ISSN: 1813-0410

Author : Mushtaq, Hiba

Synthesis and Characterisation of Schiff Base Macrocycle Ligand Contain the Nitrogen and Oxygen as Donor Atoms and Their Complexes with Some Metal Ions

Hiba Mushtaq

journal of kerbala university, 2011, Volume 7, Issue 2, Pages 7-14

The macrocyclic type ligand contain the nitrogen and oxygen as donor atoms have been prepared via the template reaction in two steps with their complexes of some metal ions, the reaction of one equivalent 2,5-hexanedione and two equivalent of O-hydroxyaniline obtained the precursor which the used in the template reaction since the 1,3-dibromopropane and metal salts were added together as 1:1 ratio to the solution of precursor to form the complexes. The prepared compounds were characterised by FT-IR, UV-Vis, HNMR spectroscopies, solubility, conductivity, and magnetic susceptibility. The spectral and physical studies show the suggested geometry around the metals is distorted octahedral.