ISSN: 1813-0410

Author : Hameed Ubaidah, Tameim


Mustafa Kadum Taqi; Tameim Hameed Ubaidah; Salman Abd kadum

journal of kerbala university, Volume 5, Issue 3, Pages 371-379

The edge detection process continued by the edge linking which is presented in this paper can be clear by the following: 1) it appears from the results of the edge linking that the part with bright colour is indicative of the big change in the intensity value of the original image, and 2) the edge detection in the geometric shapes or Morphological shapes are more significant or more contrast rather than ordinary image. The edge linking, the gradient components Gx and Gy of the image are present here to detect an edge linking of geometric figure (morphology shape) and digital image. There are three kinds of discontinuity in digital image; they are point, line, and edge. In practice, the most common method to find the discontinuity of an image is to use the mask that is operated in all of the pixels in the image, we use of the masks of the size of (3 * 3). To implement the contrast stretching process in a computer, we present an algorithm to Sobel method to write a program able to 1) open the file containing digital images, 2) display the digital image in the screen, 3) process the edge linking, and 4) display the digital image resulting from the process, and we used image file in BMP format and of the size of (256 * 256) pixel with 256 grey level.