ISSN: 1813-0410

Author : Abbas Nasir, Ibtisam

Blood groups and its association with chronic diseases in local population of Karbala city

Thikra Abd Aun Hasan; Ibtisam Abbas Nasir

journal of kerbala university, 2016, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 218-224

This study was carried out at AL-Hussain medical city and the public hospital of Al-Hindi for the period between (October 2012 to February 2013). Blood groups have been tested for 162 individuals (male and female) with no illness record and for 162 individuals (male and female) suffering from different chronic illness included: Hypertension, asthma, allergy, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, as well as high plasma cholesterol level.
The results achieved in this study showed that there was no significant correlation between ABO blood group and studied chronic diseases. This study showed that individuals with O+ group was the most common group with a percentage of (33.33%) followed by A+ (27.47%) and B+group (20.99%)respectively for healthy and non-healthy individuals. The mainchronic disease with greatest rate associated with type A+ was diabetes, hypertension in compare with other diseases includingasthma, heart disease and arthritis respectively. It is found that diabetes had the highest prevalence among individuals with A- group followed byasthma and allergy; while individuals with B+ were suffering from diabetes, hypertension and with a lower percentage suffering from heart disease, arthritis, asthma and allergy respectively. Individuals with B- group had the lowest percentage and were suffering from hypertension, diabetes (equal percentage) asthma and allergy. The dominance of chronic disease among individuals with AB group were found to be in the following order:diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, asthma, allergy and high cholesterol level. Prevalence of chronic disease between individuals with O+was found to be as follows:diabetes ,hypertension,heart disease ,asthma and allergy , arthritis, high blood cholesterol respectively. The frequency of chronic disease among individuals with O-was as follows:diabetes ,hypertension, heart disease , arthritis, asthma and allergy respectively.