ISSN: 1813-0410

Author : Al-shaty,

Clinical, Hematological and Therapeutical study of Puerperium Metritis in Holstein- Friesian Cows

AL-Mohammed T.M; A. H. Mohammed; E.R; Al-shaty

journal of kerbala university, 2012, Volume 8, Issue 4, Pages 131-135

This study was performed on 56 Holstein-Friesian cows suffered from puer perium metritis in large station of animals (Gbalah) In Babylon governorate during the period of Januarys 2011- August 2012, their ages range from 3-6 years and the post partum period was 20-30 day , these cows were divided randomly into three groups according to the type of treatment that used . 1stgroup 15 cows injected with 750 µg of PGF2α (Estrumate) I.M. one dose, 2nd group19 cows injected with 750 µg I.M. of PGF2α with 20 ml of Oxytetracyclin 20% I.M. in one dose, 3rd group 22 cows injected with 750 µg I.M. of PGF2α and 20 ml Pen-Strep I.M. in one dose (4 million i.u. of Penicillin mixed with 4 gm of Dehydrostrptomycine ).
The percentage of response animals were 73.2% (41/56) but The 2nd and 3rd group was significantly Superiors p<0.01 compared with 1st related with response to treatment while the Number. of services per conception was 3.02 ±0.72, 3.15± 0.43 in 1st and 2nd compared with 3rd group recorded 2.87 ± 0.36, the days open in group 3 recorded significantly p < 0.01 in compared with group 1 and group 2.
There is significant increase p < 0.01 in the values of the hematological picture in group 2 compared with group 1 before and after treatment. We concluded that good result in using of PGF2α alone but when using with antibiotics was highly effective in the treatment of perperium metritis in Holstein-Friesian cows.