ISSN: 1813-0410

Keywords : Diptera and Myiasis

Comparative between Some Populations of Calliphoridae by Using Outline – Based Geometric Morphometric Technique

journal of kerbala university, Volume 11, Issue 3, Pages 30-40

The Geometric Morphometric of wings technique was used in order to compare The variations in size and shape of the wings of some populations of Lucilia sericata , that were collected from two locations in Babylon provinces . The average of Centroid size of the left wing were 938.40 mM and 930.38 mM of the ( B1 ; B2 ) Babylon provinces respectively . The results of the statistical analysis by using ANOVA test followed by ( T ) and ( F ) tests showed that there were no significant differences in the average of the Centriod size for the left wing for Lucilia sericata. of the two regions which mean that the two populations belong to same species .