ISSN: 1813-0410

Author : Ameer Oda Ismail, Abdul

Local And Systemic Effects Of Injection Of Lytic And Non-lytic Strains Of Newcastle Disease Virus On Regression Of Cancer

Abdul Ameer Oda Ismail

journal of kerbala university, Volume 3, Issue 4, Pages 29-36

In this paper report the regression effects of NDV(lytic and non-lytic strains) adiministered by either the intratumoral (I.T) route or by the systemic (intraperitoneal , I.P ) route to treat murine mammary adenocarcinoma transplanted subcutaneously in mice . For (I.T)treatments,mice were randomized in to treatment groups and given a five doses I.T injection of lytic strain of NDV (ELD50109) or non-lytic strain (EID50109) ,vehicle (allantoic fluid) .Significant tumor size regression(70%) was seen in the group treated with lytic strain and (54%) was seen in the group treated with non-lytic strain compared with tumor size at the start of the treatment. For I.P treatments with lytic and non-lytic strains ,shown increase in the relative tumor volume but less than increased will be occur in the groups treated with allantoic fluid and group without treatment. In groups ,tumors treated I.T or I.P with allantoic fluid or negative control group displayed rapid tumor growth. These data shown that the ingection of NDV I.T is an effective more than when injection I.P,and the lytic strain causes regression of tumor size more than will causes by non-lytic strain.