ISSN: 1813-0410

Keywords : Ground ozone

Assessment of Ground Level Ozone Concentrations in AL-Quads Power plant (2,3) Northeast of Baghdad

journal of kerbala university, Volume 7, Issue 4, Pages 69-76

Ground ozone is one of the secondary pollutants present in the surrounding air. This pollutant is formed by complex reactions between different types of other pollutants and dose not emerge by it 's own . The research aims to evaluate the levels of Ground ozone concentrations inside Al-Quads electric power plant which is considered a pollution point source and compare those concentrations with the international allowable limits which is set by the World Health Organization (WHO),the research also aims to determinant it's effects on the workers health in the power plant.
Different locations were selected inside the complex which includes two measuring stations AL-Quads 2 and AL-Quads 3. Weather conditions were recorded especially those parameters that have considerable effects in ground ozone formation and distribution such as temperature, relative humidity, wind speed and direction. The periodically measurements to calculate the rate of ground ozone concentrations inside the complex for all the generation units location during the research period. The results showed the highest concentrations were recorded at AL-Quads 2 (78.75 ppb) which is near the unit 9 locations ,this value exceeds the international allowable limits (75 ppb). But other readings were below the allowable maximum limits (67.5 ppb) at AL-Quads 3 near unit 11 .
From the research results obtained it was noticed that the rate Ground ozone concentrations measured levies inside the complex exceeded the allowable limits in AL-Quads 2 meanwhile at AL-Quads 3 the readings were below the allowable limits during the research period .This gives an indication that the increase concentrations of (NOx, VOC) emitted from these locations with high temperatures, that lead Ground ozone concentrations increase.