ISSN: 1813-0410

Keywords : Biopsy


Ali Swailem

journal of kerbala university, 2013, Volume 9, Issue 2, Pages 302-310

BACKGROUND :- Thyroid gland differs from other endocrinal organs in it s heaviness and early working in embryonic period (1).The main reason for intense interest of thyroid research is the outbreak of thyroid cancer after disaster of Chernobel nuclear energy plant leaks in 1986(2). Most common clinical findings in the thyroid gland is different pictures of neck swellings which defined as Any disorders of growth of thyroid cells changes into a swelling in thyroid. Nodule—means knot or knob. Benign nodules can be caused by
2-Colloid nodules
4-Infectious nodules
5-Lymphocytic nodules
6-Hyperplastic nodules.
7-Thyroiditis .
8-Congenital anomalies.
Malignant nodules are classified as
1-Differentiated tumors
a-Papillary adenocarcinoma b-Follicular adenocarcinoma
2-Medullary carcinoma
3-Undifferentiated tumors like : anaplastic
4-Others :- a-Lymphoma b-sarcoma c-squamous cell carcino ma d-Metastatic tumors. (3)
FNAC plays an important role in diagnosis of thyroid nodules.
AIMS OF STUDY:- To test suitability of fine needle aspiration cytology & avoid morbidity and complications of unwise thyroid operative decisions.
PATIENTS MATERIALS& METHODS:- This study was carried out in Al-Hussein Teaching Hospital in Karbala city during the period from 1st January 2011 to 31st December 2012=2years. ( 120 ) patients were included in this study; designed as a prospective study.
RESULTS :-The results studied were compared with pathological and importance of FNAC was tested byfinding of
Sensitivity(83.3%),Specificity(95.3)PositivePredictiveValue=PPV(78.1%) and Negative Predictive Value=NPV(48.6%)Accuracy ratio=95% . Out of 120 patients FNAC showed 98 patients as benign and 22 patients as malignant while pathological examination revealed 96 patients had benign and 24 patients had malignant lesions . FNAC was able to correctly diagnose (94/98) as benign lesions while (4/98) cases of benign lesions appeared to be malignant on pathological examination (False negative) . Out of (24) cases which appeared to be malignant on pathological examination. FNAC confirmed 22 cases while (2/24) benign lesion was misdiagnosed as malignant (False positive).
Conclusions:- This study showed a sensitivity of( 83.3 )%, specificity( 95.3%)and accuracy ratio=95% of FNAC in diagnosis of thyroid cancer in thyroid swelling lesions.