ISSN: 1813-0410

Author : Ali Mahdi Al-Zubaidi, Hussein

Effect of heavy metals in wastewater effluents of Textile factory-Hilla on the characteristics of Hilla River

Hussein Ali Mahdi Al-Zubaidi

journal of kerbala university, 2012, Volume 8, Issue 1, Pages 5-16

The research includes monitoring and assessment on industrial pollution level in Hilla River under the effect of some major toxic heavy metals in Hilla textile factory effluent. The concentrations of selected toxic heavy metals, chromium (Cr) and lead (Pb), were determined for selective locations on the river. The monitoring period in this study were accomplished during periods of time six months represent and contain the predominating weather conditions in Iraq, the time of study starting from the dry and hot weather conditions in August / 2011 to the wet and cold weather conditions in January / 2012. The sampling through monitoring period was conducted from the middle of the river, starting in front of the outfall of Hilla textile factory to a distance 450 m downstream of the textile factory outfall. The assessment of Hilla River pollution with Cr and Pb show that the levels of Cr and Pb concentrations values through various weather conditions are compatible with its levels in several countries, where the Cr concentrations in Hilla River are within its acceptable limits in rivers and potable water, while the Pb concentrations in Hilla River exceed the permissible limits in rivers and potable water. Also, the Hilla textile factory effluent effects on the distribution of heavy metals concentrations with the distance along the river downstream the effluent outfall by a gradually increasing in the concentrations of heavy metals that is found in the effluent.