ISSN: 1813-0410

Volume 1, Issue 1

Volume 1, Issue 1, Summer 2005, Page 1-213

Development Zinc-selective membrane potentiometric sensor based on crown ether.

Zeina Mohammed Kadhum Al-Mossawy

journal of kerbala university, 2005, Volume 1, Issue 1, Pages 25-35

A new liquid selective electrode for Zinc ions based on Di-benzo-18-crown-6 as membrane carrier with plasteicezer (DOPP) was prepared. The sensor exhibits a nernstian response for Zn2+ range with nernstian slope ,and detection limit of( )activity unit. .It has a response time of a bout(30 s) and can be used for at least (60 days) without any divergence. The proposed membrane sensor revealed good selectivity for Zn2+ over variety of other metal ions and could be used in pH range of (3-7).It was successfully used for direct determination of Zn2+ in solution.

Effect of Rice Sludge and Nitrogen levels fertility on total microbial density and growth , yield of rice (Oryza sativa L.).

journal of kerbala university, 2005, Volume 1, Issue 1, Pages 122-135

An experiment was conducted in green – house during which rice (Oryza sativa L.) cv . Anbare – 33 , was planted in the silty loam soil . Rice sludge and different Nitrigen levels fertility was used , the experiment lasted for 22 weeks in plastics pots . Microbial densities were determined after 2 , 4 , 7 , 10 , 14 and 18 weeks from sowing . At end of experiment , plant height , shoot dry weight , mean grains product , weight of 1000 grains proteins percentage of grain and total nitrogen in soil were measured .

Evaluation of MM106 and Omara apple rootstocks for salt tolerance in vitro

Muslim Abid-Ali Abdel-Hussein

journal of kerbala university, 2005, Volume 1, Issue 1, Pages 178-185

This experiment was conducted at Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory / Agricultural and Biological Research Center / raqi Atomic Energy Commission during 2001-2003 to study the possibility of using in vitro shoot culture in rooting stage to evaluate salt tolerance of two apple rootstocks (MM106 and Omara).Single shoots were cultured on MS medium as a rooting media supplemented with 0, 20, 40, 60, 80 and 100mM NaCl for 8 weeks.
All rooting parameters (rooting percentage, roots number, roots length )and plantlets growth(height of rooted shoot ) decreased as salt level increased in culture medium, with the reductions generally greater for Omara than MM106 rootstock. Also NaCl effect resulted in plantlet necrosis and a reduction in total chlorophyll content of both rootstocks.owever, plantlets of MM106 showed less relative root and shoot growth reduction under salt stress compared with Omara, therefore, it appeared to be more salt tolerant in vitro than Omara.


Hussein S. Al; Ali Abdul; Janabi

journal of kerbala university, 2005, Volume 1, Issue 1, Pages 186-188

Two groups were study in this work , first one content ( 115 ) patients with skin fungi infection , secondly content ( 100 ) patients with diabetes mellitus disease .
First group was showed a few number of high glucose levels (7) , whereas second group was also showed a few number of fungus infection ( 15 ) and both of them revealed no significant difference from total number .
Tinea corporis has a great number of patients with glucose level in the first group , whereas Tinea pedis has a great number in the second group with fungus infection

Investing oil income in activating permanent development

journal of kerbala university, 2005, Volume 1, Issue 1, Pages 45-58

This paper aims at pointing out the importance of oil income in selected oil-producing countries(Iraq , Saudia Arabia and Oman) and thy extent of using oil income in establishing economical base (industrial, agricultural or for tourism). This process positively affects current and coming generations since they have thy right to possess such properties so it needs to be run and invested properly.
Also the paper tackles thy industrial sector in the above. Mentioned countries as one of the most important sectors. However, the industrial sector has been proved to be of less level than the required; in comparison to the oil income of these countries. As far as Iraq is concerned ,U.N. sanctions have negatively affected the industrial sector since there was no imports or exports except what is allowed according to the memorandum of understanding food for oil. this situation ends with the occupation of Iraq by U.K. and U.S.A , which leads to demolishing the industrial sector. Finally , the Iraqis look forward that the situation will get bett

Three Introduced Rice Cultivars response to Watering periods and Fertilization Levels on its flowering and productivity.

journal of kerbala university, 2005, Volume 1, Issue 1, Pages 9-27

An experiment was conducted at Al- Mishkhab Rice Research Station for growing season of 2001. The aim was to study the response of three new introduced rice cultivars to Iraq. i.e.Al Somood; Yasmin and Al - bernamag.4 under the effect of watering periods ( Continuous flooding “control“ and watering applied to two intervals, after 5 and 10 days ) and fertilization levels ( soil application by K and foliar application by Zn. Four treatments were used. ( control; K ( 30 kg/Donum; 2K ( 60 kg/ Donum and K+Zn ( 30 kg / Donum + 1.0 g/L., respectively ).
Split – Split plot Design was used with three replicates. Duncans Multiple Rang Test was used to compare means at probability level of 5%.
* Five flowering growth parameters, i.e.panicle length; panicle number per plant; branch number per panicle; seed number per panicle and setting percentage, besides productivity parameters,i.e. weighe of 1000 seeds and yield, were studied. Results indicated that:
- Rice plants grown with continuous flooding gave significantly higher values in panicle length; panicle number per plant; seed number per panicle; setting percentage and productivity compared to the other irrigation treatments.
- Al- sommood and yasmin cultivars produced the highest values in flowering parameters, meanwhile, Al-somood cultivar gave the highest values in productivity parameters.
- Fertilization treatments had insignificant effects on flowering parameters, but ( K+Zn ) treatment produced significant effect on productivity parameters.
- The interaction between continuous watering and Al- Somood cv. with ( K + Zn ) treatment produced the highest values for the studied parameters.

Isolation and Identification of Fungi causing of Brown Leaf spot Disease on Rice in two Governorates Al-najaf and Al-qadisiah / Iraq .

journal of kerbala university, 2005, Volume 1, Issue 1, Pages 86-94

This study includes the identification of the causative agents of leaf spot disease on rice , in two Governorates Al-najaf and Al-qadisiah .
The results of the feild survey for the season (2004)showed that there were a difference of the rates of the disease infection Al-Abasia region feilds was the most affected with a ratio (3.96%) then
Al-Hureia region filds (3.03%) and lastly Al-Mhanaweia (2.86%).
The laboratory test results proved that the fungi causing this disease were Exerohilum. rostratum ,Bipolaris spicefera and Curvularia lunata ,this is afirst report for Exerohilum. rostratum as causal agent of leaf spot on rise,and about the Bipolaris spicefera and Curvularia lunata ,the available reportes and scientific researchs in Iraq refers that both of them are not remarked on the rice in Iraq previously,and this is the first remark of them in Iraq since the available scientific references certified that the causative agent of the leaf spoting is the fungus Helminthosporium which was not remarked in this study.