ISSN: 1813-0410

Keywords : Laser surface treatment

Influence of Laser and Shot Peening Treatments on Fatigue Properties of 2017 Aluminum alloy.

Hamed. A. Hussein

journal of kerbala university, Volume 10, Issue 2, Pages 189-195

Laser peening (LP) is an emerging surface treatment capable of imparting compressive surface residual stresses and thereby improving the surface resistance of structure to dynamic loading. While the general mechanical concept is similar to conventional shot peening(SP). The present work presents an attempt to illustrate the influence of laser and shot peening on the behavior of fatigue of 2017 aluminum alloy under room temperature and stress ratio (R= -1). The objective of the current work is to evaluate the effect of (LP) and (SP) on the constant fatigue behavior of 2017 aluminum alloy. Also the evaluating of residual stresses at the surface has been conducted. The concluded remarks from this study can be summarized as: At high stresses the (SP) treatment improved the fatigue life by a factor of (35%) while at low stresses this factor becomes (%44%). No improvement effect of (LP) on fatigue life and the lives were reduced by (40%) compared with dry fatigue.