile

Thamer Khadhair Merza; Attyaf Jmeel Thamir; Nidhal Abdul Hussein Al-Badeiry

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 168-175

This study was conducted to investigate the ability of total soluble seed protein to discriminate among 21 of maize genotypes through using sodium dodecyl sulfate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE). According to SDS analysis , a total of 118 amplified bands were obtained ranging in their molecular size 18-86KDa. Five out of main nine bands were polymorphic and four monomorphic with an average of polymorphism reaches 55.5%.
Phylogenetic tree divided 21 of corn genotypes between two major groups each of them divided in to two subgroups .The first main group included 13 genotypes , while the second main group included eight genotypes .
The ability of protein profile to give a distinctive pattern for a particular genotype could serve in future of studying corn seed response to different abiotic stress and studying genetic diversity .


Kadhim Madjeed Haddao

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 176-181

A teratogen is an agent or drug or other substance capable of interfering with the development of an embryo and fetus that may lead to congenital malformation. Parasitic illnesses is increasing all over the world, especially in Iraq and developing countries, and Metronidazole (MTZ) drug is the therapeutic agent usually administered to children as well as adults at the reproductive age. In this study, we propose an evaluation of MTZ in order to analyze the potential damage in infants of Rattus norvegicus as an animal model. Adult female pregnant rats were treated with commercial MTZ. Different types of defects were evaluated using prenatal mortality, phenotypic abnormalities as parameters were studied and scored in pup 1st generation of 40 adult mothers. They were divided into four groups: a) untreated pregnant females as a control; b) females treated with MTZ daily for 18 days as therapeutic dose; c) a double therapeutic dose; and d) a triple therapeutic dose. The results of this study showed that the using of Metronidazole (Flagyl®) during pregnancy in pregnant rats was a teratogen causing multiple different anomalies, birth defects and preterm birth to new born infants.

Determination of Bismuth (III) ion by continuous flow injection analysis via turbidimetric (T180o) and scattered light effect at two opposite position (2N90o ) using Ayah 4SW-3D-T180o -2N90o -Solar - CFI Analyser

Nagam S. Turkey Al-Awadie; Ahmed F. Khudhair

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 182-198

A simple and highly sensitive method for the determination of Bi(III) ion was developed by continuous flow injection analysis via turbidimetric (T180o) and scattered light effect at two opposite position (2N90o). The formation of a black precipitate is based upon the reaction between Bi(III) with SnO22- in basic medium. The precipitate is measured via the attenuation of incident light and it’s scattering in two opposite directions. Chemical and physical parameters were studied to obtain the best condition . The linearity of Bi(III) ion is ranged from 0.08 to50mmol.L-1, with correlation coefficient r=0.9973, limit of detection (LOD) 0.06 mmol.L-1(3SB)(S/N=3) and the percentage relative standard deviation for 45 mmol.L-1 Bi(III) solution is lower than 3% (n=6). This method has been applied successfully to determine a bismuth ion in drug. Also provided a comparison between the new method with the classical method (spectrophotometric method) of analysis using the standard addition method. It shows that there was no significant difference via the use of paired t- test at α=0.05(95% confidence) between the two methods and could be using the develop method as an alternative method.

Frequency Postulate's Theoretical Calculation for the Sequences Produced by Modified Geffe Generator

Sharifi; Hussein Ali Mohammed Al

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 199-208

The Randomness is one of the basic criterions to measure stream cipher efficiency. The stream cipher generator depends basically on Linear FeedBack Shift Register (LFSR) which is considered as one of the basic units of Stream Cipher Systems (SCS).
The basic idea of this paper is attacking and analysis of cryptosystems. So any developing in some kinds of stream cipher generators without taking in considers the basic criteria of efficiency may give no security to the generator, so this paper consists of two parts
First, the design part, this paper introduces developing of Geffe generator by increasing the LFSR's from (three) to (five) with new combining nonlinear function which has good statistical properties. The new generator called Modified Geffe generator.
Second, the attacking part, the frequency postulate of randomness criteria is calculated theoretically, this mean the generated sequence product by the new generator can estimated and this mean clear weakness in the suggested generator.

Study of Radon and Radium Concentration in Water Samples in Some Regions of Lebanon

Abdalsattar K. Hashim; Burhan R. Al Safaay; Fadhil K. Fulyful

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 209-215

This study describes the results of measurements radon (222Rn) and radium (226Ra) concentrations found in sixteen water samples collected from different locations in Lebanon. Measurements were made, using long-term technique for alpha particles emission with solid state nuclear track detector type CR-39.
The concentrations of 222Rn ranges from 1.08 Bq /L to 9.32 Bq/ L; while the mean value was 2.50 Bq/ L. All results were below the maximum contaminant level (MCL) for 222Rn in drinking water as reported by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). However, these values were lower than allowed maximum contaminant level (MCL) for 222Rn in drinking water as reported by USA Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) which is about 11.1 Bq/L.
Also, 226Ra alone, in one sample have concentration higher than 0.555 Bq/L as normal level for gross alpha. The maximum concentration of radium was found to be 0.561 Bq/ L and the minimum was 0.065 Bq /L with mean value 0.150 Bq/L. For improvement of the social health level, it is essential that to reduce the radon and radium concentrations in the drinking water before using by people.

Response of forage mass to cutting date and forage mixtures ratios

Mundher Khammas Jabbar

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 216-220

The experiment was conducted during winter of the season 2012-2013 in one of fields of (Mahaweel / Bada`a Kabeer) north city center of Babel , to investigate the response of Forage mass to dates of cutting and ratios of forage mixtures(barley+barseem), A factorial arrangement in randomized complete block design in split plot arrangement with three replication was used , In main plots was cutting dates : T1 (50 days after planting) , T2 (60 days after planting) and T3 (70 days after planting) , sub plots was forage mixtures ratios : D1(barley 1 : 1 clover) , D2(barley 1 : 2 clover) and D3(barley 1 : 3 clover) .
. the studied traits was : number of leaves /m2 , cover leaves (m2 / ha) , net asdsimilation rate (g/cm2/week) , leaves per stems (%) , green forage yield (tan/ha) , dry forage yield (tan/ha) , percentage of Protein (%) and protein yield (tan/ha) ; The treatment third date ( T3 ) was superior in number leaf /m2 , leaves cover, net asdsimilation rate , leaves per stems , green forage yield , dry matter yield , percentage of protein and protein yield . The treatment forage mixtures ratios (D2) was superior in net asdsimilation rate , green forage yield and dry mater yield while treatment (D3) was superior in No. leaf/m2 , leaves cover , percentage of protein and protein yield ; A linear relationship was found between cutting dates with forage mixtures ratios in yield traits was found in treatment (D3× T3) and (D2× T3) , So the treatment (D3× T3) was superior in number leaf/m2 , leaves cover , percentage of protein and protein yield ; The treatment (D2× T3) was superior in net asdsimilation rate , leaves per Stems , green forage yield , dry mater yield .

A Comparative Study of Interpolation for Mapping Soil Physical Properties

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 221-232

The choice of an optimal interpolation technique for estimating soil properties at unsampled location is an important issue in site-specific management. The first objective of this study was to evaluate Inverse Distance Weighting (IDW) method, Ordinary Kriging(OK) method to determine the optimal interpolation method for mapping some soil physical properties. The second objective was to analyze the relationships between statistical properties of the data and performance of the interpolation techniques .The relationships between statistical properties of the data and performance of the methods were analyzed using soil test saturated hydraulic conductivity, bulk density and volumetric water content data from a fallow field in Hillia city/Iraq. The results suggest that (OK) method has a preference on (IDW) method in estimating and mapping the soil bulk density. On other hand, the (IDW) method has the preference on the ordinary kriging method in estimating and mapping of saturated hydraulic conductivity and volumetric water content. The accuracy of the method in estimating and mapping the soil physical properties using the goodness of prediction(G) and mean square error(MSE) as criteria, related very well to the regression coefficient (R²) for the fitted line of measured and estimated values of soil physical properties. Regression coefficient(R²) of fitted line for the measured and estimated were higher for (IDW) than that of (OK) for hydraulic conductivity and water content, whereas the (R²) was higher for (OK) then that of (IDW) for bulk density.
All studied soil physical parameters were strongly spatially dependent, but the range of spatial dependence varies within the soil physical properties. Bulk density had the shortest range of spatial dependence (6.3 m) and the saturated hydraulic conductivity had the longest range (15.4m).

Effect of acrylamide and Pomegranate Juice on Reproductive Efficiency of Adult Rats

Ayyed Hameed Hassan Al-Mossawi

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 233-240

The study was conduct to investigate the possible protective effect of pomegranate juice after experimental oral administration of the acrylamide on the serum reproductive hormones levels (Testosterone "T", Luteinizing Hormone "LH" and follicle- stimulating Hormone" FSH"), and epididymal sperm concentration, viability and abnormalities as well as fertility in adult male rats. Forty-eight adult male albino rats were divided equally into four groups (12 male rats /group): negative control group (G1), which was given distillated water (3 ml/kg/ body weight "BW"), and the positive control group (G2) given oral pomegranate juice (3 ml/kg/ BW). The others were considered as treated groups, third group (G3) was administered acrylamide (100 mg/kg/day), and fourth group (G4) given acrylamide in the same dose combined with (3 ml/kg/BW) of pomegranate juice daily both for 30 days. All administrations were given by oral gavage. Six male rats from each group were sacrificed perform hormonal tests and sperm count and other 24 males (6 male of each group) were mated with 24 untreated healthy adult female rats in order to evaluate fertility efficacy of males in studied groups. The results showed significant decrease (P≤0.05) in serum T levels, and significant increase (P≤0.05) in LH and FSH levels in G3 group compare to all other groups of study. The results also showed significant decline in epididydmal sperm concentration and viability concurred with significant elevation in sperm abnormality in (G3) group compared to other treated and control groups. Results also revealed that the treatment with pomegranate juice improved the harmful effects of acrylamide on reproductive parameters in male rats toward the normal values.Fertility rate, number of birth and implantation sites were reduced in female rats that were mated with male of G3 group in comparison with females that were mated with males of G1, G2 and G4 groups.
From the present study, it has been revealed that the acrylamide adversely affect male reproductive efficacy and caused decline their sperm characters and subsequent fertility. Moreover, Pomegranate Juice had the ability to prevent these changes. Thus, it could have a role in improving male fertility.

Study of the relationship between length and weight of the body and it relation with liver weight , length and weight of the gonads in fishes Acanthopagrus latu (Hottuyn,1782)

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 1-10

161 samples of Fish Acanthopagrus latus were studied during the period from August until January , as we studied the relationship between body length and weight , was observed that there was a significant correlation between body weight and length , as well as we studied the relationship between body weight and the weight of the gonads and the length and weight of the liver as a link in all relations moral extrusive as the increase in body weight , accompanied by an increase in the weight and length of the gonads and the weight of the liver . As noted also that the relationship between the length of the body and the length and weight of the gonads and liver weight was significant proportional as well as the link was significant between the weight of the liver with the length and weight of the gonads . It was also noted that the rate of liver weight was increased with the weight and length of the gonads as a result of the accumulation of fat in the liver to be used in breeding . As the study found that the correlation between the gonado somatic index GSI and the hepato somatic index HSI be significantly counterproductive during the months of the study. It was concluded that a direct correlation between body weight and length with weight , length of the gonads and weight of the liver was present , while the inverse gonado somatic index GSI and the hepato somatic index HSI , and these relations give important information about the fish life , especially in the reproduction period .

Morphological Study of Tow Species of (Malvaceae) Hibiscus L. Grown in Iraq

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 11-23

The present investigation comprises morphological study for the genus Hibiscus L. in Iraq. The two species belong to this genus were widely distributed as ornamental because of their beauty flowers. They have medical importance. Morphological characters of roots, stems, leaves, Inflorescences, flowers, fruits and seed in addition to indumentums were studied. It was shown that the morphological characters of theis plants were beneficial to distinct and determining to species level, the most important character is that the H. rosa-sinensis is perennial while H. sabdariffa is annual.


journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 24-29

A field study was conducted during winter season in 2012-2013 at Field Crop Department- Agriculture College - Kerbala University, to evaluate the yield and its components in several variety of wheat effected by weed control under spring irrigation system. The experiment was laid out in R.C.B.D with split plot arrangement with 3 replicates. The main plots included eight variety of wheat (TAHADI, BHUTH 22,ISHUR, FATIH, RASHEED, SABAH, SHAM6 and IPA99) while the subplots included tow weed control treatments (use chevalier herbicide 300 gm.ha-1 and control treatment ). Data recorded were weed density per 1m2 , number of seeds per spike , weight of 1000 grain and grain yield (tn. ha-1 ).
Results showed a significant effect of Cultivar, the cultivar tahadi showed greater effect than other cultivar ,and caused least weed density 16.0 plant.m-2 compared with ishur cultivar recorded heightest weed density 48.0 plant .m-2 . The cultivar ishur was gaved heighest number of grain per spike 50.6 grain, and the cultivar faith was record heightest yield grain 6.34 tn.ha-1.the chevalier herbicide treatment was reduced weed density 8.4 plant.m-2 and heightest number of grain per spike50.7grain and yield grain 5.68 tn.ha-1 as compared with control treatment its recorded 48.4 plant ,42.1 grain and 5.06 tn .ha-1 respectively. Interaction between wheat cultivars and weed control treatment was significant in weed density, number of grain per spike, weight of 1000 grain( gm) and grain yield (tn. ha-1 ).

Effect of spraing with different concentrations of Boron and Iron on seedling growth of olive (Olea europaea L. ) .

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 30-37

An experiment was conducted in lathhouse at the College of Agriculture, Kerbala University during the growing season of 2011-2012 to study the effect of different concectrations of Boron and Iron on shoot and root system of olive seedlings. Three replicates were used for each treatment. Boron was used at three levels (0,30,60) mg/L and three levels of Iron (0,50,100) mg/L, The seedlings were sprayed at two intervals,15/10 and 30/10/2011, and they were irrigated one day before spraying dates. The experiment was conducted according to the Completely Randomized Design (C.R.D) and analysis of variance (ANOVA) was based on L.S.D 0.05 .All measurements were taken at the mid of may,And the results showed as follow .
1- The concentration of Boron at 60 mg /L signigicantly surpassed all other concentrations regarding all studied characters ( height of seedling , stem diameter , chlorophyll content in leaves , Boron concentration in leaves , iron concentration in leaves ,root length , fresh weigh of root system and dry weight of root system) . Which gave ( 57.44 cm,5.45mm,68.98 SPAD ,53.61 mg/L ,45.95 mg/L ,41.56 cm,32.14 g and 14.46g), respectively .
2- Iron treatment at 100 mg / L concentration significantly surpassed all other concentration regarding all studied growth characters too, Which gave (53.44 cm, 5.17mm,67.05 SPAD , 49.67 mg/L, 38.75 mg/L, 37.11 cm , 26.72g and 10.98 g), respectively .
3-The interaction between Boron and Iron had no significant effects on stem diameter ,Boron concentration in leaves ,Iron concentration in leaves ,root length and dry weight of root system,however , the significant effect of this interaction was on height of seedling , chlorophyll content in leaves and fresh weight of root system.The interaction of 60 mg/L of Boron and 100 mg /L of Iron gave (64.33 cm, 74.33 SPAD and 37.70g ), respectively

The change of IAA concentrations accompanied with the role of Zn in removing B toxicity in different plant species different in their tolerance to B

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 38-46

This study was conducted to study the change levels of IAA content accompanied with Zn in removing B toxicity in different plant species that are different in their tolerance to B toxicity namely : mung bean (sensitive) , cucumber (moderately tolerant) and tomato (tolerant). Results revealed that , the toxic level of B caused reduction of IAA levels and a significant increase in IAA - oxidase activity . When Zinc sulphate was added ,Zn caused an increase in IAA level and a decrease in IAA oxidase activity which was not significantly different form the control. The initial concentration of Zn in plants cuttings was related to their ability to the tolerance .The highest concentration was found in Tomato followed by Cucumber and Mung bean .The toxic level of B markedly reduced Zn concentration in the parts of plants cuttings .Treating these cuttings with Zn increased Zn concentration to levels that are not statistically different from that in the control cuttings .The toxic conc. of B increased B level in all parts of cuttings but B levels values were decreased down to its initial conc. when Zn was added .The tolerance mechanism of plant to toxic levels of B is increasing the uptake of Zn and decreasing the uptake of B.

Effect of foliar spray with some elements and organic compounds on growth and yield of spinach Spinacea oleracea L

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 47-54

This study was carried out in the vegetable farm , Department of horticulture , College of Agriculture , University of Baghdad , during the growing season 2012 - 2013 to investigate the effects of two factors on spinach ( spinacea oleraceaL ) . The first is the foliar spray of mixture of ( mg + fe + zn ) at three concentration : A0 ( 0 : 0 : 0 ) , A1 (2.5 : 1.25 : 0.5 ) , A2 ( 5 : 2.5 : 1 ) g . L-1 in the form of sulfates of each element . The second factor ( B ) included foliar spry of four organic compounds : Salicylic acid ( B1 ) at 50 mg . L-1 , Ascorbic acid (B2 ) at 250 ppm , Humic acid ( B3 ) at 0.75 ml . L-1 , sea weed extract ( ANE ) ( B4 ) at 1ml . L-1 and the control ( foliar spray with water ) . The foliar spray with the organic compound significantly influenced these characters , ANE gave the highest plant ( 38.71 cm ) , leave area of 605 cm2. Plant-1 , chlorophyll content of 197.90 mg . 100g-1 ( fw ) and total yield of 3.25 kg . m2-1 . Foliar spraying with salicylic acid achieved the highest rate of number of leaves (10.28 leaf . plant-1 ) . Humic acid and ANE gave the same effect in increasing the rate of dry matter to 8.05% and 7.94% respectively . The vegetative characters and yield were increased by increasing the concentration of the mineral elements used in this study . The A2B4 treatment gave the highest leaf area of 698.22 cm2 . plant-1 , chloroPhyll content 204.90 mg. 100 g-1 ( f.w ) and total yield of 3.44 kg . m2-1 while A2B3 gave the highest rate of dry matter 8.37 % .

Efficiency evaluation Some of biocontrol agents and chemical compound to control Fusarium wilt disease caused by Fusarium oxysporum f.sp.lycopersici on tomato under field condition

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 62-68

The study aimed to evaluate the efficiency of some agents to control the pathogen under field conditions, and the yield of tomato plant . Results under field condition , where all the control agents caused a reduction in disease incidence and severity after 60 days . all control agents Nb5, Nb9, EM1 and Sb29 individually with the treatments of pathogenic fungus achieved reduction in disease incidence and severity compared with control treatment wich was inoculated with the pathogenic fungus only . the disease incidence and severity in the treatments of the two bacteria isolates ranged 20.00- 10.25 % and 23.33-12.00 % respectively compared with control treatment which reached 85% and 54.67% respectively. While The two treatments the Bioproduct EM1 and sea weed extract Sb29 showed significant reduction in disease incidence and severity compared with control treatment wich reached in their treatment 16.66, 9.33 %, and 20.00 , 8.67% respectively. The interaction between the two bacteria isolates Nb5 and Nb9 showed superiority in disease control . the percentage of disease incidence and severity 6.66 and 4.16 % respectively .The integration between treatments led to completely control the disease . led to increase in plant height , fresh and dry weights , and the yield of tomato plant , compared with fungus treatment individually (control) . the yield weight was found to be 6.52 kg/ plant in the tow bacterial isolates with EM1 and Sb29 extract compared to 0.983 kg/ plant in control , followed by the combination of the two isolates with Sb29 wich attained to 6.46 kg/plant , then P.putida alone , 5.82 kg/plant,

The prevalence of Heamonchus conturtus among Iraqi sheep in medial area of Iraq

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 69-72

The present study was conduct to determine the infection of Iraqi sheep with the abomasum parasite H. conturtus (nematode : strongylata ) in medial area of Iraq ( Baghdad, Karbala and Babylon ). This study was performed during the grazing season in February, March and April 2013. Infected confirmed according to fecal examination.
The results showed detection of Haemonchus conturtus in the faces of sheep , the percentage of infection was 30,26 % , in males the percentage of infection was higher than that of females sheep ( 38,46 and 26 %) respectively. The infection was reported in all ages of sheep. Percentage of infection was higher in 2-3 years ( 47.6 1 %) and in under one years ( 37.03 %).
Through 23 positive infected samples, the flotation concentrated method found more efficient in diagnosis of infected animals than direct smear.
Physiological blood examinations ( hemoglobin , packed cells volume) and blood sugar were decrease in infected sheep, while these tests were normal in uninfected sheep.

Study of biological pollution Schistosoma haematobium In the of Kerbala almokadassa province

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 73-75

This study conducted for investigate about Schistosoma haematobium in Kerbala province Al Mokadassa (AL-Hussaina district, AL-Handia,kerbala city center) , collecting about 2720011 urine samples and examined of urine for investigate of eggs of Schistosoma haematobium .
Note of study during the years 1988,1989,1990 , There are high percentage in this years (2.17%,0.58%,0.028%), Compared with the years between 1996-2010 (decrease percentage) 0% to 0.002%.
Generally, the total infection s during 20 years was decrease compared with others countries (0.026%).as well as the infection is high in rural community compared with urban community. used the statistical test these were significant between 20 years with infections with Schistosoma haematobium (under level 0.01 and 0.05).

Pollution study for vegetative leaf by microorganisms (bacteria and parasites) in the holy city of Karbala almukadassa /IRAQ

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 76-79

Samples were collected vegetables, which include radish, Raphanus celery Apium, Gravealen Rashad Lepidium Sativum, Almadnos Petroselium, Grspum lettuce Lactoca Sativa, Alchbant, baker Malva Sylvastris,, spinach from the market vegetables in the city of Karbala for the period from January 2009 until December 2010 either Mufhossat conducted on the vegetables فشملت the examination macroscopic and microscopic examination.
1882 Samples were examined from plants and found several types of parasites and these parasite G.lambelia the types were higher injury leaf Alchbant (52.58) and the number of the sample (116), while the lowest were injured in plant Malva Sylvastris baker and the ratio (6, 25) The number of the sample (32), while the proportion of this parasite found in Raphanus radish plant (10%), where the number of respondents (100) In celery Apium Gravealens the plant by (2.86) and the number of the sample (9) and Rashad plant Lepidium sativum by (3.31) and the number of the sample (422) and in the plant Almadnos Petroselium Grspum ratio was (16.26) for a sample of (123) and leaf lettuce Lactoca Sativa ratio was (3.80) for a sample of (342) and leaf spinach the ratio (13.39) for a sample of (433).
The parasite E.Histolytic the highest injury were in leaf spinach was the ratio (2.77) for a sample of (433) and less injury celery Apium Gravealens, were ratio (zero) for a sample of (314) The bacteria Enterobactar the highest injury was in the lettuce Lactoca the plant Sativa as the ratio (21.05) for a sample of (342) and lowest injury in Raphanus radish plant and Celery Apium Gravealens and Rashad Lepidium Sativum were ratio (zero)
In Almadnos plant Petroselium Grspum ratio was (0.81) In Alchbant the ratio (344) In Malva Sylvastris baker, the ratio (6.25) and spinach leaf ratio was 0.23 In E.Coli bacteria was highest injury in the plant Rashad Lepidium Sativum were ratio (5.21) for a sample of (422) and less injury a baker Malva Sylvastris plant and leaf spinach was the ratio (zero) for a sample of (32) and (43).

Investigation for Contaminate the storage water by Giardia lamblia in Kerbala Almukadissa province/ Iraq

Ali Hussain Makki Al- Kubaissy; Saleem Mirza Hadi; Mahdi Abdul Khder Al Rehelaty

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 80-85

This study was conducted the investigate of Giardia lamblia from the period 2011 till 2012 ,collected 200 samples from storage water .different regions (Al- Shohidda, Al- Ramadan, Al- Hussain, Auon, Al- Baladia, Dweel billding, Al- Jammia, Al – Abassai, Al- Abaas, Al- Gader), as well as collected 200 samples from fresh water ( Direct water),200 samples from dell and occur test to the samples as direct smear .
Result of study Show , there are higher percentage of Giardia lamblia in Al-Gader region and Dweel building (6%,5%) Note of study , there are higher percentage of Giardia lamblia compared with less percentage of Giardia lamblia in Al- Baladia, Al- Hussain, Al – Abassai region (1%,1%,1%).
Note of study , there are higher percentage by cyst of Giardia lamblia (21%) compared with less percentage by trophozoite of Giardia lamblia (5%) and fresh water ( Direct water) 5%, dell waters 0%, Note of study by using Q square there are significant between infection of Giardia lamblia with different reigon ( under level 0.01) .

The Knowledge Need for The Agricultural Employees In The Desert Lands Management In Holy Karbala Province

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 86-92

The research aimed to determine the knowledge need of agricultural employees in the field of desert land management in general and in each aspect of this management. Also,The research aimed to find the relationship between the knowledge need and some independent factors such as(qualification, years of agricultural service and agricultural information exposure) .
A questionnaire has been designed including two parts :
First one concerning the independent factors . The second one concerning a scale for the knowledge need level of 24 items on three aspects such as (irrigation , fertilization and soil conservation in the desert land . Data were collected during July and August 2013 from sample of 35% which were (56) respondents .
The results showed that the average of knowledge need for all respondents in field of land management was (38.48) degree, ( 53.57%) of them had high need level . Also, high need level in the fields of land management as follow:(83.93%) in fertilization,(53.57%) in soil conservation,(44.64%) of them had moderate need in field of irrigation. .
There was a significant correlation (0.01) between the level of knowledge need of the respondents and the independent factors such as (qualification , years of agricultural service and information exposure) .
The researcher recommended to work on intensive extension activities for the employees in field of desert land management .

Knowledge of growers to Pruning Process of Pomegranate trees in Ain Al-Tamor district/ Holy Karbala Province

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 93-99

The research aimed at knowing the level of knowledge of pomegranate growers to pruning process and in each axis of that level concerning each aspect of
pruning such as: (breeding pruning, fructuous pruning, aesthetical pruning, regenerative pruning and curative pruning). Also, the research studies the relationship between the knowledge level and some factors such as:( educational level or qualification, pruning experience and information exposure).
A questionnaire has been designed to achieve the objective of the study
including two parts: first one to measure the independent factors mentioned. Second part was to test the knowledge of pomegranate growers. The scale contained (32) items on (5) axis of pruning types.
Research society included:
1- (15) villages of Ain Al-Tamor district.
2- Pomegranate growers in Ain Al-Tamor district (383) growers.
The sample was random taken from the villages of (% 25) which were (4)
villages, from those (4) villages a random sample was chosen from the growers who were (50) growers.

The Effect of Vitamin E and C Supplementation on Some Blood Parameters of Male Broiler Chickens Reared Under Cold Stress

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 100-105

This experiment was conducted in poultry farm at Al-Musaib Technical Institute during the period from 16/11/2012 through 27/12/2012 to determine the effect of adding vitamin E and C individually or both together to ration on performance and some blood parameters in broiler chicken reared under low environmental temperature (cold stress). The trial included 60 one day old male Ross broiler chicks. Feed and water were provided ad libitum. At 7 days of age chicks were randomly allocated to 4 equal groups with 3 replications for each group. The first group (control group) were fed basal diet, vitamin E at a concentration of 150 IU / kg were added to the diet of the second group, and the third group fed on the diet contain vitamin C at a concentration of 150 mg / kg, while the fourth group ware fed on a diet contain vitamin E and C at the same concentrations as above. At 8 days of age chicks were exposed to low environmental stress (Cold stress) daily to the end of the experiment at 42 days of age, depending on the available daily temperature as it goes down in the evening to level varies between 9.3˚C to 12.9˚C, while the maximum temperature is between 21.7˚C to 23.9˚C.
Blood results did not show significant differences between the groups in the packed cell volume (PCV) and hemoglobin (Hb). There were significant differences between all groups in heterophil to lymphocyte (H/L) ratio compared with the first group, with no significant difference between 2nd and 3rd groups and between 3rd and 4th groups in this ratio. Blood sugar had been declined significantly for the 3rd and 4th compared to the 1st and 2nd groups. There were significant role for vitamin E and C alone or both together in lowering blood cholesterol and there were no significant differences between second and third groups in this trait.
Results showed significant differences in chicken in Group 3 and 4 (vitamin E and vitamin E+C groups respectively) in the final body weight compared with 1st and 2nd groups (control and vitamin C groups respectively) and there were no significant differences between 3rd and 4th or between 1st and 2nd groups.
Experiment shows that vitamin E and C play an important role in reducing the effects of low thermal stress on some blood parameters and growth in chicken and the vitamin E had more important role in improving the performance of the chicken.

Analytical Study for Lead Pollution in some selected locations of Basrah Government / Southern of Iraq

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 106-114

In this study, interpretation of the reference data for satellite images and the creation of spectral reflection curve for part of the province of Najaf ( represented by the area of the Sea of Najaf ) enhanced field visits ( visit was on 02/27/2013 ) . It also was to make a comparison between the curves obtained and curves reflection spectral standard measured by devices field . I have been used so visible satellite captured by the American satellite Landsat 7 ( Date Taken satellite image in the month of March 2006) based device Global Positioning System GPS to locate the study and match these sites with satellite images .
The study showed that many of the features of Earth's surface under study can be distinguished and studied depending on the characteristics of the spectral study also showed that some floor coverings can not be distinguished when using lengths suggestive of the area of visual so use the concept of pluralism using more than one area spectral for the purpose of determining the types of landmarks prevailing in the region and that there is a similarity between the relative curves extracted from satellite images and curves measured by field devices
I have concluded that the spectral reflection of the rays falling on the parameters of the surface of the land of Najaf to be higher in the area of arable land, few moisture , while the lowest in the area of arable land, wetlands , and that the plant in this region suffers from a certain stress

The effect of using of nigella sativa seed as a food addivited to Awasi lambs on some blood biochemical traits

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 115-120

The aim of present study was to investigate the effect ofnigellasativa seed in two level to diet in some blood Biochemical traits in Awasi lambs, this study was conducted in private farm in Karbala city between 13/2/20123 to 15/7/2013,twenty one Lambs in 11 -12 month age old weighting 26 kg were divided randomly into three group (7each).Animal of first group (control) free from any addition only concentrated diet,the 2nd group(T1) feeded on 4 grams of nigella sativa add to each Kg diet as a foodaddivites,while the 3rd group(T2) feeded on 8 grams of nigella sativa add to each Kg diet ,the result revealed the following:
There is no significant different in the Albunie and Alkaline phosphatase(ALP) level between groups.Total serum protein concentration was significantly improved (P<0.05) in the T2 groups at last month of study comparative with control group,Globuline concentration significantly increases(P<0.05) in T2 group comparative with control in last month of study ,ALT enzymes activity was significantly improved (P<0.05) in the T2 groups at last month of study comparative with control group.

Study on some metabolites and Ionic of ovarian follicular fluid in relation to follicular size in local female goats

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 121-126

The aim of this study was to estimate some metabolites and Ionic composition of ovarian follicular fluid (FF) and It's relationship with changes of follicular size in local female goats. Ovaries were collected (200 ovaries) from 100 non-pregnant adult female goats (3-6 yr - old) slaughtered at abattoir of province of Karbala during the period from January to July 2013. The ovaries were transported to the laboratory within 2 hrs post slaughter. FF was aspirated from small (<4mm), medium (4-6mm) and (>6mm) follicles and stored at -4°C for further analysis. The FF samples were analyzed for metabolites (total protein, glucose and cholesterol) and ions (sodium, potassium and magnesium), using commercial kits. The results revealed that the mean of total protein concentration was significantly lower (P<0.05) with increased of follicular size. The mean of glucose and cholesterol concentration were significantly higher (P<0.05) with increased of follicular size. The mean of sodium concentration was significantly higher with increase of follicular size. The mean of potassium concentration was significantly lower with changes of follicular size. The differences in the mean of magnesium concentration was non-significantly between small and medium follicles, while was significantly between large follicles and both small and medium categories of follicles.

Histological study of urinary bladder in the local Mature goats in abbotoir of boly of Karbala government .

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 127-130

The present study was conducted on20)) of mature male goats (one year and half old) from ablotoir of boly of Karbala government . The present study was revealed that the urinary bladder composed of three histological layers, Mucosa lined by transitional epithelium supported by lamina properia , from the mucosal layer, many folds which extended , the second layer was muscular layer, consist of smooth muscle fibers bundles, arrangement in circular form. So the third histological layer of goat urinary bladder was represent by adventitia that consist of collagenous and elastic fibers bundles ,that form outer layer of urinary bladder , the present study was revealed that the urinary bladder wall in local goats that histological examination that are homologous in all investigated by internal layer of transitional epithelium supported by lamina propria and muscular layer surrounded by tunica adventitia.

Effect of Virulen Factor on Hydrophobicity cell wall of Saphylococcus and it's Attached on Meat

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 131-135

the study included the
collecting of 35 isolates bacteria Staphylococcus of Kadhimiya hospital, Numan hospital and microbiology labortary in Department of biology / Collage of education ibn al Haitham and selected 10 isolated . Studied enzyme production Hemolysin Coagulase and urease as well as sugar fermentation Mannitol. And tested property hydrophobic the wall of the bacteria in a way that hydrocarbon adherence, and susceptibility of bacteria to attachment to the meat .the results indicate high hydophobic property of the isolates producing enzyme Hemolysin but This increase wasnot observed in isolates producing enzyme coagulase and urease. Susceptibility of the isolates to attach to the meat, the results indicated that the isolates produced Hemolysin portability more in attached the pieces of meat. The isolates producing Coagulase and urease enzyme did not attach to the meat . Either statistical results have been observed no relationship between property hydrophilic and attach the pieces of meat if the value (r = -0.870

Release study of growth regulator (Indole butyric acid) from Zn/Al- layered double hydroxide

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 136-145

This study presents release of growth regulator (Indole butyric acid) from Zn/ Al –layers double hydroxides (LDHS) to different media as carbonate , phosphate and sulfate for different concentrations by using direct ion exchange method . knowing the effect of all media on release rate of anions from layers double hydroxides results were that the highest values of the percentage to be free in different circles were by the following sequence
Na2CO3> Na3PO4> Na2SO4 .
The aim of this study to control the release of growth regulator free from between the layers to reduce environmental pollution problems .

Anew Study of preparation and characterization of new one azo compounds and study the possibility of using in spectral determination of Cu(II) ion

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 146-161

The study involved the preparation and diagnosis of new Ligand is 2 - (4 - methoxy-phenyl)azo [5,4- diphenyl imidazole ] (MPAI), one of the azo compounds. And that of the traditional method of alazoth . The study also considered the use of this reagent to express spectroscopy for copper ion in the binary solution of water , where it was noted that the reagent be complicated The color orange with the ion and shows the greatest absorption at λ max= (415) nm (pH = 8). Was found to be acomplexcopper duo Reagent with a stable of more than (24hours) when the pH best with compliance to Beer's law in the range of concentrations ranging between (1.2598x10-5 -1.2598x10-4 M) . The effect of several factors , including the value of the absorption effect of reagent concentration , reaction time, masking agent , sequences of addition and the effect of different parameters such as effect cations and anions ,and the effect of ionic strength and temperature effect . the stoichiometry of complex was investigated by ratio of the reagent - metal molar ratios, Jobs ( the constant changes ) molard methods showed that the proportion of the metal regent is (1:2) . As has been the preparation of complex solid was studying some of his physical characteristics such as solubility and molar conductivity and the melting point of the complex . All compound has been characterized by spectroscopic methods [FT.IR.,UV-Vis].(UV-Vis) absorption spectra show bathochromic shift ( compared with that of free reagent ) the results of the accuracy and precision of the method used to estimate the value of the element copper percentile relative deviation (RSD%) ranged between(0.534% -2.903%) while the values of the relative error( E%) between ( -7.943 % -4.033%).

Estimation Of Genetic and Phenotypic parameters of serum Cholesterol and Total Protein In Quail

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 162-168

The present study was conducted at the poultry farm The Department of Animal Resources, College of Agriculture-Anbar University, on quail flock (coturnix Japonica), (78 family) .The objective of this study was to estimate the genetic and phenotypic parameters(heritability ,genetic and phenotypic correlations and breeding volues) in quail birds depending on certain blood biochemicial traits (cholesterol and total protein) and productive traits (body weight of two and four,weeks of age, age and weight at sexual maturity ,weekly feed consumption ,frist egg weight,partial egg production , egg mass , and egg weight ,and qualitative traits of eggs (yolk weight,albumin weight ,yolk to albumin ratio), The study also included genetic evaluation of certain sires according to progeny data. The overall means of cholesterol and total serum protein,were 175.12 (mg100 ml), 4.50 (g100ml) respectively,and Heritability of cholesterol and total protein were 0.26, 0.34 respectively. The genetic and phenotypic correlation among different studied traits were high to modirate values

Genetic analysis and performance evaluation of broiler breeders cockerels according to productive and carcass traits in progeny

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 169-176

This study was conducted in poultry research station in animal resources department/ State Board of Agricultural Research/ Ministry of Agriculture for the period from 18/7/2011 until 25/10/2011 on 140 broiler breeder males and females of Ross by 9 females for every male, as well as to the strain Arbor Acres, The first treatment contained Arbor Acres males with Arbor Acres females, second treatment contained Arbor Acres males and Ross females, third treatment contained Ross male and Arbor Acres female, fourth treatment was contained Ross males and females. This study was conducted in order to conducting genetic analysis (calculating of general and specific ability, maternal effects and sex linkages, heterosis in addition to breeding values, and to evaluate broiler breeder males performances of Arbor Acres males and Ross and its combination according to certain productive traits of the resulting offspring (weight and length of hatching chicks and weight at 3, 4, 5 and 6 weeks), and carcass traits (carcass weight and percentages of abdominal fat, dressing, drum sticks, thigh, chest, wings, back and neck) within local environment of Iraq. The results indicated that there are significant differences in the weights characteristics of male (but not females) at different ages among genotypes, as well as existence of differences among genotypes in carcass characteristics, and the most important is breast percentage. As well as the results showed existence of significant differences in non-additives values of many traits, results indicate existence of a genetic variation in breeding values among rooster’s traits.

Urban Development for Iraqi Cities Centers by Activate Urban Renewal Tools

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 177-191

The research aims to highlight the part of the applications of the concepts of urban renewal theory including basic concepts in the rules of renewal and modeling urban , and the dimensions of their application in projects elected , and extract the most important indicators actors and field of application from the perspective of economic and social reality and urban , with the most important stages and details related to the projects of urban renewal and to clarify the methods used in these projects through the procedures applied to the cities. Will discuss the need to single highlighted forms are used in the modeling of urban planning, urban cities to try to develop the role of the comprehensive planning policies at all levels , national, regional and local levels

Studies on Biochemical composition in follicular fluid and blood serum in relation to follicular size in Iraqi she-camels (Camelus dromedaries) during the breeding season

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 192-202

This study was aimed to evaluate the biochemical composition of follicular fluid (FF) from different sized follicles and it's relationship with that of blood serum (BS) in she-camels during the breeding season. Ovaries were collected (160 ovaries) from 80 non-pregnant adult females camels (7-14 yr. old) slaughtered at abattoir of province of Karbala during the period between November-2012 to February -2013(The breeding season). The ovaries and blood samples transported to the laboratory within 2 hours post slaughter. FF was aspirated from small (3-10mm) and large (11-20mm) follicles and also the BS separated and both stored at -4ºC for further analysis. The FF and BS samples analyzed by using commercially available kits. The results showed that the mean glucose and cholesterol concentration in FF of large follicles were significantly higher (P<0.05) than in small follicles. The differences in concentration of the mean total protein between small and large follicles was non-significantly. The FF of the mean triglycerides concentration decreased significantly (P<0.05) from small to large follicles. The concentration of the mean glucose, cholesterol, total protein and triglycerides were significantly higher in BS in comparison with in FF. The mean Potassium concentration in FF of small follicles were decreased significantly (P<0.05) than in large follicles, while the differences in the mean calcium and magnesium concentration were non-significantly between small and large follicles. Likewise, the mean sodium concentration was significantly higher (P<0.05) with enlargement of follicular size. The mean potassium concentration in BS was significantly lower (P<0.05) than in FF in small and large follicles, while the mean calcium, magnesium and sodium concentration in BS where significantly higher (P<0.05) than in FF in both categories of follicles. The concentration of the mean estradiol and progesterone in FF of large follicles were higher (P<0.05) than in the small follicles. The concentration of the mean estradiol was higher in BS than in FF, while reverse the concentration of the mean progesterone was lower in BS than in FF.

Genotype differences of bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) in some growth and yield indicators under salinity stress

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 203-211

An experiment was conducted in the field ( in the Baghdad / Abu Ghraib in the calcareous soil classified within the range of soils Great Typic Torrifluvent) in order to study the effect of salinity Stress ( water of the Irrigation , 3 and 6 ds/ m ) on five varieties of Bread wheat ( Al-Fateh,AL-Tahadi,AL-Iraq, Sally and Adnanah ) during 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 . experiment setup using split plot design ,salinity stress as main plot and varieties as subplot. Means were compared using LSD at P0.05.
The results showed that increased levels of salinity stress led to a reduction in all the indicators studied ( plant height , number of tillers/ m2 , flag leaf area, dry weight of a flag leaf, spike length , number spikelet's / spike, number of grains spike , 1000-grains weight and grains yield in both seasons, and in all varieties under study . Iraq given highest values for all indicators studied in both seasons , when it is grown under salt stress compared to other varieties .

The Effect of alcoholic extract of Nigella sativa in fertility of mature white male mice treated with cadimium acetate

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 212-221

The present study aimded to investigate the effect of alcoholic extract of Nigella sativa in minimizing the deleterious effect of cadimium in fertility of mature male mice with the histopathological changes of testes.Results illustrated histopathological changes in the testes of mice which were intraperitonealy injected by 3 and 5 mg/kg B.W.of cadimium acetate, the effect was increased by increased concentration,mean while ,that were treated by cadimium with alcoholic extract of Nigella sativa for both concentration did not show any histopathological changes as compared with the control treatment , and the group which was treated by cadimium led to a significant reduction (p<0.05) in testes weights as compared with the control . In addition, it was noticed that the group treated by cadimium and water extracted Nigella sativa did not show any differences in body and testes weighs for both concentration in comparasion with the control ..Groups which were treated by both concentrations of cadimium caused significant reduction (p<0.05) of sertoli cells in comparasion with that of the control, mean while ,it was noticed that groups treated with cadimium caused significant reduction (p<0.05) in numbers of spermatogonia,spermatocytes and spermatids for both concentrations in comparasion with the control . Groups treated with cadimium and alcoholic extract of Nigella sativa did not show any significant differences(p>0.05) in numbers of sperms for both concentrations as compared with the control. The study indicated that treatment with cadimium caused cessation of spermatogenesis in semineferous tubules due its cytotoxic effect and it causes changes in metabolic processes in cells mean while Nigella sativa had an effect against deleterious and toxic effect which was induced by cadimium which had acurative effect against free radicals formed by cadimium .

Reesponse of some bread wheat cultivars(Triticum aestivum L.) to irrigation with saline water and potassium fertilizer .

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 222-237

This study was conducted by using plastic pots in the Department of Biology – College of Education for Pure Science / University of Kerbala for the growing season (2012 - 2013) . Factorial experiment in a completely randomized design (CRD) with three replicates was applied .The objective of this experiment was to investigate the response of five wheat cultivars (IPA- 99, Al-Iraq, Al-Rashid ,AL- Fateh and Abu-Graib) to three concentrations of saline water (1.8 ,4 and 8 ds.m-1) and two potassium levels (120 and 180 kg k.ha-1). The following Characteristics studied flag leaf area, sodium concentration, potassium concentration, potassium to sodium ratio , spike length , number of spikes per plant, number of grains per spike, 1000-grain weight ,biological yield , harvest index and grain yield.Mean were compared using Least significant difference (L.S.D) at p =5% .The results showed that the cultivars significantly affected in the studied traits as gave AL-Iraq cultivar the highest values for the potassium concentration , potassium to sodium ratio, 1000-grain weight , harvest index , and grain yield (%3.64 3.14, 40.92 gm , 40.80% and 4.45 gm .plant-1) and achieved this cultivar beast interaction with saline level 1.8 ds.m-1 for grain yield 5.33 gm .plant-1 .Also it is possible to cultivate Al-Iraq cultivars and irrigation by water no exceed electrical conductivity 4 ds.m-1 with loss in grain yield dose not exeed 14.25%. Either have the effect of potassium fertilization results showed a significant increase in the rates of all the values of studied characters excluding sodium concentration and harvest index .Conclude from this study that cultivate Al-Iraq cultivar and adding potassium 180 k.ha-1 give the highest grain yield and reduces the effect of salinity.

Spatial variation of the probability of the agricultural production of wheat and barley crops in the province of Dhi Qar, for the period 2002-2012

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 238-253

Intertwined spatial relationships and geographic phenomena are varied to enhance our image is characterized by a spatial region without the other and this is what is trying to any study or research proved it to intensify its way, analytical and spatial relationships In this research is the problem of the research, which was in contrast to the spatial production of wheat and barley crops in the province of Dhi Qar Balbaadin spatial and temporal. Hypothetical interpretation of the spatial variation of agricultural production in the province of Dhi Qar Bbaadih spatial and temporal in light of what made this interpretation of his behavior future expressed by the probability of production
Studying geography spatial patterns on the surface of the earth, and in this study as the analysis of patterns and processes that created, in some cases, geographers tend to expect a geographical patterns or what they point to future distributions,I have been here to find a map of probability for the production of wheat and barley crops in the study area depending on the technique Degrees standard and corresponding table normal distribution of the probability that by relying on the data of agricultural production of wheat and barley crops for the period of 2002 - 2012 in the study area as ways to get out of the conclusions of the research

The relationship between body length and weight and the length of the legs at the age of one day with some of productive traits in broiler

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 245-257

Present study was conducted at the research station poultry of the Agriculture Department of the city of Karbala for the period from 1. 4.2013 until 23.5.2013 in order to study the relationship between the length of the body and leg length and weight at the age of one day with some production traits, study included 240 chicks type Ross and Cobb, reared for 42 days. Results showed a lack of significant differences between the strain cup and Rose in the studied traits (live weight and carcass weight and proportions of the chest and thighs, back, neck and parts edible "liver and gizzard and heart"), and results showed the presence of the decline of moral ( p ≤ 0.0) for carcass weight and edible parts of the thighs and legs along, while there was no significant decline of the recipes studied the length of the body, and also found a significant decline of the proportion of the thighs and the edible parts of the weight at the age of one day.

Effect of sulfur addition on vulcanization properties of hybrid rubber batch

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 258-262

Different amounts of sulfur (0.5-2.5 pphr) were added to hybrid rubber batch (50% / 50%), natural rubber - rubber Acrylonitrile - butadiene and measure the impact of these additions on the vulcanization properties of hybrids batch. Rheometer device was used to measure the cure and vulcanization time, the viscosity of the rubber compound, and the max torque. Results shown that the max torque directly proportional to the ratio of sulfur added as increasingly determined from (11.95 Nm) at the rate of addition (0.5 pphr) to sulfur (24.385 Nm) with sulfur content (2.5 pphr), the time of maturation, it is inversely proportional with these additions where the fall of the value of (1.21 m.min) at the rate of addition (0.5 pphr) to sulfur (0.74 m.min) with a ratio sulfur (2.5 pphr), while the vulcanization time fluctuates from low value (4.13 m.min) at the rate of addition (0.5 pphr) to sulfur (2.87 m.min) with sulfur content (1.5 pphr), and after this ratio begins to rise up up to (3.24 m.min) at the rate of addition (2.5 pphr). Also the results showed that the viscosity of the composite rubber begins to decline of the value of (10.854 moony) to (7.884 moony) when the proportion of added sulfur (0.5 pphr) and (2 pphr), respectively, and when the proportion of added sulfur (2.5 pphr) ,this percentage rises to (9.963 moony).

Common link of both BMI and estrogen hormone in detection of improper weights for pregnant women in advanced conception: physiological-weight study

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 263-267

The results of the current study shows that BMI considered as an important baggage in the current diagnostic system for the obesity cases, so we are exposed to this parameter in this axis in conjunction with estrogen hormone parameter for the assessment of overweight of pregnant women which could lead to an opposite results for them or for fetus at their uterus. Thoroughly the research we found that estrogen compounds hormone is the key that's control any change in body mass index factor, where was this hormone ratios in excessive rise during the period of the gestation to reached maximum such as birth to register a value of 60 ng/ ml. It also shows a significant increase in the weight of pregnant at a level of probability p > 0.1, this increase was focused in women with white skin than black ones. In addition to this, pregnant women who suffer from inappropriate excessive weight became more occurred at the age group 30-39 years without any mentioned significant difference. We believe that the idea of the study of body mass index in parallel with the level of estrogen in the blood of pregnant serves well for many purposes, including assessing the health status of pregnant and obviate serious pregnancy

Constructing a single sampling plan to inspection product for complete and truncated inspection time with application

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 268-276

This paper deals with constructing sampling inspection plan, according to the Lot Tolerance Percentage Defective (LTPD). The design of sampling plan has been done in two cases, the first one, doesn't taken the distribution of time to failure into consideration, while the second method depend on the distribution of time to failure which is found to be generalized exponential with two parameters (GE[λ,δ]), where (λ) is scale parameter, (δ) is shape parameter. Tables for designing samples are constructed, also table for probability of acceptance also was formed, the application have been done and using simulation procedure. The comparison has been done through mean square error (MSE) .

Effect of Gibberellic acid and Proline acid on growth parameters and yield component of pea plant Pisum sativum L.

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 277-283

The experiment was conducted in the wooden canopy in the botanical garden of Biology Department , College of Education for pure science – Ibn AL – Haitham , Baghdad University using clay pots to investigate the effect of foliar spraying with Gibberellic acid in three concentrations (0 ,50 and 100) mg. L¹­ and three concentrations of Proline acid(0, 25 and 50)mg. L¹­ and their interactions on some vegetative growth as (the content of nitrogen ,phosphorous, calcium and total chlorophyll) and some yield components as ( the lentght of pods , no. of pods . plant¹­ , no. of seeds . Plant¹­ , wt . of seeds . plant¹­ )and the percentage of protein of the seeds of pea plant . The experiment was designed according to Completely Randomized Design(CRD) with three replications.
Results indicated that, foliar spraying with Gibberellic and Proline acid caused a significant increase in all growth parameters , and the interaction caused a significant effect where the concentration 100 mg. L¹­ Gibberellic acid and the concentration 50 mg. L ¹­Proline acid gave the best values for the content of the elements , the length of pods . no. of pods . plant¹­ but the concentration 50mg. L ¹­ Gibberellic acid and the concentration 50mg. L ¹­ Proline acid gave the best value for the content of total chlorophyll on the other hand, the treatment 50mg. L¹­ Gibberellic acid and 25 mg. L¹­ Proline acid gave the highest values for wt. of seeds . plant¹­ , the best value for the seeds protein was in the concentration 100 mg. L ¹­ Gibberellic acid and the concentration 25 mg. L¹­ Proline acid.

Effect of adding crushed Ginger and Celery seeds and their combinations to the Broiler Breeder (Ross) diets on productive and reproductive performances and their reflection on progeny performance

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 284-292

This study was carried out at the Poultry Research Station belong to state Board of Agricultural (Research, Ministry of Agriculture, Abu Graib). The duration of this study was from 28-11-2010 to 15-5-2011 to evaluate the supplementation of different levels of crushed seeds of Apium gravelns and Zingber officinale on some productive and reproductive performances and their reflection on progeny performance. A total of 432 hen and 36 rosters (Ross308) were used in this study. Experimental treatments were as follow: T1 (control diet) without any supplementation; T2 and T3 included addition of 2.5 and 5.0 kg/ton of crushed ginger; T4 and T5 Induced 2.5 and 5.0 kg/ ton crushed celery seeds and T6, T7, T8 and T9 included combination of crushed ginger and celery seeds at levels of 2.5: 2.5, 2.5: 5.0, 5.0: 2.5 and 5.0: 5.0 respectively. The results showed the followings: 1- There were significant increases (P≤0.05) in egg production (%H.D.), egg weight (g), egg mass (g/day) and relative weight of the eggshell (%), and significant decrease in the proportion of hatched eggs (%) for additive treatments and especially for combinations treatments. 2- The results indicated to get a significant increase in the fertility (%) in the second, third, fifth, seventh and ninth treatments ranging from 9.0 to 11.8% compared with control, which recorded 81.2%. Achieved treatments of addition celery seeds, ginger and its combinations increase in the percentage of hatched eggs of fertilized ranged from 1.6 to 4.4% compared to the control treatment, which recorded 81.8%; But when calculating the percentage of increase in hatched eggs for the proportion of total has achieved a 4.1-14.23% compared to the control treatment which were 65.9%. 3- There were significant differences in body weight, feed conversion ratio and dressing percentage of resulting offspring, which can be attributed to an improvement in internal physiology of maternal as a result of anti-oxidant activity for many of the active substances in these feed additives, and the improvement made in nutritional, health and immune status due to added celery seeds, ginger or its combinations probably was reflected positively on resulting offspring.

The Role of Tumor Markers in Early Detection of Brest Cancer in kerbala Governance

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 293-298

In many cases of cancer , the tumor markers play an important role in early detection of the diseases. Blood sample of (69) breast cancer patients were collected from early detection unit in AL- Hussein teaching hospital in Kerbala governorate, which compared with (30) apparently healthy women.
The CA27.29 tumor marker was adopted for detection of breast cancer, the statistical analysis revealed there is highly significant correlation (P≤ 0.01( between the tumor marker and both types of breast cancer in comparison to the control group, the results also showed no significant effects (P≥ 0.05) for the(age, marital status, breast feeding, number of children, weight, parent relationship)

Effects of Uropygialectomy (Iraqi method ) With Addition of Ginger Powder and Compatibility between them on Some Hematological Traits in Layers

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 299-306

The current study aimed to investigate the effect of uropygialectomy with addition of ginger powder and compatibility with them on some hematological traits in Layers (Meso). A total number of 104 layers, 42 weeks age were randomly distributed into 4 treatments, two replicates for each treatment, each replicate contained 13 layers, blood samples were collected from layers during the 50th week of age to evaluate some blood traits. Results indicated no significant differences in PCV as well as Hb between the treatments, meanwhile there was a highly significant differences (P<0.01) in total protein in the two Uropygialectomy treatments as compared with the control as well as the ginger treatment, the result also indicated that the Uropygialectomy and the addition of Ginger treatment with the compatibility between them lead to a highly significant reduction (P<0.01) in glucose, cholesterol, and LDL as compared with the control treatment, results also showed a significant reduction (P<0.05) in triglycerides in the two treatments of ginger powder as compared with control treatment as well as the Uropygialectomy treatments with a significant increase (P<0.05) in the HDL for the three treatments as compared with the control treatment

The role of some mineral elements , carbon and nitrogen sources in the activity of protease enzyme produced from a local isolate of Aspergillusniger*

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 307-314

Series of lab.experiments were conducted in the postgraduate lab.Biol.Dept.,College of Education for Pure Science from November,2012till December,2013.Local isolated of Aspergillus niger, was obtained,isolated,diagnosed and then a qualitative test was carried out to determineits efficiency in the proteolysis of protein.The diameter of the clear zone arround the fungal colonies was more than15mm,The protease activity was 18.97 U/ml with0.460 mg/ml protein.
Mineral nutrients and different sources of carbon and nitrogen were used to test their ability in the fungal growth and secretion of protease enzyme.Using MgSO4 and KH2PO4 together activated the production of protease enzyme gving 28.82 U/mg protein compared to the control which gave 22.39 U/mg protein. Resulls revealed that, glucose was better source for protease enzyme production compared with ther carbohydrates sources used. Maxemum enzyme activity of protease reauled 35.72 U/mg protein,whereas, the minimu enzyme activity was found in the presence of Lactose. The best conc.of glucose for protease enzyme production was 1.5% where the enzymatic activity was 40.42 U/mg protein. Gazaen was the most efficient N source in enzyme production compared to other nitrogen sources used, wher the enzymatic activity of protease reached 43.89 U/mg protein. Mean while, the lowest enzyme activity of protease was found with the presence of ammonium salphalt giving 7.55 U/mg protein. Maxemum enzymatic activity was recorded when Gazaen was used at 1% reaching 47,51 protein of protease enzyme. Whereas, qualitative activity gradually decreased with increasing N source used in this study giving 10.53U/mg protein at 2% Gazaen.

Utilization of oil wells in the detection of the main subsurface faults in the northern Iraq oil fields.

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 315-323

The drilled oil wells in Kirkuk, By Hassan, Jambur, KhabazandQarachuq oil fields were studies. The seismic and gzavity and magnetic maps were also used in order to understand the subsurface picture of the sedimentary Basin in which these oil field were situated.
From the calculation of true thickness of the sedimentary formations which are penetrated by drilling the structural picture was visualized from the older Maudeud formation to the younger shiranish formation. The Basin was affected by normal fault og direction north north east to south south west. The direction of tension forces was N. 160.

Effect of some Physical Factors and Bread Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae on Asperigillus flavus and A. Parasiticus Growth and Aflatoxine B1 Production

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 55-61

Laboratory experiments were carried out in the postgraduate laboratories, Biology Department – College of Education / Kerbala University . The Study aimed to assess the effect of some environmental factors such as temperature, pH and efficiency of Saccharomyces cerevisiae in the radial growth of Asperigillus flavus and A. parasiticus and production aflatoxin B1.
Results showed that,the temperature 300C was the best for fungal growth and their production from afla B1, where the mean diameter of the colony was 9 cm followed by 200C giving 2.83 and 3.04 cm for A. flavus andA. parasiticus respectively .
Increasing and decreasing temperature from this rang caused adecrease in the fungal growth as well as their production of Afl B1.
The best pH for fungal growth was 7.5 whose the no did growth of A.flavus and A. parasiticus was 6.29and 6.50cmrespectively followed pH 9.5 giving 5.09 and 5.29cm for A. flavus and A. parasiticus respectively .On the other hard . No growth was obtained at pH 3.5 . The afla B1 did not appeared with pH 3.5 , mean while it appeared with pH 5.5 , 7.5 and 9.5 .
Results pointed that, the efficiency of Saccharomyces cerevisia in the inhibiting of radial growth of A. flavusand A. parasiticus was 100% at 3 and 2g/L and 91.60% at 1g/L in the A. flavus and 75.00 and 70.33% at 3 and 2g/L and respectively 56% at 1g/L for A. parasiticus , and The afla B1 did not appeared with treatment of A. flavus with 1,2and 3 g/L from Saccharomyces cerevisia extract while it appeared with treatment of A. parasitic with 1,2 and 3 g/L from Saccharomyces cerevisiea extract .