ISSN: 1813-0410

Keywords : Compressive Strength Test

Performance Evaluation of Modified Concrete Layer by Sodium Silicate in Rigid Highway Pavement

Fatimah Fahem Al-khafaji

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 4, Pages 203-218

The using of conventional concrete mix in rigid pavement causes costly layer with high maintenance requirement . It is necessary to use additive materials in pavement construction as modifiers which could improves the performance of concrete layer .
The major objective of this research is to evaluate the mixing a locally additive on performance of concrete layer in rigid pavement by using sulfate-resisting cement (type V) produced in Iraq . The additive represented by soluble Sodium Silicate also known as " water glass " .
Concrete mixture specimen have been prepared with coarse aggregate of maximum size (50)mm and fine aggregate of maximum size (9.5)mm . Soluble Sodium Silicate has been used as an additive with the percentages (5 , 10 , 15) % by weight of cement . The performance of concrete mixture is evaluated using strength tests i.e (compressive and flexural) as well as thermal test (coefficient of thermal expansion) .
Results of using such modified concrete mixture show that compressive strength and modulus of rupture are decreased by (1.14 , 1.06) time at 7 days and increased by (1.17 , 1.16) time at 28 days respectively as compared with control mix . The results of coefficient of thermal expansion are decreased by (1.12) times at 28 days when compared with control mix . However, percent of 10% soluble Sodium Silicate in concrete mix shows better performance of concrete pavement corresponding for both strength and thermal properties . This percentage was adopted for all above mentioned comparison . The use of modified concrete mix has significant effect on the thickness design and joint spacing of main layer in rigid pavement .