ISSN: 1813-0410

Author : Najy Hady, Heiyam

Collectivity variations shape in the heavy 182-202Hg isotopes

Heiyam Najy Hady

journal of kerbala university, 2012, Volume 8, Issue 4, Pages 36-44

The symmetry states structure of 182-202Hg isotopes has been studied using the interacting boson model (IBM-1) .The energy levels , the electromagnetic transitions probability B(E2) and potential energy surfaces are analyzed which reveal the detailed nature of nuclei. In this chain 182,186Hg nuclei have a pure harmonic vibrator characteristic with a0&a2 parameters equal to zero ,188,202Hg nuclei evolve from harmonic vibrator to gamma soft rotor with wobblea0/εratio ascent and descent in the first Three isotopes then steady as straight line in the last five isotopes.
The predicted theoretical calculations were compared with the experimental data in respective figures and tables ,it was seen that the predicted results are in a good agreement with the experimental data.
In the framework of IBM calculations (46) new energy levels were determined for even -even 182-202Hg isotopes .This investigation increases the theoretical Knowledge of all isotopes with respect to energy levels ,reduced transition probabilities and potential energy surfaces.