ISSN: 1813-0410

Author : Ahmed Ali, Abbas

Derivation equation and calculation Differential cross section for elastic scattering of γ-ray by deuteron in the ground state

Abbas Ahmed Ali

journal of kerbala university, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 28-37

The scattering of a photon by a system of deuterons consists of the absorption of the initial photon (k) and the simultaneous emission of another photon (k^,) .The deuteron may be left either at its initial energy level or at some other discrete energy level. In the former case the photon frequency is unchanged (Rayleigh scattering);in the latter case the frequency changes by
(ω^,-ω) which it equals to (E_1-E_2) divided by ħ
Where E_1 and E_2 are the initial and final energies of the deuteron (Rayleigh scattering); Since the electromagnetic perturbation operator has no matrix elements for effect appears only in the second approximation of perturbation theory .It must be regarded as taking place via certain intermediate states, which may be one of two types;
(l) The photon (k) is absorbed and the deuteron enters one of its possible states E_n;in the subsequent transition to the final stats, the photon (k^,) is emitted. (ll) The photon k^, is a emitted and the atom enters the stats E_n; in the transition to the final state, the photon k is absorbed [1].We will refer to the initial energy of the system deuteron-photon by 〖(ξ〗_n^1) and to the intermediate states 〖(ξ〗_n^11) we also refer to the matrix elements for the absorption of photon (k) by 〖(ν)〗_ik and those for the emission of photon (k^,)by〖(ν^.)〗_ik, The aim of this research is to derive equatiom for (σ) differentivl cross-section of interaction γ-ray with Deutron and to give result’s of (σ) and comparing these results with the results found by experiment’s.