ISSN: 1813-0410

Keywords : Barbus luteus

Estimation of percentage and diameters of red and white muscles fibers Barbus luteus (Heckle,1843) fishes in Karbala province .

journal of kerbala university, Volume 13, Issue 1, Pages 185-192

The present study deals with estimation of percentage and diameters of red and white muscles fibers of one species of Teleost , which Barbus luteus (Heckle , 1843) which belongs to family family Cyprinidae , collection study sampling from AL-Hindia River in holy Karbala province by use Gill nets and Cost nets , The appear study Results has differ clear in ranges values to the study length groups , The present study shows the percentage of red muscles fibers were fewer than the white muscle fibers on different body regions (R1,R2,R3) among species .
The proportion of red muscle fibers values ranged between (2.72 – 6.47 %) while were the proportions of white muscle fibers ranged between (97.12 - 93.27 %) in studied fish , and showed increase the proportions of red muscle fibers towards (caudal peduncle) posterior region of fish body because important role in fishes swimming and movement .
Therefore, Barbus luteus fishes put in Sprinters fishes depend on the proportion of white muscle fibers in muscular tissue in fish body .
The study results show differ the diameters of red muscle fibers which between (13.34 – 57.42 micron) , either the diameters of white muscle fibers were ranged between (31.29 – 75.41 micron) , both diameters of the red and white muscle fibers decrease of the average of the towards the posterior region (caudal peduncle) of fish studied , Therefore consider this study first locally .