ISSN: 1813-0410

Author : Hameed Hassan, Ayyed

Effects of Pre-and Postnatal Exposure to Bisphenol- A on the Reproductive Efficacy in Male Albino Rats

Ayyed Hameed Hassan; Abdulameer Auda Ismail; Abdulrazzak Naeem Khudir

journal of kerbala university, 2013, Volume 9, Issue 1, Pages 158-172

This study was carried out at the college of Veterinary Medicine, Kerbala University to determine the effect of pre- and postnatal exposure to Bisphenol A (BPA) on serum reproductive hormones levels (Testosterone" T",Luteinizing Hormone "LH" and follicle- stimulating Hormone" FSH"), relative organ weight and histopathology of (Liver, Kidney, Testis and Prostate) , as well as semen analysis( sperm concentration, viability and abnormality) .
Thirty six pregnant female rats (F0) were gavage three doses of BPA suspended in corn oil (50 µg, 50 mg, 250 mg/kg/BW) or only corn oil as control from gestational day (GD) 6 through postnatal day (PND) 21. The weanlings (F1) from all dose groups(6 of each group) were still administered postnatally (after weaning) with the samedoses that given for their dams daily till maturity, then were subjected to necropsy 3 months of age. The results of statistical analysis showed significant decreased (P<0.05) in serum testosterone levels, and (LH), but not FSH in all treated groups compared with control group. The results also revealed significant increase in relative weight of prostate in all treated groups, of liver at doses (50 mg and 250 mg/kg/BW) and of kidney at highest dose only, while the relative weight of testis was significantly reduced in all treated group compared with control.
Sperm concentration and viability were significantly decreased and abnormality was increased due to BPA treatment.Histopathologic effectsof Bisphenol A on liver of male rats showed that thetreatment with all doses of BPA resultedin deleterious effects in liver and kidney.
Histology of rat's testes pre and postnatal exposed to all doses of BPA showed disarrangement and sever sloughing of the germinal epithelium and destruction the wall of some seminiferous tubules. There is little number of spermatids in the lumen of seminiferous tubules, necrosis the some germinal epithelia was present in high dose group only, on the other hand prostate histology indicate to presence of hyperplasia cell lining acini and decrease of prostatic secretions.From the present study it has been revealed that thexenoestrogen BPA adversely affect animal reproduction thereby itsaction on gonadal steroidogenesis