ISSN: 1813-0410

Keywords : Thalassemia Major

Physiological study for some blood parameters in children with major B-Thalassemia in Al- Najaf governorate / Iraq.

Ashwaq Kadhem Abeid

journal of kerbala university, 2014, Volume 10, Issue 1, Pages 170-178

β-Thalassemia is more an inherted anemia publicity that common in the world and especially in Mediterranean region,and the most important cause of mortality in patients with β –thalassemia . The present study carried out on ( 75 ) children of males and females thier age from (1-12 ) years with B- thalassemia in Al- Najaf ,there were (60%)child of them infected with B- thalassemia major , who consult the thalassemia center for teaching Al- Zahra Hospital for birth and children in Najaf governorate, while ( 15 ) healthy child used as a control group.The results presnt study showed that a significant decrease ( p < 0.05 ) in number of red blood cells and the concentration of heamoglobin and packed cell volume ( PCV ) and the values of the mean corpuscular volume ( MCV ) and the number of blood platelets in the blood of infected children with β- thalassemia major compared with healthy children, while the results showed a significant increase ( P < 0.05 ) in the total number of white blood cells in children infected with the disease compared with the control group, as the current research distincted that the ratio of males infected with β- thalassemia higher than the ratio of females ( % 68. 33 , % 31.67 respectively ) , also children had blood group ( A ) were the most susceptible to the infection with β-thalassemia ( 38.33 % ) compared with the other blood groups , as the infected children who carry the factor rhesus positive ( Rh+ ) were ( % 65 ) higher than the patients with rhesus factor negative ( Rh- ) (35 %).