ISSN: 1813-0410

Keywords : Bovine

Clinical Evaluation Of Bovine - Derived Xenograft In Treatment Of Human Periodontal Class II Molar Furcation Defects.

Zainab Muhi Hameed Al- Fatlawi

journal of kerbala university, 2012, Volume 8, Issue 2, Pages 140-148

The aim of this study is clinical evaluation of bovine derived xenograft in the treatment of human periodontal Class II molar furcation defects. Eighteen patients(8 males, 10 females) suffering from chronic periodontitis,with Grade II molar furcation defect, were treated using bovine derived xenograft , completed the study with the following clinical parameters were assessed immediately before the surgical procedure(Baseline) and at 6 months after treatment.These parameters were, Plaque index Score(PlI),gingival index (GI) periodontal pocket depth(PPD),Clinical attachment level (CAL),Gingival Recession(GR) and Closed horizontal probing depth (CHPD).This therapy resulted in significant PPD reductions and no significant improvement was seen (CAL),(GR) and(CHPD). For the mean values for the of (PPD)(5.47±1.39),(CAL)(3.1±1.4), (GR)(0.21±0.51) and(CHPD)(3.5±1.3) at baseline ,while these parameters at 6 months after surgical treatment were(3.8±1.52),(2.35± 1.34), (0.3±0.5)and(2.2±1.3) respectively.
The findings of this study suggest improvement in clinical results with bovine derived xenograft treatment in class II furcation molar defects.