ISSN: 1813-0410

Author : Habib Dakhil, Ihsan

Photocatalytic decolorization of Methyl Red dye under solar light

Ahmed Hassan Ali; Ihsan Habib Dakhil

journal of kerbala university, Volume 8, Issue 1, Pages 88-95

Environmental problems associated with hazardous wastes and toxic water pollutants have attracted much attention. Among them, organic dyes are one of the major groups of pollutants inwastewaters produced from textile and other industrial processes. Among various physical, chemical and biological techniques for treatment of wastewaters, heterogeneous photocatalysis has been considered as a cost-effective alternative for water remediation. The superiority of photocatalytic technique in wastewater treatment is due to its advantages over the traditional techniques, such as quick oxidation, no formation of polycyclic products, oxidation of pollutants in the (ppb) range.
Photocatalysis is a process by which a semiconductor material absorbs light of energy more than or equal to its band-gap, thereby generating electrons and holes which can further generate free radicals in the system to oxidize the substrate. The resulting free radicals are very efficient oxidizers of organic matter. TiO2 is the most promising photocatalyst due to its facile and cheap application in removing inorganic and organic pollutants from waste waters.
In the present study the photocatalytic decolorizaion of Methyl Red (MR) dye has been investigated by employing heterogeneous photocatalysis under solar light. The photocatalytic activity in presence of TiO2 as a semiconductor has been investigated. Thereafter different operational parameters like catalyst loading, pH, initial dye concentration and recycling of catalyst on the photocatalytic decolorizaion which affect the decolorization process have been optimized.
The results shows the solar photocatalytic completely degradation of MR dye was noticed in acidic region with a catalyst dose of 2.0 g L–1 and pH = 3 within 225 minutes The experiments also shows the degradation of MR decrease with increase of dye concentration at optimum conditions and performed to evaluate the reusability of the TiO2 for decolorization of Methyl Red.