ISSN: 1813-0410

Author : Amore Jabbar, Shaima

Effect of dietary omega 3 essential polyunsaturated fatty acid on reproductive system of male rats that exposed to acrylamide

Shaima Amore Jabbar; Morug Salih Mahde

journal of kerbala university, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages 155-166

Acrylamide(ACR) has a range of toxicological hazards including reproductive toxicity, So in this research we studied the effect of acrylamide on male reproductive system of rat that drenched with omega 3 poly unsaturated fatty acids at the same time. We used 40 laboratory male rats provided by AL- Nahrain infertility center, They were housed in plastic cages in animal house at Karbala University/ Education College, however these animals divided randomly in to four group( group 1 control, group 2 drenched with acrylamide10% and omega 3 according to body weight, group 3 treated with omega 3 only according to body weight and group 4 drenched with acylamide10% only ). The results showed that there are significant decreases P≤0.01 in testosterone hormone in forth group as compared with other groups in the same time there are a significant increase P≤0.01 in third group as compared with others, while the pathological changes in testis slide section in forth group demonstrated un recover degeneration (necrosis) and acute inflammation characterized by present of inflammatory cells in stroma and seminiferous tubules as compared with other groups.