ISSN: 1813-0410

Keywords : Preservatives

Effect of Temperature, Light and Preservatives on the Preservation and organoleptic properties of the Locally Produced Garlic Juice.

journal of kerbala university, Volume 7, Issue 3, Pages 729-732

This study was performed to determine garlic juice extraction and production ability commercially an its preservation under different storage conditions which involved the storage at room temperature and cooled storage besides using preservatives like ( natamycin and hydrogyn peroxide ) and studying of lighting effect on the product's organoleptic properties through the organoleptic evaluation of product's color and flavor. A quantity of garlic juice was extracted and divided into two parts, the first part contained four treatments : control treatment (T1) and the treatment (T2) which contain a definite concentration from the fungal antimicrobial (natamycin) and the treatment ( T3) which contain a definite concentration from hydrogyn peroxide and the treatment ( T4) which assimilated by preservation the juice in blinded conditions, all treatments of this part were stored in room temperature (25c°) . where the second part treatments are kept in refrigerator at (5c°) and the changes in treatments properties were supervised by the organoleptic evaluation for treatments color and flavor.
The results showed exceeding the cooled storage over the storage in room temperature and there is no obvious differences in color and flavor among the treatments, where the un cooled results were obviously different between treatments (T1)( T4) and the treatments(T2, T3) for storage period and color and flavor changes where the storage period of control treatment and (T4) was short with color and flavor changes, and extend storage period for (T2, T3) and there was no differences between the two samples of treatment (T4) from lighting effects as compared with treatments (T2,T3, T4) respectively.