ISSN: 1813-0410


Effect of some Physiochemical characteristics upon on the presence of bacterial indicators in Al-Hussainia River waters


journal of kerbala university, Volume 4, Issue 4, Pages 131-137

The effects of some physiochemical properties on the number of bacterial indicators in Al-Hussainia river during the first six months of 2008.The samples were collected from four sites along the river from the Indian dam toward the province of Karbala. Bacterial indicators were calculated (APC) using the method of poure plate (Tc), (Fc), (Fs) using the M.P.N. method. The study of bacteriology indicators revealed the presence of aerobic total count was(50 × 102 - 480 × 102) cell, / 100 ml , total coliform bacteria was (0-17 × 102 ) cell /100 ml , fecal coliform bacteria was (0-10 × 102 ) cell / 100 ml while the fecal streptococci bacteria count was (0- 20 × 102 ) cell / 100 ml respectively. The results was showed that the values of dissolved oxygen was ranged the (6-13) mg /l , while the temperatures value ranged the (8-21 ) c◦, and the pH values ranged between ( 7.2-8.6), the electrical conductivity ranging between the values ( 400 -1450micr / cm). While the water in the hardness, recorded the highest value in the month of February, at the fourth site 620 mg / L, calcium values were ranged (40-170) mg / L and magnesium ranged (20-150) mg / L.