ISSN: 1813-0410

Author : Ali AL-Quraishi, Maher

Epidemiology Study of Toxoplasmosis to Patient Women of Middle Euphrates Hospitals of Iraq

Maher Ali AL-Quraishi

journal of kerbala university, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages 230-235

During the period between 1st of may 2005 to 24th of march 2006 we collected and examined 102 blood samples from different group and ages of women in middle Euphrates area order to investigates the presence of Toxoplasmosis by using immunological assays such as IFAT and Latex Fixation test in the laboratories of clinical pathology department/Kufa technical institute and center of infectious diseases control (C.D.C).
A total of (102) women were examined in this study found 36 cases (35.29%) carried this disease, The results of the research follows( 47.54% )in abortion women, (19.04%) in non abortion women while (15%) in ladies who are not married), This results proved that T. gondii is widely spread in the middle Euphrates area .We studied total serum protein , Serum Albumin , Serum globulin and Alb/Glb ratio in women who had infected with Toxoplasma and calculated the ratio of Alb/Glb before and after four months treatment. Its {S.Alb. (o.039), S.Glb.(0.086)and Alb/Glb(0.033} LSD value before treatment and {(S.Alb (0.041), S.Glb (0.059)and Alb/Glb(0.044)} LSD value after treatment . We have seen decreased in S.Alb and increase S.Glb and Alb/Glb ratio after treatment its significantly increasing under (p<0.05) in Total S. Protein in high values than control group and increased level of T.S.P and S. Albumin and Alb/Glb in all patients who have appositive Toxoplasma.