ISSN: 1813-0410

Keywords : Cryptography

Authentication and Secure Image System Based on Combining Image Cryptography and Digital Watermarking

Manaf Mohammed Ali

journal of kerbala university, Volume 11, Issue 4, Pages 186-198

Due to The increase of using the international network, the multimedia data security becomes the most significant factor to protect data. Encryption algorithms are covers some of data security requirement like confidentiality, prevent eavesdropping of data and integrity but the others requirements like copyright protection and data authentication which can be satisfy by sharing with another security technique which is called digital watermarking. So in this paper, digital watermarking and image encryption algorithm based on chaotic map are merging in one system to satisfy these objectives. The experimental results show The proposed scheme has a high security and, the correlation coefficients approach to zero(0.008) and high speed(0.5)second with good quality of extracted image after decrypted image(37dB).

Cryptanalysis of Stream Cipher System Using Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

Sharifi; Hussein Ali Mohammed Al

journal of kerbala university, Volume 6, Issue 2, Pages 384-394

The meaning of the Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) refers to a relatively new family of algorithms that may be used to find optimal (or near optimal) solutions to numerical and qualitative problems.
Stream ciphers are an important class of encryption algorithms. Shift register sequences are used in both cryptography and coding theory. There is a wealth of theory about them; stream ciphers based on shift registers have been the workhorse of military cryptography since the beginnings of electronics.
This paper aims to implement cryptanalysis attack algorithms on stream cipher systems using plaintext attack (or part from it), choosing one Linear Feedback Shift Register (LFSR), since its considered as a basic unit of stream cipher systems, in the performance of PSO by solving Linear Equations System (LES) for any number of variables of the output of LFSR.
The application divided into two stages, first, constructing LES’s for the LFSR, and the second, is attacking the variables of LES’s which they are also the initial key values the of LFSR.

A biochemical study of the effect of Neonatal Jaundice on bilirubin concentration level in newborns

Saba Abd Almunam; Rehab Jasem; Master; Rehab Jasem; Mohammed Nofill; Saba Abd Almunam; Areeg Shihab Ahmad; Areeg T.H. Abou-Dareb; Haider Y. Hammod; Adnan H. Ali; Rawa K.Ibrahim; Rewayda Razaq Mohsin; Rewayda Razaq Mohsin; Ali Fawzi Najm AL-Shammari; Alaa M.Alrubae; Rashid J. Abdulah; Ahmed Abdulhadi Ahmed; Haider Galil Al-Qurabi; Ali Abdulhussien Hassan; Eman jabbar K. Alghizzi; Rajaa Jabbar Kadhum; Nadia A. Al-Assady; Sahera G.Sayyah; Ayad I. Haddad; Ahmad A.Hasan; Bushra A.Hasan; EkramA.A; Mohammed K.J; Kawakib J.M; Mohammed J. S. Al-Haidarey; Dafer A. Al-Kufi; Meison A. Al-Selamy; Ibrahim M. Jassim; HASSANEEN JABBAR ABD; Taghreed M. D. Musa; Salam A. H. AL- Ameri; Reyadh M. Ahmed; Ali Aziz Abbas; Shaymaa A. M. Alhashimi; Mustafa T. Al-Kifae; Rassul M. Almaini; Firas Mohamed Abdul Ghani; Ali Farouk; Ahmed Sabeeh Abid Ali Al- Zubaidi; Eman Talib Kareem; ABDULJALEEL HUSSAIN ABD; SALAH NOORI ABBOOD; Hameed Aswad Mohammed; Mohammed Ali Radhy; Nawras Mohammed Shaheed Al-Dahan; Fadhil Ismail Shrrad Al-Taie; Ahmed Ali Abdulsahib Alkarimi; Muhanad Hayder; Sharifi; Hussein Ali Mohammed Al; Saher Ahmed Mohammed Al-Bassam; Maany Abd Al-Moneem Said; Hussein Hadi Abbas; Sareaa Maseer Gatya Al-Mayahie; Muhsen Cadem motleb; JawadKadhim Ali; Hassan Fadhil Al-Husseiny; Buthainah A. Ahmed

journal of kerbala university, Volume 6, Issue 2, Pages 83-89

تم تصميم هذه الدراسة للتحقق في تأثير مرض اليرقان الولادي على مستوى تركيز البيليروبن الكلي والغير مقترن في مصل الأطفال ألحديثي الولادة المصابين باليرقان الولادي (أبو صفار). ولتحقيق هذا الهدف تمت الدراسة على 60 طفل مريض, وقد دلت النتائج على زيادة معنوية ملحوظة (0.005 (p Keywords