ISSN: 1813-0410

Author : H. Alniami, Kisma

Saltiness effect on the ability of conocarpus charcoal for adsorption of some ketonic compounds from their aqueous solution.

Kisma H. Alniami; Noori Y. Salman; HussanA. Juda

journal of kerbala university, Volume 9, Issue 2, Pages 277-286

In this study a UV visible spectrophotometric technique was applied to study the adsorption isotherms of acetophenone, 2-aminoactophenone, 3-amino acetophenone, 4-aminoacetophenone, 4-chloro acetophenone, 4-methy acetophenone , 2-hydroxyl acetophenone, and 4-hydroxy acetophenone in aqueous solutions using conocarpus charcoal as selective adsorbent. The efficiency degree of the adsorption on the conocarpus charcoal in the natural form was investigated.The salting effect on the adsorbed amount of acetophenone and their derivativecompoundswas also investigated.The adsorption isotherms of the acetophenone and their derivative compounds in this study are marked by similar to S model according to Gills classification. The adsorption on the surface of charcoal obey Freundlich equation rather than other equations, since the adsorption is physical chemistry.In this study X-ray diffracted spectroscopy XRD technique was also applied to this study.The results shows that the adsorption of acetophenonedervitaves compounds increase as the amount of salt increased