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Volume 6, Issue 3

Volume 6, Issue 3, Summer 2010, Page 1-268

In vitro Studying of Predacity Effeciency of Nematod-Trapping Fungi, Arthrobotrys oligospora, Dactylaria haptotyla and Monacrosporium spp.

journal of kerbala university, 2010, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 24-32

اجريت هذه الدراسة لتقييم الكفاءة الافتراسية لثلاث انواع من الفطريات المفترسة للنيماتود والتي عزلت من بين 80عينة تم جمعها من ترب زراعية مختلفة في الفترة من شهر نيسان ولغاية شهر ايلول 2008, اذ تم عزل الفطريات :Dactylaria haptotyla, Arthrobotrys longispora و Monacrosporium spp. اظهرت النتائج بان هذه الفطريات ذات كفاءة افتراسية عالية ضد انواع النيماتود المستخدمة في هذه الدراسة وهي Meloidogyne javanica Tylenchulus semipenetrans, و Anguina tritici , وبينت نتائج التحليل الاحصائي عدم وجود فروقات معنوية في الكفاءة الإفتراسية لكل من الفطرين A. longispora و Monacrosporium spp. ولكن وجد بينهما وبين النوع D. haptotyla فروقا معنوية في القابلية الافتراسية.كانت النسب المئوية للافتراس 100%، 98.3% و 99.3% للفطر A. longispora و 100% ، 100% و 98.6% للفطر Monacrosporium spp ، اما بالنسبة للفطر D. haptotyla فكانت 89%، 91.6% و 88.3% لكل من النيماتود M. javanica ، T. semipenetrans و A. tritici على التوالي.

Synthesis of some new 2,4-dihydroxyquinoline derivatives by cyclization reaction of N-phenylmalonamic acid and study the biological activity for some of them

Ahmed H. Mageed; Naji M. Ali

journal of kerbala university, 2010, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 129-149

In this paper a synthesis of some new 2,4-dihydroxyquinoline and 4-hydroxycoumarin derivatives have been described. The route of preparation involved the uses of Meldrum’s acid as starting material and treated with different substitution hydroxy and amino aromatic compounds and the product have been cyclized by using polyphosphoric acid . The spectral were used (FT-I.R, 1H-NMR ) and CHN analysis to support the structures of the products. The prepared compounds have been tested against Staphylococcus arueus bacteria.

The casting ability of Non precious alloy used for ceramic restoration After remelting and treatment with new alloy

Anaam sh.AL-hadad

journal of kerbala university, 2010, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 251-258

The high cost of gold and other noble metals over the past 25 years have necessitated the use of non precious alloy for the fabrication of fixed dental prosthesis . Castability is of great clinical signification since it is closely related to marginal fit, that in turn may effect the periodontal health because short margin may be more plaque retentive .This investigation for evaluating the castability of one type of non precious alloy after several remelting procedure with the addition of 50% and 35% by weight of new alloy .
Three generation of remelting were performed , one without the addition of any new alloy , the second with the addition of 50% by weight of new alloy, and third with the addition of 35% by weight of new alloy.
A test pattern composed of wax mesh section approximately 40 mm x 40 mm , attached to V-shaped sprue rods 5mm long . A castability value was obtained by counting complete segments of cast alloy grid to identify the quantitative and qualitative constituents of the alloy after several treatment procedure .
Test results indicated that whenever remelting required for any type of dental alloy , it should be accomplished with the addition of 50% or at least 35% by weight of new alloy for remelting procedure to obtain a better castability performance .


Hisham Atwan Swadi

journal of kerbala university, 2010, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 150-155

The present study is aimed to asses the incidence of giardiasis in patients attending Al-Imam Ali general hospital in Al-Siddar city, Baghdad. A total of 2923 stool specimens collected from patients which have symptoms of diarrhoea.
The incidence of Giardia. lamblia infection was 6.84 %. The highest rate of infection was in July (12.22%) and the lowest in December (4.29 %) with significant difference (P < 0.05). Females had a higher rate than males (7.00% and 6.70 %) respectively without significant difference. The cysts infection had the highest rate compared with trophozoites infection with significant difference (P < 0.05)..
Some samples showed mixed infections were G. lamblia was combined with Entamoeba histolyitca and Hymenolepis nana.


Naaim Mohammed Ali; Jassim Talib MAHDI

journal of kerbala university, 2010, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 26-36

The noise impact due to fast food outlets ( takeaway shops ) on residential areas has been investigated. Measurements of the hourly equivalent continuous noise level LAeq at the vicinity of various takeaway shops on different days were carried out. Comparatively, the predicted hourly equivalent continuous noise level LAeq due to car slams and car engine starts at the same sites were calculated using a predicted model. This model is dependent on the hourly numbers of car door slams and car engine starts, which were counted manually at the sites in equation.From this investigation it has been concluded that : at sites located at open ended roads, the prediction model underestimates LAeq by variable factors in the range (5-10) dB(A), while at sites located at closed ended roads, the model predicts, relatively, a slight difference, i.e. less than 2 dB(A).

Study the Corrosion and Wear properties of Al-12.5Si-3.5Cu alloy in the acidic and basic environments

Hanaa A. Al-Kaisy

journal of kerbala university, 2010, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 17-25

This research involves study the polarization behavior of Al-Si-Cu alloy in acidic and basic medium ( 0.1 M HCl & 2.5x10- 3 M NaOH) by potentiostatic method and the values of Tafel slopes (b) ,corrosion rate (Rmpy) and the polarization resistances (Rp) were interpreted. Wear properties for this alloy in acidic and basic medium were measured at different sliding speed and different applied load and gives same results that observed in the corrosion behavior.

Individuality in Ernest Hemingway's“The Old Man and the Sea”

Muthanna Makki Muhammed

journal of kerbala university, 2010, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 1-7

This paper is concerned with exploring the individualistic characteristics that set Hemingway’s protagonist, Santiago, away from the society among which he lives.The paper starts with an introduction defining the concept of individualism as it is used throughout the paper; this is followed by a historical background for the development of the term with references to schools of thought and their standpoint of the concept of individuality. The paper moves then to show how the main character in Hemingway’s novella bridges the gap between the classical (heroic) and modern (everyday man) types of protagonists. This is followed by a detailed revelation of how the character manages to transcend the frustrations and limitations imposed by the old man’s bad luck and his mocking and disrespecting fellow citizens not only to survive, but also to regain respect in a world that seems to revere youth, sophistication and good luck.In order to do this, Santiago’s individualistic qualities are scrutinized and the emphasis is laid on the character’s intrinsic intuition and his exceptional spiritual relationship with both the animate and inanimate objects in his world. In addition, the old man’s transcendentalism, seclusion, independence, primitivism and endurance are dissected. The paper ends with a conclusion in which the main findings are outlined. This is followed by a list of references in which the sources and references consulted in this paper are listed.

Management of risk and crises in Arabic tourism organization))(Studying the case of Egypt and Iraq )

journal of kerbala university, 2010, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 133-149

Today is characterized with interfering and Our world a huge rapid civilized in different science carriers and knowledge sand we start talking about economical ,knowledge period or global period which is a time of development in communication means and media and it is the time of controlling and dealing with information and make the world closer . Tourism organization works in an atmosphere which is full of changes , movement and various cultural and technology . tourism is one of the biggest sector which is influenced by stability and world s peace so the tourist organization faces a number of risks and complex crises from inside and outside , so it has it s own reasons one organization to another either it is a hotel organization ,tourist organization or flying company ,official staff …etc . So that it has face all these risks even apolitical, economical ,socialor environment risks with scientific studied plan over come them in scientific means and to avoid its disadvantage and to make full of it s advantage .The organization always need to developed in problems it faced so that it can safe it s demands and it s offers tourist elements of the present time or in the future and to share positively in solving the problems in official mind that is understand all kind of the problems and risks.

A Comparative study of drinking water quality in the old and new purification stations in AL-Khalis District in Diala Governorate

journal of kerbala university, 2010, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 207-217

Some physical and chemical factors that effect drinking water quality have been studied in the old and new water purification stations in AL-Khalis District , Diala Governorate from the beginning of January to December 2009 . The ( pH ) results showed that it's in the weak alkaline for both stations during all the months of the year. Its least ratio ( 7.4 ) was recorded in the old station in July and September , Whereas the new station recorded the most ratio ( 7.8 ) for some months . The total dissolved solids quantity showed that it is in the permitted ratio of the drinking water . The new station recorded high ratio compared the ratio of the old station , It recorded ( 418 ) ppm for some months of the year whereas the old station recorded ( 332 ) ppm in September . The electrical conductivity results showed that they increase by the increase of the total dissolved solids in both stations . The concentration of the dissolved oxygen recorded high ratios in both stations ( 8-12 ) ppm , And its highest ratio was recorded in the new station . The total hardness showed that the studied water samples are in hard water degree in all months of the year . The new station recorded the highest ratio ( 366 ) ppm in March , Whereas the old station recorded the lowest ratio ( 215)ppm in June . The elements that cause hardness from magnesium and calcium concentrations showed that the highest ratio of calcium was in the water of the new station , It recorded ( 84 ) ppm in November . Whereas its highest ratio was recorded in the old station (48.3) ppm in July . The ratios of magnesium concentration showed that they were universal with the ratios of calcium concentrations . Water Turbidity was in accordance for some months( Turbidity < 5 NTU ) ( Nephelolometric Turbidity Unit) and not in accordance with the permitted qualification for the other months ( Turbidity > 5 NTU ) Compare with a large extent of the months of the year .

The Effect of Cefotaxime on the Corrosion of Duralumin Alloy

journal of kerbala university, 2010, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 136-146

In this research , the cefotaxime(C16N5H15S2O7Na)substance has been used as an organic inhibitor to protect the duralumin alloy from corrosion in a salt bath containing (3.5% by weight) sodium chloride .
The rate of corrosion was determined using the method of the loss in weight .
The results showed that the cefotaxime can work as an organic inhibitor . The cefotaxime protection efficiency was ( 82.77% , 86.55% and 88.22% ) at ( 0.25 , 1.25 and 2.5 v/v ) of inhibitor concentration respectively , and the highest protection efficiency was (88.22%) at (2.5v/v) in (16) days.
The results also showed that cefotaxime works as an adsorbant while its mecluleus adsorbed on the metal surface according to the Langmuir adsorption relation .

Sero prevalence of Toxoplasma gondii antibodies in Karbala

journal of kerbala university, 2010, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 211-216

This Seroprevalence study is conducted to determine the prevalence of infection with Toxoplasma gondii in women by detection of antibodies in serum samples for this parasite in the period 2008 – 2009 in Karbala.
So descriptive and analytical study was carried out to serum samples taken from (288) persons from Karbala randomly, and had been tested by latex agglutination test (Toxocell latex, Biokit, Barcelona, Spain). The over all seroprevalence of T.gondii was (67.7%). in location groups Haidarea (urban) seroprevalence of Toxoplasma antibodes is greater significantly than ancient city center, there is high significant difference in the women with age group (18-30) than the age group than (31-43) , no significant difference between subgroups according to (age, type of occupation, education,marriage animal presence).

Spectroscopic Study of R101 Dye Liquid in and Solid Media

Wajeha Abdle Daim; Mohmmed A.Hameed

journal of kerbala university, 2010, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 106-113

The purpose of this study is to choose a laser dye (R101), and study its absorption and fluorescence spectra in visible region before and after mixing with polymer and doping this mixture with metal oxides. These oxides may work as micro resonator, and a solid random laser may be obtained

Spoor using method identicalness and sound in procuring readable to schoolboys class first primary

journal of kerbala university, 2010, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 92-101

In Iraq , two methods are used for the teaching of reading:
- The Phonetic method which depends on AL-Khaldonia reading textbook.
- The Combination method which depends on “My New Reading” textbook.
The present work aims at knowing the effectiveness of both methods in the acquisition of verbal gain and expression performance of first primary school girls. This is the first research which deals with both methods, two variables of verbal gain , and expression performance. Most of the previous studies investigated the influence of the two methods and their effectiveness in writing and reading achievement.
To achieve the aim of the research, the researcher used the experimental design of equivalent groups .The present work is limited to two experimental groups each controls the other. The first experimental group represents the phonetic method (Al-Khaldonia) which is applied in AL- ZAHAWWY primary school for girls. The second experimental group represents the combination method applied in mmahdee albaseer primary school for girls for the school year 2009 – 2001.
The sample consisted of 40 girl pupils in both groups. The researcher made an equivalence in age , completion of kindergarten stage , The teaching task was assigned to the two teachers of the reading textbook in both schools. After the researcher has made the equivalence between them, she prepared necessary lesson plans for both groups. The number of plans was 46 for each method

Synthesis of new poly (acryl amido - N - oxo – hydrazones derivatives( from poly acryloyl chloride

Alaa j . Khadim

journal of kerbala university, 2010, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 232-250

In this work , different aldehyds and ketones were reacted with the amino compound (semi -carbazide) to produce the corresponding Schiff bases , and then these bases were reacted with poly acryloyl chloride to produce a new polymers containing imine group in their chains. polymers that prepared were characterized by FTIR spectra and physical analysis via measuring melting points and solubility . The results showed that the prepared polymers , have good physical properties .

Synthesis of Zn/Al-layered double hydroxide nano hybrids with 4- dichloro and 4- chlorophenoxy acetate ) 2٬ )

journal of kerbala university, 2010, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 147-164

This study presents the synthesis of phenoxy herbicides Zn/Al-layered double hydroxides nano hybrids by the reaction of 2٬4-dichloro and 4-chlorophenoxy acetate nano composites using indirect method of ion exchange .
These composites were characterize by X-Ray powder diffraction , Fourier transform Infrared(FT-IR) spectroscopy and thermal analysis (Thermal gravimetric (TG)and Differential thermal gravimetric (DTG) ).
The release of nanohybrids into aqueous solutions as carbonate , phosphate and chloride of different concentrations using direct method of ion exchange , was found to be controlled by parabolic diffusion at the beginning of the process. On the other hand the whole process is governed by pseudo-second order rate expression. The percentage rate release both anionic was found the higher than 2٬4-D > 4-CPA The percentage rate release into aqueous solutions in the following order : carbonate > phosphate > chloride .
The aim of this study is the release of phenoxy herbicides agrochemicals from the nanohybird compounds can be controlled by ion exchange process for limited of environment pollution .


journal of kerbala university, 2010, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 76-82

The experiment was conducted in the lath house during the season 2007 to investigate the effect of three dates of planting (1/3, 15/3, 1/4/2007) and 4 agricultural media (riverine mixture , peatmoss, riverine mixture + peatmoss , riverine mixture + animal manure) and thier interaction on the vegetative growth and flowering of chrysanthemum var. Daisy using.C.R.D design with 3 replicates.
Results showed that the dates of planting, the agricultural medium and thier interaction had a significant effect on the vegetative growth and flowering of plant. The highest average of plant height, leaves number, leaf area, flower branches number,flowers number /plant and flowers diameter were realized at the intraction of planting the offsets in peatmoss with the first planting date which were 77.55cm, 120.44 leaf 62.96 dcm2, 20.33 flower branches, 74.33 flower/plant and 9.56 cm respectively, while the riverine mixture alone in the third planting date gave the lowest average which were 44.22cm, 60.89 leaf 23.81cm2, 4.00 flower branches, 15.22 flower/plant and 5.73 cm respectively .


journal of kerbala university, 2010, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 191-195

This study was conducted to investigate the chemical composition of wild chicory roots which distributed at filed of college of Agriculture / University of Baghdad . The percentages of moisture, protein, oil, total ash were determent, besides the minerals content . the study include the diagnosis of carbohydrate by HPLC . The results showed that chicory roots content : 5.54, 1.57, 1.15, 8.25% . of moisture, protein, oil, total ash respectively.
The Mineral content (Ca, Na, K, P, Mg ) were: 0.33, 0.15, 1.25, 0.17, 0.11 % respectively, and the carbohydrate composed of Inulin, Glucose, Fructose at: 1.2, 7.1, 2.62 gm/100g respective

Synthesis & Characterisatio oF Fe+2, Co+2, Ni+2and Cu+2 for a new ligand type N2O2 and Stoichometric Study

journal of kerbala university, 2010, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 101-117

The work included the synthesis and characterisation of the new Ligand from Schiff base type (N2O2) with general formula[(C18H18N2O2)].
Also the work covers the reaction of some metal ions with ligand. Complexes of the general formula [(C18H18N2O2M)]Cl2. Where: [M = Fe+2, Co+2, Ni+2and Cu+2]
All compounds have been characterised as needed by spectroscopic methods [IR,UV–Vis], M.P and molar conductivity measurements.
The conductivity measurements showed that, All complexes are electrolyte with (1:2). From the above data the proposed geometry around (Fe+2,Co+2,Ni+2and Cu+2)) ions with the ligand is squar planner or tetrahedral.
The (matel : lignad) (M:L) molar ratio measured by molar ratio method , and the result ratio was (1:1) for the all ion complexes.

Non-neoplastic MultinodularGoiterHisto Pathological Study.

journal of kerbala university, 2010, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 196-199

The present Study carried_out on (15)Patients from males(30-60)year old,suffering from Goiter.the Patients conducted to medical and labatory examinations. The level of hormonesTSH,T4 and T3 was measured,the readings(0.31+0.2,13.24+0.30,240+6.5)on respectively when compared with control group.
The histo-pathological results was revealed,enlargement in some thyroid follicles,and changes which occurs in the epithelial lining and converted to simple squamous epithelium, and some thyroid follicles was devoid from colloid with congestion in interstitial,blood vessels.the diameter of thyroid follicles in the goiter patient was (2.6+0.54)micromter when compared with control group (0.6+0.1) micrometer.

Effect of the partitioning of potassium fertilizer by adding to soil and spraying on the growth and yield of (Zea mays L.)

journal of kerbala university, 2010, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 184-190

A field experiment was conducted at Hussainyah Province of Karbala /Iraq to study the effect of the partitioning of potassium fertilizer by adding to soil and spraying on growth and yield of Maize (Zea mays L.) var.synthesiser 5012. The experiment included studying two factors. First factor included partitioning of potassium fertilizer applied in soil of five batches (1, 2, 3, 4 and 5). Second factor partitioning of potassium fertilizer applied in soil + Concentration of 2000 mg K.L-1. The experiment was designed as RCBD.
The result showed the following points:
1. Adding Potassium fertilizer to soil and spray has significant effect on the 500 grain, dry matter weight and grain yield of corn.
2. The partitioning of potassium fertilizer gave significant effect on the height of plants, 500 grain, dry matter weight and grain yield.
3. The interaction between partitioning of potassium fertilizer applied in soil and partitioning of potassium fertilizer applied in soil + Concentration of 2000 mg K.L-1.was significantly increased the plant height, 500 grain, dray matter weight and grain yield.

On Pre-Door Space

Enaam H. Abd; Hussam A. Mohammed; Ghassan .A. Khtan

journal of kerbala university, 2010, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 101-105

In this search obtain the results on pre-door space: Door space is pre-door, space Submaximal pre-door space is pre-door space,Irreducible submaximal space is pre-door space , Quasi-precompact images of pre-door space are pre-door space and A pre-Hausdorff pre-door space has at most one a pre-ccumulation point.

Self - Handicapping and Tension of psychological and the relationship with the arrangement of achievement for the players (female) of volleyball

journal of kerbala university, 2010, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 34-42

The research aims to identify the level of Self - Handicapping and the level of the tension of psychological and the relationship with arrangement of achievement to the players( female) of the volleyball which took part in the competition of the Iraqi universities for the south area for the year 2009-2010 .the researcher suppose that a relationship statistically significant correlation between the level of Self – Handicapping and level of tension of psychological for the players(female) , and the researcher used the descriptive manner survey and the way relation connectivity to their appropriateness to the nature of research. And society of research the players(female) of Volleyball, which took part in this competition , there were (43) players. which divided to four teams to four universities. There are (Babylon,Qadisaih,Misaan,and Bus rah).And these universities represents society and sample of research, which selected by intentional way. The tools are used in research ( scale of Self - Handicapping and scale tension of psychological ). Then the researcher get on this result: the players(female) have low Self - Handicapping in spite of the deferent between the universities, and tension of psychological was low , and deferent with the universities, and that because many reasons which will explain it during the research. The researcher recommends with necessary of continues psychological properties to the players , and increase outside participates which decrease the self- handicapping to the player(female) and decrease the tension of psychological which consist from the little competition .

Effect study of some plant extractives on Tick paracit ( Hyalomma genns

journal of kerbala university, 2010, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 175-183

The aim of this study is to determine the acaricidal effect of some plants extracts (caraway, lavender, juniper, rosemary, and Artemisia) against Hyalomma ticks and their larvae stages. . The distal water added as A control group substance.
The result showed active effect to caraway follow by juniper and lavender against Hyalomma females at 6 hours after dipping in plant extracts on rat (15.2, 13.6, and 13.6) % respectively. The significant difference (p<0.05). was conducted .

Also the caraway, lavender, and juniper extracts have acaricidal effect against Hyalomma males during 6 hours after dipping.
The acaricidal effect raised of caraway and lavender against ticks females during 12 hours after dipping in rate ( 19, 15.2 )% respectively .

The results showed highly corrected mortality rate . against ticks females which are dipping in juniper , caraway , and lavender in rat (20, 20 ,19 )% respectively .
There are a significant difference in the effect of Artemisia extracts against ticks males in rate 20% after 24 hours .
The caraway and lavender recorded rate (19.7,19.6 )% respectively against ticks nymphs in 6 hours from dipping with significant difference (P<0.05) . also the caraway (20 )% against ticks larvae's .
The acaricidal effects results showed that the caraway and lavender recorded highly significant difference after 12 hours from dipping in rate (20 ,20 ) % respectively against tick nymph .
The study discovered high significant difference to juniper after 24 hours from nymphs dipping in plants extracts in rate 20 %.
The juniper and caraway recorded highly significant difference against ticks larvae in rat (20, 19.5 ) % respectively as compare with other plants extracts

The overall acaricidal effects of plants extracts show that juniper more effective against hard tick parasite follow b caraway in rate (15.7,14.4) % respectively.


journal of kerbala university, 2010, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 170-174

This study was conducted at Al-Faihaa Dairy Cattle Station (north of Babil) , 95 records according to 33 Holstein Friesian cows. The aim of this study to evaluate the effect of cow state at the parturition (healthy , infection) , service type (normal , artificial insemination) and some fixed factors (season , parity and sex) in birth weight (BWT) , wining weight (WWT) and gain between birth and wining weight (Gain). The statistical analysis system- SAS program was used to study the effect of difference factors in growth traits.
The state of cow significant effect (P>0.001)in BWT , WWT and Gain (increased in healthy cows compare with infection cows in one or more reproductive diseases) . The growth traits in this study increased at the use of artificial insenmi0nation compare with natural service. The BWT , WWT and Gain significant increased (p<0.01) in male compare with female . Significant effect (p<0.01) of parity , season in all growth traits in this study.

Study of adsorption property of Acridin orange dye and Bismarck brown-y on Charcoal

journal of kerbala university, 2010, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 1-16

الخلاصة تضمن موضوع البحث دراسة ايزوثرمات الامتزاز لصبغات الاكردين البرتقالي Acridine orange والبسمارك البني Bismarck brown-y ، باستعمال مطياف الاشعة المرئية – فوق البنفسجية وكانت ايزوثرمات الصبغات مشابهة لايزوثرمات فرندلش ولانكماير من نوع (S4 و L4) وفق تصنيف جيلز (Giles). كما تمت دراسة توصيلية المحاليل المحضرة بتركيز (20ppm) قبل وبعد المعالجة بالكاربون المنشط واشارت النتائج الى ان توصيلية المحاليل المائية بعد المعالجة كانت اعلى منها قبل المعالجة. وأُجرىَ دراسة تأثير تغير درجة الحرارة وضمن المدى الحراري التجريبي (303-333 K) في عملية امتزاز الاصباغ على سطح الكاربون المنشط ، فقد اوضحت النتائج ان امتزاز صبغتي الاكردين البرتقالي والبسمارك البني يزداد بزيادة درجة الحرارة أي ان التفاعل ماص للحرارة (Endothermic) (أي حدوث امتزاز وامتصاص). كما تمت دراسة تأثير الدالة الحامضية على سعة الامتزاز ، اذ وجد انها تتبع الترتيب الاتي: بالنسبة لصبغة الاكردين البرتقالي pH 3>10>7 ، اما بالنسبة لصبغة البسمارك البني فتتبع الترتيب الاتي: pH 7>3>10.

Study of some physio-chemical specification of the waters trocars north Babylon, and determination suitability for fish farming

journal of kerbala university, 2010, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 132-135

The ecological study included the record of monthly changes in the main physical and chemical characters of the water, trocars north Babylon ( water temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH, salinity and transparency) and determineits suitability for fish farming .water temperature was a ranged from 16.5-29.2 ºc, dissolved oxygen ranged from 7.5-8.8 mg/l, pH from 7.3-8.6, salinity from 2.7-4.5ppt and the transparency ranged from 26.2-41.5 cm.
Over all changes in the specifications physical and chemical waters trocarss north Babylon with in the rang that is tolorated by fish used localy for fish farming

Mathematical operator of Dirac delta function and the calculation of nucleon density distributions of some light nuclei

Balasim Taha

journal of kerbala university, 2010, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 120-128

An analytical expression for the nucleon density distributions is derived based on the use of occupation numbers of the states and the single particle wave functions of the harmonic oscillator potential with size parameters chosen to reproduce the observed root mean square radii for all considered nuclei. The derived expression has been employed for calculating the nucleon density distributions. Considering the higher shells leads to reproduce remarkable agreement between the calculated and experimental results of the nucleon density distributions throughout the whole range of

Production of Self-Compacting Concrete Using Limestone Powder

Ali T. Jasim

journal of kerbala university, 2010, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 87-100

Self-compacting concrete (SCC) is a very important advance in the concrete technology in recent time. It is a new type of high performance concrete with the ability of flowing under its own weight and without the need of vibrations. Due to its specific properties, SCC may contribute to a significant improvement of the quality of concrete structures and open up new field for the application of concrete. This study aims to check whether the fresh properties of self compacting concrete mixed by the Nan Su et al., [1] method and using limestone filler comply with the requirements specified by the ACI Committee 237. In this study, four values of cement content 200, 250, 300 350 kg/m3 are used. The maximum aggregate size of 20 mm was used. The contents of limestone powder for each cement content were 165, 139, 116, and 96 kg/m3 respectively. Fresh performance of self compacting concrete was determined by slump flow, J-ring and column segregation. The results showed that the workability of all studied mixes is good, with slump flow diameter range between 570 to 630 mm. The difference between slump flow diameter and J-ring diameter is not exceed 50 mm, while the segregation resistance range between 10 and 15%. These results showed that the self compacting concrete used was complied with the requirements specified by the ACI Committee 237. The results also showed that the volume of coarse aggregate, paste fraction, mortar fraction and powder content were 0.294 m3/m3, 0.32 m3/m3, 0.69 m3/m3 and 446 kg/m3 respectively, which meet the lower limits requirements of ACI Committee 237. Further, to obtain self compacting concrete with 15 to 30 MPa compressive strength, the content of cement required is only 200 to 350 kg/m3.

styles of art expression in paintings of mid-school students and its relation with the sexual variable

journal of kerbala university, 2010, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 22-33

استهدف البحث تعرف أنماط التعبير الفني في رسوم المرحلة المتوسطة والتشابه والاختلافات في أنماط التعبير الفني تبعا لمتغير الجنس.تم أجراء هذه الدراسة على عينيتين من طلبة المرحلة المتوسطة بعمر (13-15سنة) ومن كلا الجنسين استخدمت الأولى للدراسة الاستطلاعية التي بلغ عددها (160) بواقع (80) طالب و(80) طالبة سحبوا من مدرستين وقد استخدمت هذه العينة في إجراءات صدق وثبات أداة البحث ، والثانية للدراسة الأساسية وبلغ عددها (400) بواقع (200) طالب و(200) طالبة سحبوا من (6) مدارس من المدارس المتوسطة لقضاء بعقوبة مركز محافظة ديالى وقد استخدمت هذه العينة في إنجاز الدراسة الأساسية. استخدمت في البحث الحالي أداة بحث واحدة هي (أداة تحديد نمط التعبير الفني) والتي اعدها (حمادي) سنة 1998م وهي بالأساس مصممة لتحديد أنماط التعبير الفني في رسوم المرحلة الثانوية ، وقد تم استخدامها هنا في هذا البحث استنادا إلى ما أورده كل من [فكتور لونفليد] و [هربرت ريد] من كون هذه الأنماط (البصري - الحسي) بالإمكان ملاحظتهما من الطفولة المتأخرة فصاعداً؛ مما شجع الباحثان على استخدامها في البحث الحالي بعد استخراج الصدق والثبات لها.توصلت الدراسة الحالية إلى وجود نمطين متمايزين في رسوم طلبة المرحلة المتوسطة بعمر(13-15سنة) إذ كانت الفروق بين هذين النمطين ذات دلالة إحصائية عند مستوى (0.05) هما (النمط البصري) و(النمط الذاتي) كما ظهر نمطان مختلطان متمايزان عن بعضهما هما (بصري تماما / ذاتي تماما) و( ذاتي تماما / بصري- ذاتي) لذلك رأى الباحثان أن يدمج كل منها في أقرب إليه فأصبح عدد الأنماط أثنين فقط هما بصري وذاتي، كما لم تكن تكرارات الفروق في مجال الأنماط بين رسوم الذكور والإناث ذات دلالة إحصائية عند مستوى (0.05) مما يؤشر عدم تمايز هذين النمطين في هذا المجال، كما تم حساب الخطأ المعياري {ع رق} للاقتران الرباعي والذي ظهر بأنه أصغر من معامل الاقتران فهو ليس ذو دلالة معنوية، مما ترتب عليه نفي وجود علاقة بين أنماط التعبير الفني ومتغير الجنس.وفي ضوء نتائج البحث الحالي تقدم الباحثان بتوصيات مناسبة كما تقدما بمقترحاته لإجراء دراسات أخرى تتناول جوانب تتعلق بهذه المرحلة الدراسية المهمة يعتقد أنها تعزز من دور وأهمية التربية الفنية.


journal of kerbala university, 2010, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 191-195

أجريت ﮬﺬه الدراسة للتعرف على المكونات الكيميائية لمسحوق ﺠﺬور الهندباء البرية المنتشرة في حقول كلية الزراعة / جامعة بغداد والتي شملت تقدير النسب المئوية لكل من الرطوبة، البروتين، الزيوت،الرماد الكلي والتي كانت بواقع 5.54،1.57،1.15، 8.25%، كما تم تقدير نسب العناصر المعدنية المتمثلة بــ الكالسيوم، الصوديوم،البوتاسيوم، الفسفور، المغنيسيوم باستخدام جهاز الامتصاص الذري باللهب لمسحوقي اﻟﺠﺬور فكانت 0.33، 0.15، 1.25، 0.17، 0.11. % وشخصت بعض السكريات في اﻟﺠﺬور باستعمال جهازكروماتوكرافي السائل ﺬي الضغط العالي وكانت تلك السكريات هي الانيولين والكلوكوز والفركتوز وبواقع 1.2، 7.1، 2.62 غم / 100 غم .

The availability of values of a culture of quality in hospitality organizationsA case study in the Nineveh Hotel International

journal of kerbala university, 2010, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 76-91

This research in an attempt to study the availability of the values of a culture of quality in organizations, hotel, as is the culture of quality one of the main pillars of improving the performance of organizations in general and organizations hotel in particular as well as its role in promoting the values, beliefs and behaviors among employees in the organization in order to move towards the application of TQM.
This research provide a conceptual framework and applied on the culture of quality and availability of their values, and thus the possibility of dissemination of the organizations the hotel to improve its performance to meet the competitive challenges faced by the market and access to success and excellence, and in line with this, the research attempts to achieve its objectives the main through the statement of trends in top management and individuals respondents in the international hotel Nineveh about the values of a culture of quality and analysis of the reality of a culture of quality and dissemination at the level of operations and personnel and customers of the organization.
Has been identified on the availability of the values of a culture of quality in the light of the results of analysis of data collected by questionnaire distributed to a sample of (30) (Master and Manager of Department and Services Officer and Chief Officer) at the Nineveh International in the province of Nineveh, and showed the results that the majority of the research sample have perception of the values of a culture of quality and concept and how it affects the performance of the organization in general and the quality hotel in particular but there is lack of interest by senior management to promote these values in order to improve and strengthen the competitive position and this is what led us to make some recommendations and proposals are focused on the importance of directing the departments of organizations hotel to examine the values of a culture of quality, and the requirements of an enabling environment.

Preparation and characterization one new azo compound and complexes with metal ions (Hg+2and Cd+2,Zn+2,Cu+2,Ni+2,Co+2, Fe+2,Mn+2)

journal of kerbala university, 2010, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 83-100

The aim of work is the synthesis and characterization of the new Ligand 2-[(4-carboxy methylene phenyl ) azo ]-4,5-diphenyl imidazole (CMPAI) . and eight chelate complexes of its Ligand with (Mn+2, Fe+2, Co+2, Ni+2, Cu+2,Zn+2,Cd+2 and Hg+2) .The structure of all complexes were deduced according to the mole ratio method .The ratio of metal : ligand (M:L) obtained (1:2) and stability constant has been founded by technique above named. All compounds have been characterized by spectroscopic methods [FT.IR.,UV-Vis] and molar conductivity measurements.(UV-Vis) absorption spectra showed bathochromic shift compared with that of free ligand . The FT.IR. spectra of these complexes showed some change in the bands and density compared with that of free ligand .Conductivity measurements have showed all complexes non-electrolyte. From the above data the proposed geometry around all ions with ligand is Octahedral

Spectrophotometric Determination of Vitamin B1 (ThiaminHydrochloride)In Pharmaceutical Preparation by CouplingReaction with Diazotized Sulfanilic acid

journal of kerbala university, 2010, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 223-232

The experiment was conducted during the proied of 2009- 2010. Seeds were sterilized with 4% sodium hypochloride for 6 minuts, and sown on MS medium free of sucrose, supplemented with different concentration of liquorice extracts ( 25, 50, 75, 100 and 125 ml / l ). Cultures were incubated at 25ْ C ± 2 and 16 hr / day photoperiod, and 1000 Lux light intensity for 35 days. Produced plantlets were prepared into 1- 2 cm microcutting and transferred to the same medium. The first experiment comprises of different concentration of liquorice and cultivar to determine germination percentage, leaf number, shoot number, node number per plant, plant height and root length. The second experiment, included the effect of same concentration and the microcuttings on developed cuttings percentage, leaf number, shoot number, plant length and root length. Results showed that, the interaction of the conc. and cultivare had a significant impact on the characters studied. 100 m/l with cucumber Alghazer cv. gave the highest percentage of germination and the highest mean of root number reached ( 99.91% and 3.39 cm ) respectively. On the other had, the same concentration and empirtor cv. of cucumber highest means of leaf number, shoot number, node number and plant height ( 9.71, 3.91, 7.31 and 10.46 cm) respectively. The interaction of concentration and the cuttings showed a significant effect on the traits studied. 100 m/l with cucumber cuttings of cv. Alghazer gave the highest percentage of the developed cuttings and root length ( 99.37% and 2.01cm) respectively, while 100 m/l with empirtor cv. of cucumber resulted in higher means of leaf number, shoot number, node number/ plant and plant length ( 7.34, 2.22, 3.99 and 4.81 cm ) respectively.

Creation the Primary Key of Personality Card to Compose the Files of Electronic Government

journal of kerbala university, 2010, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 218-222

There are three fields developed in our world, these are computer's software / hardware, information exchange and connection technology. This development going to develop new field that is information technology. In this research we make a primary key in relational database for Iraqi citizen in the personality's card to use in the electronic government, dependent on numbers of the Arabic alphabet..

Supplication of The Repentantes & The HopefulBy Imam Zain Al-Abedin (peace be upon him)Stylistic Study

journal of kerbala university, 2010, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 51-59

This research studied the supplication of Imam Zain Al-Abedin (peace be upon him) concerning its style revealing its semantic , phonetic and structural levels .
Throughout the research , the ability of Imam Zain Al-Abedin in blending the spiritual aspects with the artistic ones to creat a scene that the receiver can live in all its dimensions to melt in its spirit and to interact with its creativity .
The Imam achieved that through employing the sounds to cope with supplication and he used metaphors and simile to go with the general environment of the supplication .
The use of verbs was rare compared with the use of nouns in pointing to two important aspects , one of which is the lack of good deeds of the supplicator in return of his demands to approach Al-Mighty Allah . Second , the nature of supplication that necessitate high level of politeness in the presence of Allah .

Design and Implementation of a Network Based on Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM)

Aqiel N. Almaamory; Hani J. Kbashi; Husam A. Mohammed

journal of kerbala university, 2010, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 55-59

The Wavelength Division Multiplexing WDM is a technology used to expand fiber optic bandwidth by enabling signals from different sources to independently travel together on a single optical fiber. The purpose of the work is to increase the link distance between two Ethernet LANs by using the single optical fiber link for both directions of transmission (i.e. one fiber for transmission and reception) since the maximum link distance is limited upto 100m. The link utilizes the Wavelength Division Multiplexing -WDM technique. A bidirectional link was implemented using two port wavelength division multiplexing components (that includes a wavelength division multiplexer and a wavelength division demultiplexer) with optical sources of wavelengths of 1550 nm and 1310 nm. An Ethernet to optical fiber converter card was designed and implemented for the purpose of converting the electrical signal to an optical signal suitable for the transmission over the optical fiber for utilizing the optical fiber transmission characteristics. The implemented system worked correctly. Twelve pieces of single mode optical fiber were used in the work each of length of 5.1 km and they connected with each others by splices each of losses of 1 dB. The total link distance become 61.2 km.
The Bit Error Rate- BER of the full duplex system was investigated as well as the effect of dispersion on the system. From the results it was concluded that the system was not limited by the dispersion effect.


Mohammed A. Al-Taee; Riyad Mubarak

journal of kerbala university, 2010, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 223-231

In this research done build a new block by use S-function for SMW method which use to solve linear equations system because not find this block in simulink . Done application this a new block on some samples 2x2 to 9x9 dimensions from linear system, and able to application to n x n matrixes moreover we pass docking in time.
We can use this system to solve devotes problems of digital images process because this images able to transfer to matrixes and solve it with this system.

Redundancy for Solving Degeneracy Systems

Iraq Tariq Abbas; Alauldin N. Ahmed

journal of kerbala university, 2010, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 1-8

A new approach for solving degenerate linear system, is developed, by constructing new rules, making use of the philosophy of redundancy constraints, whether the selective pivot degenerate constraint is active or not, A good results have been obtain compared with the lowest-index rules for solving such problems.

Study of effect some antibiotics, aqueous and alcoholic extracts of Myrtus communis and Allium sativum against Staphylococcus aureus Isolated and Indentificated from some pathogenic states in AL-Diwaniya city .

journal of kerbala university, 2010, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 200-206

Collected (125)samples from different clinical states from patients whose ages ranged from (10-60)years contacting the General Educational Hospital in AL-Diwaniya city during the period from (1/12/2009-1/4/2010)
Results of this study showed that high percentage of isolation Staphylococcus aureus from wounds76%,Acens 56%, ear 36%, Tonsils 28% and Eye 20% .
Staphylococcus aureus isolates were product coaguluse enzyme 59.2% (91%product of Haemolysin enzyme ,9% non product of Haemolysin)
While Staphylococcus aureus isolates negative for coagulase enzyme 41% (27%product of Haemolysin enzyme, 73%non product of this enzyme).
It also found that Staphylococcus aureus bacteria showed high sensetive to vancomycin antibiotic 100%, followed by Neomysin 63%, chloramphenical 59%, tetracycline 56%.Rifampicin52%, Nitrufurantion 44%, cloxacillin 13%, ciprofloxacin and Amoxillin 4%, penicillin G 0%
The alcoholic extract of Allium sativum lopes, since it has strong inhibitory effect on Staphylococcus aureus isolates in all concentration used in the study , it has showed high significant inhibition over the control antibiotic (vancomycin ) followed by alcoholic extract of Myrtus Communis , especially in concentration (75,100) mg ml it has showed high significant inhibition on Staphylococcus aureus isolates , while the aqueous extract of Allium Sativum lobes came at the third stage. Especially concentration (100) mgml only showed high significant inihition, followed by equeous extract of Myrtus Communis , the control antibiotic (vancomycin) showed highly significant inhibition over extract and all concentration used un these study.

The Effect of spraying of Nutrient solution (Fetrilon combi 2) on flowering and the Yield of Two Cultivars of Squash (Cucurbita pepo L.) .

journal of kerbala university, 2010, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 60-67

This experiment was conducted in a private field located between Karbala – Najaf governorates during the fall of 2006 to study the effect of spraying of nutrient solution (Fetrilon combi 2) on flowering and the yield of two cultivars of squash The experiment included 18 treatments which were an interaction between two cultivars of squash (Tokay and local Mullah ahmed) with three levels of concentrations of nutrient solution (0,25 and 50) gm.100 L-1 . The experiment was adopted in a split plot experiment within Randomized Complete Block Design (R.C.B.D) with three replications. The means were compared using L.S.D at probability of 0.05. Nutrient solution was sprayed twice at (2-3) true and leaves stage two week later after the first spray. Results showed superiority of foreign cultivar upon local cultivar value in the flowering and yield characteristics and it's components (females flower number , fruits number, yield per plant, early yield and total yield). Spraying with nutrient solution gave a significant effect where 50 mg.100L-1 gave the highest value of the flowering and yield characteristics and it's components (females flower number, fruits number ,yield per plant , early yield and total yield) The interaction of spraying nutrient solution with cultivar was significant on flowering and yield characteristics and it's components. where the interaction between foreign cultivar with (50 g.100L-1 nutrient solution) gave higher rate of the (female flower number , fruits number, yield per plant, early yield and total yield) (12.43 females flower. plant-1, 8.33 fruit. plant-1, 1.871 kg. plant-1, 9.147 ton.ha-1, 45.736 ton. ha-1)compared to the interaction of local cultivar without spraying which gave lower rate of respectively (females flower number , fruits number, yield per plant, early yield and total yield) (5.67females flower. plant-1 , 2.73 fruit.plant-1, 0.638 kg. plant-13.119, ton.ha-, 15.596 ton. ha-1) respectively

Evaluating the Esthetic &Appearance of Ceramic crown build up on a Different Thickness of Metal Casting Substructures

Wael Abdul Razak

journal of kerbala university, 2010, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 156-160

To get best appearance of fixed ceramic restoration this study depend on comparing & analyzing the effect of different thickness of metal casting on the esthetic & appearance of final shape of metal ceramic units, thickness of metal can be changed by controlling the thickness of wax which is consider the base of the cast .
In this study use 30 samples divided into 3 equal groups which had different metal thickness(A,0.8mm) (B,0.5 mm) (C,0.3mm), after ceramic building and glazing all these samples compare as much as similar to the 2M unit of Vita Tooth Guide company ,this was done by the same examiner using a random blind test.
These groups analyzed between each other using an Independent t-test where it was significant between (A&B) &(A&C) where as it was non significant between (B&C).


Haydar Raheem

journal of kerbala university, 2010, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 60-71

Moisture damage of asphaltic mixture is a term used to refer to the distress due to the effect of water presence between aggregate surface and asphalt binder. Water at this interlayer alter the pH to high value reaching 10 leads to splitting or breaking bonds between aggregate and asphalt which is known as stripping. Water can enter the pavement from external sources like poor drainage systems, broken or floating sewer conduits or high water table of the ground. Also, water can be enter the pavement through using wet aggregate in the production of asphaltic mixture. In this research, Iraqi aggregate were classified according to the resistance to water damage effect taking into account the mineral composition and texture. The results obtained refers that crushed aggregate had less resistance than uncrushed aggregate nevertheless, asphaltic mixture without additive for improving resistance to water damage effect, had been failed in boiling water test, where, in the presence of water (pH about 10) the retained asphalt coated aggregate were 45%. Lime was used as additive in three ways: dry method, wet aggregate and slurry lime method. Slurry lime method was improved water damage resistance where coated aggregate after conducting boil test were 85% for uncrushed aggregate and 78% for crushed aggregate. Quartzite compose 80% of aggregate which reflect acidic surface properties, where with the presence of water, high pH values were recorded (about 11). The main conclusions were moisture damage is a serious problem and there is a need to use treatment for elimination water damage through using slurry lime.


journal of kerbala university, 2010, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 44-49

Sixty white males mice involved in this study. The range of their age were 8-12 weeks, divided into four groups treatment, each one included three replicates, each replicate include 5 mice, weighted 22g. Aquatic extract prepared from Nigella sativa seeds. Different doses (0, 200, 300, and 500) mg/kg body weight orally applied for 30 consecutive days. Later the ratio of thymus /body, spleen/body, macrophage activities and delayed hypersensitivity (DTH) were determined by standard methods. The thymus index and the (DTH) significant increase p≤0.05 at the concentration of (300, 500) mg/kg body weight from the aquatic extract of N. sativa seeds, but the spleen index not recorded any significant increase as compared with control. The ability of macrophages to phagocyte and the activity of macrophages revealed significant increase p≤0.05 at all concentration (200, 300, and 500) mg/kg body weight but the best was at 500 mg/kg.
The results of this study showed that the best concentration were (300, 500) mg/kg body weight.


Issam Haidar Al-Sakini

journal of kerbala university, 2010, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 259-268

In This paper we discussed the usage of ultrasonic sensor to alerts a blind man from hitting an object depending on the principle of SONAR and generate an audible signal to alert the blind man that there is an object in front of him at a detection range (0.31- 3.1) m. The device could be mounted at the belt of the blind man. The ultrasonic pulses is transmitted by transducer, this pulse reflects off an object is received by another transducer. We use the 40 kHz ultrasound transducer enabling the same transducer to be used both as a transmitter and as a receiver . The sound waves frequency which is used beyond our range of hearing ( human hearing is between 20Hz – 20kHz ) . By using the known speed of the sound wave (346.3 m/s) and the time between the transmitted pulse and the received pulse we could calculate the distance. The determination of the distance will depend on two modes of operation ( calibration mode and speed detection mode ) , The calibration mode is useful because the sound wave speed varies with altitude and the atmospheric conditions , while the speed detection mode is useful to determine the speed of the user moving toward or away from an object .


Areeg Shihab Ahmad

journal of kerbala university, 2010, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 49-54

All scratches and rough areas must be removed to develop a high gloss on acrylic resin. So polishing techniques are meant to remove excess material and to smooth roughened surface, making the denture smooth and glossy without changing its contour. The purpose of this study was to evaluate and compare the effect of using of pumice as a reference polishing material (on hot cured acrylic) with the effect of using the white sand and black sand as a polishing material. Thirty hot cured acrylic samples were prepared , numbered and divided into three groups. Each group consist of 10 specimens. The result of this study showed that acrylic specimens polished with black sand exhibited higher surface roughness than acrylic specimens polished with white sand and pumice as follow.

Effect of Foliar Spray of Different Calcium Salts on Vegetative Growth and Yield of Potatoes (Solanum tuberosum L.)

journal of kerbala university, 2010, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 68-75

This experiment was carried out in the vegetable field of Horticulture Department , College of Agriculture , University of Baghdad , Abu-Ghraib , during fall 2006 and spring 2007 seasons using (Desiree and Ajiba) potato cultivars seed class (A) in fall season and Desiree cultivar class (Elite) in spring season. In this experiment the effect of spraying different calcium salts on vegetative growth and yield of potatoes was tested. Three calcium salts (CaCl2.6H2O , Ca(NO3)2.4H2O and CaSO4.2H2O) were used at three concentration and 5 g CaCl2.6H2O / l was adopted as a recommended concentration. Solution of above mentioned salts was foliar applied twice , first at vegetative growth stage and second at tuber bulking stage , using a Split – Plot experiment in fall season and Randomized Complete Block Design in spring season with three replicates for both seasons.
Results showed that the highest values of vegetative growth parameters due to spray 5.37 g Ca(NO3)2.4H2O / l for both season. In fall season spraying treatment to Desire cultivar produced highest number of stem / plant , whereas this treatment to Ajiba cultivar resulted in greatest leaf area / plant and dry weight of vegetative part. In spring season this treatment also resulted in greatest values of all vegetative growth characteristics . Moreover spraying treatment of 5.37 g Ca(NO3)2.4H2O / l resulted in greatest yield characteristics for both seasons. In fall season spraying treatment to Ajiba cultivar resulted in highest average marketable tuber weight (122.50 g / tuber) while spraying treatment to Desire resulted in highest total yield (29.88 ton / ha). In spring season , the same treatment produced highest average marketable tuber weight (122.87 g / tuber) and highest total yield (58.27 ton / ha). Spraying of 5.37 g Calcium Nitrate / l at 45 and 65 days after planting to improve vegetative growth and total yield is recommended

The relationships between blood acidity and white blood cells with hypertension before and after atenolol treatment

journal of kerbala university, 2010, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 114-119

In Previous studies, the relationships between blood pressure (B.P) with white blood cells (WBC) and acidity (pH) of blood were studied in a limited way and separately. In this study we tried to connect between these three parameters in details. 160 patients were chosen and divided into three groups, control, hypertensive, and hypertensive after atenolol treatment. Then each group was subdivided into two subgroups according to the pH. Blood pressure, WBC differential and total count, and pH of the urine were estimated to each patient. The results were : Blood pressure elevate with acidity , WBC count increased with mild B.P to decrease with higher B.P , Eosinophils decreased with increasing B.P , Lymphocytes and monocytes increa In Previous studies, the relationships between blood pressure (B.P) with white blood cells (WBC) and acidity (pH) of blood were studied in a limited way and separately.
In this study we tried to connect between these three parameters in details.
160 patients were chosen and divided into three groups, control, hypertensive, and hypertensive after atenolol treatment. Then each group was subdivided into two subgroups according to the pH.
Blood pressure, WBC differential and total count, and pH of the urine were estimated to each patient.
The results were : Blood pressure elevate with acidity , WBC count increased with mild B.P to decrease with higher B.P , Eosinophils decreased with increasing B.P , Lymphocytes and monocytes increased with increasing B.P , Variable results were shown regarding neutrophils and basophiles , After atenolol treatment all the values in hypertensive patients returned back to almost normal .
sed with increasing B.P , Variable results were shown regarding neutrophils and basophiles , After atenolol treatment all the values in hypertensive patients returned back to almost normal .

The handcrafts situation and the industrialization beginning in Iraq (1900-1932) Historical study

journal of kerbala university, 2010, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 43-50

The handcrafts and industries is not target pre se as much as it is one of the most important piles on which the economical independence of the country depend.. and the development of the national income then to develop the living level for individuals .
As it achieves the balance among the external exchanges through the way of diversity of exports.
Then the subject of handcrafts and industries in different transitional period formed the base on it the industry progressed.
The research composed of this preface in addition to four themes .in the first theme titled (historical aspect on the economical state and the situation of the handcrafts and industries in the terminals of the 19th century )has been focused on the situation lived by Iraqis in the second half of the 19th century situation at that time . and it's reflections upon handcrafts and industrial
The second theme titled
(situation of the handcrafts and industries(1900-1932)) including the most recognized situation.
When the third theme titled (the establishment of modern state and it's effect on the industry encouragement )…after that the scholar passed with the beginning of the Iraqi modern state and the main practical steps achieved to prepare the developed circumstance for industry.
The 4th theme devoted on (the effect of industrial economical crisis 1929 on the national industry) to clarify the scope of the effect of the economical crisis upon the progress of the beginner Iraqi industry.

Synthesis and Characterizations of two Herbicides with Zn/Al Layered double hydroxide nano hybrides.

Ashoor H.dawood; Salih M. Haddawi; Abbas M. Bashi

journal of kerbala university, 2010, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 9-16

Afunctional hybrid nanocomposit based on the intercalation of mixed cohydrolysed anions 2,4Dichlorophenoxy acetate (24D) and 4-chlorophenoxy acetate (4CPA), they are from the family of herbicides , which are used as plant growth regulators, this two anions intercalated by in direct method in layer double hydroxid (LDH) type of Zn, Al synthesized by co precipitation with LDH, Zn /Al =R= 4
The characterized by gas chromatography coupled with mass spectroscopy (GC-MS) , showed the existence fragments of two different phase belong to 24D and 4CPA, X-Ray Diffractions ( XRD) confirm the intercalations of two anions by the existence of two phases through a series of diffracted harmonies d(003), d(006), d(009) and d(0012), Fourier Transformation Infra Red ( Ftir), thermal analysis. (TG- DTG). All those techniques succeed to detecting the existence of a mixture of two phases belongs to the intercalations of the two anions in between interllmilar distance of the LDH, which act as a host matrixes for the intercalation of guest anions to synthesis hybrid organic- inorganic nanocomposit .

Synthesis and NMR Study of Some Important Glucopyranosyl Derivatives

Adnan Ibrahim Mohammed; Rasha Saad Jwad

journal of kerbala university, 2010, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 42-48

Acetylation of D-glucose using acetic anhydride and sodium acetate gave 1,2,3,4,6-penta-O-acetyl-β-D-glucopyranose (1). Reaction of (1) with hydrobromic acid in glacial acetic acid gave 2,3,4,6-Tetra-O-acetyl-α-D-glucopyranosyl bromide (2). SN2 reaction of (2) with sodium azide in DMF yielded 2,3,4,6-Tetra-O-acetyl-β-D-glucopyranosyl azide (3). Glycosidation of (1) in the presence of tin (IV) chloride afforded 2-Propynyl (2,3,4,6-tetra-O-acetyl-β-D-glucopyranoside) (4). All of prepared compounds have been characterized by TLC, FT-IR, 1H NMR, 13C NMR and two dimensional NMR (COSY and HSQC) in order two assign the exact protons and carbons of the glupyranosyl ring.

The Effect of Sulfates in Groundwater on Some Mechanical Properties of Self-Compacting Concrete

Ghalib M. Habeeb; Alaa M. Hadi

journal of kerbala university, 2010, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 72-86

The main aim of this research is to evaluate the performance of self-compacting concrete under severe saline conditions contain sulfates and chlorides at concentrations similar to those existing in soil and groundwater of the southern parts of Iraq. In this work, four basic categories of self-compacting concrete are used: SCC without any mineral admixture, SCC incorporating 10% high reactivity metakaolin, SCC incorporating 30% limestone powder and SCC incorporating 10% high reactivity metakaolin plus 30% limestone powder. To determine self-compatibility features for those types of concrete, different test methods are adopted such as: slump flow, V-funnel, L-box and U-box. The results of this tests show the self-compatibility requirements were fulfilled for all mixes. Compressive, splitting tensile strength, static modulus of elasticity, weight change, length change and ultrasonic pulse velocity were investigated for all types of self-compacting concrete at 28, 60, 90, 120 and 180 days age. Results show that under the action of aggressive solution, the rate of improvement in mechanical properties of the specimens were decreased with age increase compared with rate of improvement in mechanical properties of the specimens cured in tap water. The results also indicated that HRM-SCC demonstrates more resistant to external sulfate attack than other types of SCC mixes

Synthesis of Novel [1,2,4]Triazolo[1,5-a]Pyridines via concerted reactions between 2‾-cinnamoyl-2-cyanoacetohydrazide and α-cyanocinamonitriles

Ali Hadi

journal of kerbala university, 2010, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 161-181

A novel one step synthesis of derivatives [1,2,4]triazolo[1,5-a]pyridines (6) from 2′-cinnamoyl-2-cyanoacetohydrazide (3) and α-cyanocinnamonitriles (2) is described. The reaction takes place by 6-exo-dig cyclization followed by an 5-exo-trig process to afford salts 6. Compound 7 were isolated from the reaction mixture as the corresponding piperidinium salts due to the high stability of the heterocyclic anion. Acidification with dilute hydrochloric acid yielded the neutral [1,2,4]triazolo[1,5-a]pyridines. Now, an alternative 7-endo trig cyclization can take place and, in addition to the [1,2,4]triazolo[1,5-a] pyridines 6, the novel heterocyclic compound of seven membered ring are obtained.

Sunlight Photocatalytic of dazomet herbicides in aqueous solution

Saadiyah A. Dhahir; Nafeesa J. Kadhim; Asmaa K. Ayal

journal of kerbala university, 2010, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 182-188

The solar photocatalytic of an aqueous dazomet were carried out under natural weathering conditions. Photocatalytic of 50 μg/ml dazomet solution degraded 93.5. % of the solution after one hour of solar irradiation, by using 40 mg of zinc oxide as a catalyst . The effect of various parameters such as amount of catalyst and illumination time on the degradation of dazomet has been studied The degradation percentages were investigated by monitoring the dazomet mineralization spectrophotometrically. The mineralization rate of dazomet is calculate.

Estimation of Entrance Surface Air Kerma (ESAK) and dose area product(DAP) for the patient examined by fluoroscopy apparatus[long term X-ray examination]

Raed Mohammed Kadhim

journal of kerbala university, 2010, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 189-198

Estimation of radiation absorbed dose in long term X-ray examination (Fluoroscopy) that the patient subjected to are of great value in the field of radiation protection. The aim of this project is to determine the amount of air kerma dose in air that can reflects the amount of the risk that the patient subjected to, also to calculate the dose area products (mGy/cm2)and do comparison between EASK and DAP. The parameters that which are involved in this project are X-ray tube current (mA) , exposure time (sec.), focal film distance(FFD) and focal skin distance (FSD) in cm.ESAK and DAP are calculated using mathematical equation for different fluoroscopic examination of different patients. 35 cases were involved in this projects [15 male and 20 female].The results show that the ESAK are ranged between 54.438mGy and 120.27 mGy and the DAP ranged from 491.847 mGy.cm2 to 1086.639 mGy.cm2 .



journal of kerbala university, 2010, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 217-222

In 1963 ,R.L.Adler and another [9] define the topological entropy for open cover .in this paper we introduce new classes of the topological entropy of a sequence of irresolute on compact topological space with given some a new definitions , results ,topological conjugate and show that the topological entropy has the same entropy in the commutative

Effect of spraying with Gibberellic acid and seaweed extract on seedling growth of olive ( Olea europaea )

journal of kerbala university, 2010, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 118-125

The experiment was conducted in lath house at the College of Agriculture Kerbala University during the growing season of 2009 to study the effect of Gibberellic acid and seaweed extract on shoot system and root growth of olive seedling .The latter was imported from Syria and represented an oil riched cultivar called khudairi .Three replicates `were used for each treatment and the seedlings were completely wetted with either the acid or extract .the Gibberellic acid was used at three levels :0,150,and200 mg/l while the levels of the seaweed extract were 0,100,125 ml/l .The seedling were sprayed at three interval :1/4,1/5,and 1/6 /2009 and they were also sprayed with urea (1g/l) one day before each of the three dates of spraying .The experiment was conducted according to the Randomized Complete Block Design (R.C.B.D) and analysis of variance (ANOVA) was based on the least significant difference (p=0.05) .All measurements were taken at mid October and results were as follows :
1.the concentration of 200 mg/l of Gibberellic acid significantly surpassed all other concentrations regarding.(root length , dry weight of root system ). Mean root length reached 66.44 cm/seedling and mean dry weight of root system reached 15.22g/seedling .on the other hand ,the concentration of 150mg/l was the most effective regarding the height of seedling for the mean height reached 6.33 cm/seedling .There was no significant effect of the GA3 on the total content of chlorophyll.
2.The extract of seaweed at 125 ml/l concentration significantly surpassed all other concentrations regarding all studied growth characters .Mean stem length ,total Chlorophyll content ,root length ,and dry weight of root system at this concentration . reached 7.56 cm /seedling ,173.3mg /100g of wet weight ,64.67 cm/seedling ,and 15.11g/seedling ,respectively.
3.The interaction between Gibberellic acid and seaweed extract had no significant effects on the most characters of growth . However ,the only significant effect of this interaction was on the character of dry weight of root system where its highest mean was 19 g/seedling at the concentration of 200 mg/l .of Gibberellic acid and 125ml/l of seaweed extract compared with the mean of control treatment which reached only 7.67 g/seedling

Survey of ectoparasitic infection of the common carp Cyprinus carpio in three fish farms at AL-eskandriya Babylon province

journal of kerbala university, 2010, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 126-131

Three private sector fish farms in AL-Eskandriya sector, Babylon province, were subjected for ectoparasitic survey during the period from April to September 2010. Fishes involved included 144 from common carps. Parasites recorded included one species of ciliate protozoa Ichthyophthirius multifiliis, three spicies of ciliata periticha Myxobolus Oviforis, Trichodina cottidarum and Myxobllatus legerl and three species of monogenetic–trematodes Dactylogyrus achmerowi, D. extensus and D. lopychinae and one species of crustacean Lernaea cyprinacea. The Myxobllatus legerl is recorded for the first time in Iraq in the present study

The effect of various staining agents on color stability of acrylic denture teeth materials. (In vitro study)

Farhan Dakhil Salman; Raya Mohammed Jawad Al- Gaban

journal of kerbala university, 2010, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 199-210

The aims of this study was to evaluated of effect the color stability of acrylic denture teeth when exposed to common beverages (coffee, tea and cola) with evaluate of change in the different time after [24 hour, 1 week, 2 weeks and 1 month] to obtain on high aesthetic of acrylic denture teeth.
The color stability of acrylic denture teeth is very important factor influencing consumer's acceptability of the aesthetic. The stain solution is effecting the teeth when immersing for long time that replacement of natural color of acrylic teeth, additives has contributed in increasing the color change which result unacceptable of prosthodontic the acrylic denture teeth.
In present study (128) samples were immersed into three staining drinks (coffee, tea and cola) as test groups and distilled water as a control group. Color stability measurements of teeth were performed by using a spectrophotometer device. The Color change values were determined after [24 hours, 1 week, 2 weeks and 1 month] of immersion.
The Result of the Color stability variable analysis differences were used ANOVA and LSD. The color stability of all denture teeth was a high significant difference (p< 0.01) affected by the immersion of stain solution period. Cola was found to be the most the color change of the denture teeth because that the composition of the cola is the phosphoric acid which lead to scratch of the enemal surface of the denture teeth, also pure agent- materials among the solutions tested (p<0.01).
It was concluded that acrylic denture teeth exposed to higher degree of color change and that depended on the amount of color change in each group that increased proportionally with time.