ISSN: 1813-0410

Author : Abdul Ridha, Hiyame

Isolate and Identification some of the pathogens of cardiac catheterization patients in the city of Karbala

Batool Shakir Abed AL- Mjalawi; Ali Raheem Handhal AL-Hamil; Hiyame Abdul Ridha

journal of kerbala university, Volume 12, Issue 0, Pages 1-9

A total of 89 samples have being collected from cardiac catheterization unit patients who admitted to the Imam Hussein Teaching Hospital in Karbala for seven months, starting from ( January 2014 and to the end of July 2014) from both sex and aged between ( 29-75) years. and due to the absence of a local study on pathogens isolated from cardiac catheterization patients came this study.
The samples were melded : swabs , catheter tip and the blood culture before and after cardiac catheterization, cardiac catheterization was classified in to three categories catheterization diagnostic , therapeutic catheterization and both of them. diagnostic catheterization samples was 66(74.16%) and gave positive results for bacterial culture (number patients of them) swabs test 15(22.73%),while the catheter tip test 14(21.21%), blood culture 14(21.21%) before a catheterization and 15(22.73%) after a catheterization . Either therapeutic catheterization samples15(16.85%) of them were infected with 6(40%) for all tests. The diagnostic and therapeutic catheterization together samples 8(8.99%) the patients were of them 4(50%) ,4(50%) ,4(50%) and 3(37.5%) respectively.
The results showed an sensitivity value of 96% and specificity 100% for swabs testing and catheter tip, either sensitivity values and the specificity 100% and 98.5% to the blood culture test respectively.
it is became clear from our results that out of 89 sample collected there wa 25(28.09%) positive culture and two samples of them showed two types of pathogen it is noting that exact number have 27 bacteria isolated as 11(70.74%) gram positive , 15(55.56%) gram negative and 1(3.70%) yeasts, while 64(71.91%) not gave any growth .