ISSN: 1813-0410

Keywords : Olive

Effect of organic manure type and IBA treatment on rooting cuttings of two olive cultivars (OleaeuropaeaL.)

journal of kerbala university, Volume 9, Issue 2, Pages 129-136

A factorial experiment within Complete Randomized Design with three replicates was conducted during season 2012 inside a plastic house belong to Nunavut Hort. Stat., General Establishment for Hort. and Forestry to study the rooting percentage of two olive cultivars OleaeuropeaL. cuttings ( Bashikah and Ashrasei) as affected by three media, peat moss, peat moss + sand and sand and treated with IBA in three concentrations 0, 2, 4 g.l-1 or powder and their interactions . Least Significant Differences Test (L.S.D)was used at probability level of 0.05. Results were as follows:-
Ashrasei cultivar gave a significant increases in rooted cuttings per cent ( 11.7% ), root numbers (34.2%) and plant height(16.7%), whereasthe cultivars have no effect on root length and total leaf numbers. Cuttings cultivated in poultry manure+ sandgave a significant increases in rooted cuttings per cent ( 12.1% ), root length (13.5%), root number (20.5%), whereas cuttingscultivated in sand only gave significant increases inplant height (15.9%) and total leaf numbers (57.5%). Cuttings treated with 4 g.l-1 IBA gave significant increases in rooted cuttings per cent (83%, root length (49.2%), root number (250%), plant height (101.5%) and total leaf numbers (77%). All the interactions between experiment factors have a significant effect on all studied parameters.