ISSN: 1813-0410

Author : Dhari Ali, Sukiena

Effects of Three Different Types of Separating Medium on The Compressive Strength of Cold Cure Acrylic Resin.

Sukiena Dhari Ali

journal of kerbala university, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages 208-215

Background: In the present study evaluation of the effect of three different types of separating medium of the effect of compressive strength of cold-cure acrylic resin material cured at room temperature.
Methods: Forty five cylinder design of cold cure acrylic were fabricated in order to provide an a standardized dimensions of tested specimens (11 x 22 mm). These cylinders were invested by either cold mold seal or glycerin or tinfoil group.
Results: The results of this study revealed that there was highly significant differences on the compressive strength of cold-cure acrylic resin material lining with both glycerin and tinfoil separating medium in comparison with cold-mold seal separating medium.
The aim of this study was to study the effect of three different Types of separating medium (cold mold seal, Tin foil and glycerin on compressive strength of cold cure acrylic resin material.
Conclusions: it can be concluded that when the mold lined with glycerin and tin foil separating medium the degree of compressive strength showed highly significant differences in all cold cure acrylic resin specimens. In comparison with cold mold seal.