ISSN: 1813-0410

Author : Alkareem Abd Reda Hobi, Abd

A study of some blood hematology for different genetic groups of Sheep In Iraq

Abd Alkareem Abd Reda Hobi

journal of kerbala university, 2012, Volume 8, Issue 0, Pages 125-141

This study was conducted to assess the normal values of some biochemical constituents in blood serum of different genetic group of sheep Turkish Awassi . Assaf. Assaf X Local Awassi, Turkish X Local Awassi for both sexes From 2-month to 15 month of age . Overall mean values of Alkaline phosphates (ALP) for the different breeds and their crosseswas 40.1 KAU 100 ml and those for males and females were 41.1and 38.8KAU/100ml).Respectively. Overall values of GOT (67.9) was higher than that for GPT ( 40.3 ) across different breeds , ages and sexes .The values of total protein for all ages was 6.4 g 100 ml. The highest values were recorded at 12 months of age for Turkish X Local Awassi and for Local Awassi (7.8 and 7.7 g 100 ml. respectively ).
Overall mean values of serum albumin was 47.4%) for different ages and different breeds and their crosses studied. Serum albumin for males and females was 46.0 and 49.0% , respectively). Values of a-globulin percent among different breeds and between males and females were found to be not signify- cant.No consistent significant differences were found either among breeds or between sexes for both the (Beta and Kamma globulin percents. The blood status studied were within normal range among the different breeds and their crosses , these values show that there is at least no pathological conditions , and fluctuation within normal range This indicate that pin physiological regulatory mechanisms are functioning well and those animals are able to adapt to various climatic conditions of Iraq . The reported blood values in the present study could serve as reference values in study blood biochemistry of Iraqi , Assaf, as well as Turkey sheep under different experimental and physiologically conditions