ISSN: 1813-0410

Keywords : Bacillus

Isolation of extracellular phytase producing Bacillus species from local soil samples

journal of kerbala university, 2011, Volume 7, Issue 4, Pages 77-82

Phytate is considered as one of the antinutritional factors exist mainly in different plants; it chelates many nutrition factors and denaturing many proteins. Recent research dealed with the isolation of extracellular phytase producing Bacillus species from local soil samples; the effect of phytase on different sources of phytate. Twenty five bacterial isolates of Bacillus species produced extracellular phytase on pikovaskaya agar or phytase screening medium( PSM). The clear zone around bacterial growth indicated for enzyme production. Soil samples were collected from many agricultural region includes Baghdad, Karballa, Babylon, Basrah, Emarah and al- Sulaimania. Five bacterial isolates had the ability to digest phytate extracted from different sources such as wheat bran, barly, rice bran, chick bea, mung bean, grass bea and phasolias. Other bacterial isolates could digest some of phytate sources. Extracellular phytase activity were determined at different pHs buffer for five chosen isolates using sodium phytate. Enzyme activity reached to 23 and 22.7 unit/ml for Bacillus KP9.1 and Bacillus KA7 at pH 6 buffer; different activities were seen for other isolates at pHs used. No activity detected at the pH7 for all tested isolates.