ISSN: 1813-0410

Keywords : Spleen

A Comparative Anatomical and Morphological Study of Spleen in Rabbit (OryctologusCuniculus) and Guinea pig (Caviaporcellus).

Hiba H. Qasem; Farhan O. Rabee; araji; Ahmed S. Al-A

journal of kerbala university, Volume 11, Issue 2, Pages 147-155

The present study was carried out to elucidation the main anatomical differences between the spleen of rabbit and guinea pig.Conducted on 30 animals.(15 for each type) divided into two parts. The first part (10 animals) cared for determined shape, position and ligaments of spleen as well as estimated the length, width, thickness, size, weight and relative weight of spleen in each animal. The second part (5 animals) was specified to investigate the arterial blood of spleen. The results appeared that the spleen of rabbit was tongue in shape situated in left abdominal cavity while it was quadrilateral in guinea pig located in left hypochondrial subregion. The present findings revealed that the length, width, thickness, size, weight and ratio of spleen to total body weight in rabbit was 3.314±0.16 cm,0.544±0.04 cm,0.128±0.07cm,0.488±0.03 cubic mm,0.547±0.035 gr,0.0006782±0.00001988 ; while in guinea pig was 2.450±0.15 cm, 1.22±0.08 cm,0.2080±0.04 cm,1.174±0.02 cubic mm,0.6418±0.88 gr,0.0017000±0.00021909, respectively , in order. Our finding revealed that the spleen of rabbit was supplied with blood by several numbers of small splenic arteries, which branched from splenic artery (continuous of lineal artery).lineal artery branched from celiac trunk. While in guinea pig the arterial blood comes from splenic artery that arises from celiac trunk directly.

Effect of potato tuber alkaloid extract cocenteration and dosage period on oragan weights of Albinus rats

journal of kerbala university, Volume 11, Issue 2, Pages 79-86

The study was conducted in Biology Department/ College of Science/University of Kufa to detect the active ingredients and separation of alkaloids compounds from potato tubers (bentji cv.) and dosage period on animal , Liver, Kidney and Spleen weights for white male rats.
This experiment was conducted to study the effect of different alkaloid concentration extracts on animal, liver , kidney and Spleen weights. Weights of treated animals decreased gradually with the increase in the alkaloid concentration. and length of dosage period. The opposite was found for the weights of liver, kidney and spleen which were 7.66 ,1.17 ,0.67 g . with the interaction of 200mg/kg and four weeks treatment compared to 2.66 ,0.25 and 0.45 g with control treatment for liver,kidney and spleen ,respectively.