ISSN: 1813-0410

Author : Habeeb AL-Galebi, Haider

Bacterial contamination assessment of local and Imported diary productions in Al-Diwaniya markets

Haider Habeeb AL-Galebi; Firas Sarhan Abd AL-Mayahy

journal of kerbala university, Volume 4, Issue 4, Pages 143-149

The aim of this work was to evaluation of bacterial contamination indicators such as a total bacterial count, total coliform count and faecal coliform count for domestic and canned milk and its derivatives belonging to different origins (Iraqi, Iranian, Kuwaiti and Syrian), comparison with standards parameters, and authorized rates of expire date of this productions. then Isolation and Identification of contaminated bacteria.In the present study, the domestic productions were more contaminant samples, the result revealed that the domestic cow cheese has high number of total bacterial count (78 X 1011 cfu/gm) and domestic yogurt cow was less (37 X 107 cfu/gm), while domestic of cow cream had larger number of total coliform bacteria (90 X 107 cfu/gm) and less in domestic buffalo cream (22 X 102 cfu/gm).Also, the study shown that the high number of feacal coliform bacteria was in domestic cream of cow (47 X 106 cfu/gm)in comparison with domestic buffalo yogurt (2 X102 cfu/gm). The bacterial tests showed that the all domestic productions samples were out of hygienic standard specifications, followed by Iranian and Iraqi canned cream with total bacteria count (3 X 107, 32 X 103 cfu/gm) respectively, whereas Iraqi canned cream samples were contained ( 24 X 102 cfu/gm) of total coliform bacteria, while the number of feacal coliform bacteria was (13X102 cfu/gm).The result revealed too, that the Iranian and Iraqi canned cheeses were out of standards specification, with total bacteria count (5 X 103 - 8 X 107 cfu/gm) respectively. While the total coliform bacteria in Iraqi canned cheese was (2 X 102 cfu/gm). The result revealed increase bacterial content in Iranian canned yogurt with number of total bacterial count (62 X 108 cfu/gm).