ISSN: 1813-0410

Keywords : Molybdenum target element

Calculation of Cross Section for Reactions Induced Proton with Molybdenum to product Technetium Isotopes.

Hamza A. Mezher

journal of kerbala university, Volume 12, Issue 0, Pages 96-113

In this research was the study of Technetium products protons interactions of Molybdenum element with the importance of used medical and therapeutic. It has been calculated stopping power and evaluation yields for induced protons to produce Technetium from Molybdenum isotopes ( , , , , , and ) in the energy range from threshold energy up to 65 MeV proton energy have been calculated, except for reaction where the proton energy have 80 MeV. Complete energy range starting from threshold energy for each reaction have been analyzed statistically and the Recommended cross sections were reproduced in fine steps of incident proton energy in 0.01 MeV intervals with their corresponding errors. The stopping power according to Zeigler formula was used in order to obtain the cross sections and calculated yield for each reaction based on the complete spectrum of cross sections.