ISSN: 1813-0410

Author : Alewi, H.H.

Experimental infection of pigeon birds with Giardia lamblia parasite isolated from human and treatment of infected birds with ginger extract

J.K .Ali; H.A. Swadi; H.H. Alewi

journal of kerbala university, Volume 10, Issue 0, Pages 62-66

Twenty - three of peogin birds , 31 days age were experimentally infected with a dose of 10000 cyst/bird of G. lambila parasite that was isolated from human . Present study was succeeded to confirm experimental infection in pigeons with G. lambila for the first time in the country. From the total of 23 pigeons , 20 birds were found infected ( 86.9%).No significant differences were found between infected male and female pigeons . The prepetant period of infection was 6-9 days and feces of infected birds was liquid if compared with that of uninfected birds , which was soft. Flotation by zinc- sulphate was not exhibited significant differences in the diagnosis of the parasite comparison to the direct examination of feces , while scarping technique from duodenal mucosa was best for diagnosis of the parasite and with significant differences was P<0.05 in compared to the direct smear of duodenal contents .
The extract of aqueous ginger ( zingbar officinale) was exhibited high efficiency in treatment of infected pigeons and the highest efficiency of treatment was by concentration 10% of the extract , which reached 100% , and was in significant difference on level P<0.05 comparison to the efficiency of 5% concentration of the extract, that was 62.5 %. untreated infected pigeons continued of shedding the cysts of the parasite until end of the experiment .