ISSN: 1813-0410

Keywords : Infrastructure

The role of strategic planning in the effectiveness of some of the infrastructure projects- Field research in Al-Karbala City

journal of kerbala university, Volume 12, Issue 0, Pages 282-303

Infrastructure projects have very important characteristics that make them characterized not like other projects since they are directly related to lives of citizens as well as covering wide areas and long term that reflected on the nature of planning and implementation.
this research aims to know the effectiveness of implementing the infrastructure projects of municipality sector (represented by projects of bridges-and roads), projects water and sewerage sector in karbala province by knowing the extent of achieving the objectives of the projects represented by indications (specifications, time and costs ) ,Thus the role of strategic planning processes (the mission , goals, strategic analysis, strategic choice) in those effective, has been defined depending on documents and records related to a number of projects(9)municipality projects(roads and bridges) and (8) water and sewerage projects the qualitative information for each indicator (specification, time and costs) was counted to know the most influence one the analytic descriptive approach has been used through field exploring research Questionnaire has been also used as an instrument designed for a sample represented by experienced people and employees of infrastructure projects there were 65 forms of questionnaire to measure the influence of strategic planning on effectiveness of projects municipality ,water and sewerage sector projects..
The results showed a continuous change the specification of the projects for the planned in the tables of quantities, which has impacted the increase cost and delay time, and the results showed a correlation relationship with significance and the relationship of the impact between strategic planning and effective projects (specifications, time, cost).