ISSN: 1813-0410

Author : Hannon Hashim Al-Awadi, Jasem

Study The Effect of Iraqi Butter Ghee on Some Biochemical Parameters and Histopathological Changes on Aorta of Albino Male Mice.

Jasem Hannon Hashim Al-Awadi; Naser Merza Hamza

journal of kerbala university, Volume 11, Issue 4, Pages 161-167

This study designed to investigate the effects of Iraqi animal oils on aortal tissue as well as biochemical changes of lipid profiles of mice, which feeds, by these oils for six months, the result showed:
There were different degrees of significant increase (p<0.05), (p<0.005), (p<0.0005)in TC,TG,LDL,VLDL , and AI, but there was high significant decrease(p<0.0005) in HDL in mice fed on Iraqi animal oils for six months if compared with control group,
The histological sections of aorta were revealed presence of severe histopathological changes, which represented by increase the thickness (89.7±21.3µm) of atherosclerotic plaque in intima which formed by accumulation of lipid droplets (cholesterol, oxidized-LDL), as well as increase the thickness and fibrosis of medial layer. The most severe changes were in aorta, showing significant atherosclerosis and marked luminal narrowing which appeared as semi blocked of blood stream of the aorta of some animals as well as fibrosis and thickness of some areas in some very severe cases.