ISSN: 1813-0410

Keywords : Laser

A Comparative Study Between Co2 Laser And Mechanical Rotary System Abrasion Of Hyperpigmentation Of The Gingiva

Mahdi A.S.AL-Faraaon

journal of kerbala university, Volume 9, Issue 1, Pages 230-237

Gingival pigmentation is one of most difficult cosmetic problems to treat through conventional ways. Although physiological and ethnic melanin pigmentation is not a medical problem. The black pigmentation was removed with Er-YAG laser and Nd-YAG laser. CO2 laser is revealed an easy, safe, short operation time, and not discomfort to the patient post operatively. This way of removing unwanted pigmentation relieved a good result clinically. Eighty patients were submitted in comparative study between CO2and mechanical bur abrasion. CO2 laser is revealed an easy, safe, short operation time, and not discomfort to the patient post operatively. The results were evaluated in histological lab in al-sadar teaching hospital.

Measurement of Radii of the Irradiated Red Blood Cells using He-Ne laser

Hassan Maktuff Jaber Al-Taii

journal of kerbala university, Volume 8, Issue 1, Pages 78-87

In this research, we have studied the effect of radiation on blood cells that were irradiated by Gamma rays, Beta particles and Alpha particles by means of determination their radii before and after radiation caused by the diffraction of Laser from the blood cells. A comparison has been made with the biological technique for measuring the radii of red blood cells. We found that there is good agreement between the biological and interference techniques, for the non-radiated cells. But, for the radiated cells. We found a clear different between these radii, i.e., measurement of the radii before and after the radiation about (100-1500 Ao) were increased to [O,AB,A] types, but it was decreased to [B] type.

Effect of attenuated protoscolices of hydatid cyst worm ( Echinococcus granulosus) on lymphocytes viability in vivo

Israa kasem Al-Ubaidi; Saddam Hussien Al-Haidari

journal of kerbala university, Volume 1, Issue 0, Pages 161-165

Hydatiosis is a widespread chronic zoonotic parasitic disease caused by helminthic larval stage of tapeworm Echinococcus granulosus.. In last year's many methods are used to activate and modulate the response of immune system of the host in order to evade the invasion of the parasite. The present investigation was aimed to find out the effect of attenuated protoscolices on the viability of lymphocytes which play very important role in the immune response against many parasites and the reflect of this attenuation on hydatid cyst protoscolices infectivity in vivo. Four groups of white male BALB/c mice were experimentally infected with helium-neon laser attenuated protoscolices that exposed to helium –neon laser for (10,30,50,100) minutes respectively. The results showed increase in lymphocyte viability (p<0.01), especially among mice that exposed to laser for 50 minutes (77.00±1.42) in comparison to control group(50.66±3.23),this increase in lymphocyte viability causes statistically (p<0.01) decrease in protoscolices infectivity (both cyst numbers and diameters)in comparison with positive control group which cause decrease in lymphocyte viability.