ISSN: 1813-0410

Author : J. AL Adely, Khalid

Synthesis And Photolysis Study of the New Reagent 2-[(6-Nitro-2--benzothiazolyl)azo] – pyrogallol (6-NO2BTAPg)

Ahmed K. A; Khalid J. AL Adely; Shaima M. E

journal of kerbala university, 2007, Volume 3, Issue 3, Pages 55-66

New heterocyclic azo dye 2- [(6-nitro-2־-benzothiazolyl)azo] – Pyrogallol (6- NO2BTAPg) was prepared by coupling reaction a diazonium salt solution of 2-amino-6-nitro benzothiazole with pyrogallol in alkaline ethanolic solution. The organic reagent was characterized by elemental analysis and spectrophotometric method such as infra- red and electronic spectra. The photoreaction of the reagent was occurred under visible light at λmax = 409 nm. Many parameters such as temperature, irradiation time and effect of pH were studied. The experiments showed that the reagent degraded with increasing of irradiation time and the temperature. The optimal pH condition was at pH = 6 in which the reagent possesd highest molar absorpitivity (Є). The order of the photoreaction was of first order and also the kinetic parameters such as the rate reaction constant, half time, activation energy and thermodynamic functions ∆Sо, ∆ Hо and ∆Gо were determind.