ISSN: 1813-0410

Keywords : Follicular fluid

The relationship between Follicular diameter and Oocyte diameter and Maturation on Awassi ewes

journal of kerbala university, Volume 8, Issue 0, Pages 91-97

This study was conducted at department of animal technical production , AL-Musaib Technical college from 1st September 2008 to 1st September 2009 to investigate a relation between follicular dimeter with maturation and dimeter of oocyte . A total of 150 pairs of ovaries were collected from adult ewes from slaughter house of AL- Musaib city/Babil province and ovaries were transported to the Laboratory with in 1–2 hours . The number of follicular ovaries reached to (1205 ) follicle . Follicles were classified in to 6 groups according to the follicle dimeter (1-2,> 2-3, >3-4, >4-5, >5-6, and>6-8) and Follicular fluid was aspirated from follicles . The results showed presence of highest percentage of mature oocgtes when the follicular diameter was between 2 – 3 mm and oocyte diameter ranged from 115 – 120 microns . The oocyte diameter increased significantly (p> 0.01) with the increased thickness of Zona pellucida and number of follicles . The correlation coefficient between follicle diameter and oocyte diameter was positive and it was highly significant (p>0.01) , while the coefficient was negative and it was highly significant (p>0.01) between follicle diameter and its maturation. Showed presence a significant difference (p>0.01)on follicular activity among seasons which increase follicular activity and number of follicles at spring and Autumn while decrease number of follicles during winter and summer .