ISSN: 1813-0410

Keywords : Milk

Effect of ohmic heating on the thermophysical properties for cow milk Second part

journal of kerbala university, Volume 7, Issue 3, Pages 1104-1114

The application ohmic heating is a modern technologies in food processing, working on preventing the formation of deposits inside the heating pipes which have negative effects on the heating process, leads to reduce heat transfer coefficient poor quality of pasteurized milk and it’s contamination. Temperature were measured for different ohmic heating and variation temperature of the milk , heat conductivity , specific heat, density , thermal diffusivity and viscosity of the milk, were calculated The effect of differences in various voltage beside the
conventional pasteurization (H.T.S.T.) on denaturized whey proteins. Results showed the following: the temperature of milk under process was fixed depending on the presence electrical valve that controls on the temperature at 72. ° C. Thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity in the milk was increased with increasing temperature ohmic heating at all voltages different and with conventional pasteurization. The viscosity and density of milk was decreased with increasing temperature milk treated by ohmic heating at all voltages and with conventional pasteurization. The effect of ohmic heating at 220, 110, 80 V and showed that the separated whey bands by electrophoresis showed that the ohmic heating at 80 V didn’t affect the denaturized whey proteins compared with the heating by V 220 ,110 V, which had significant effect on whey proteins and clear because of the severity of heating.