ISSN: 1813-0410

Author : A .A .Al-fatlway, Haqi

Study of blood parameter in women infected with Trichomonas vaginalis parasite

Basima Sh. Al Gazali; Maysoon K. A .Al-Hadraawy; Haqi A .A .Al-fatlway

journal of kerbala university, Volume 9, Issue 2, Pages 223-227

The study was conducted on 450 out patients and 30 healthy women, whom have visited the department of infertility at Al-Sadder medical city, Al-Zahra Hospital in Najaf Province during the period from January till August, 2012. The infection with T.vaginalis in clinical suspected women determined by using the wet amount microscope,ratio and infected women numbers by wet mount microscope were 49 and 10.88% respectively.
The results showed significant decrease (P<0.05) in RBCs count,level of Hb, PCV, MCV, and MCHC inT.vaginalis infection patients in comparison to healthy control group.