ISSN: 1813-0410

Author : N. AL-Fatlawi, Sabah

Role of samples selection in diagnosis of Brucellosis in patients with localized joint pain in Najaf province by Q PCR

Sabah N. AL-Fatlawi

journal of kerbala university, 2016, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 38-44

Background: Brucella species are Gram negative, coccobacilli bacteria, facultative, intracellular organism, environmental persistence for temperature, pH, humidity, Frozen and aborted materials, they are multiple species of brucella some of them are highly weaponizable like B. sues.Brucellosis can affect any organ or system and 20-60% of cases are presented with osteoarticularcomplications(Arthritis, spondylitis,& osteomyelitis). Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is commonly used to diagnose infectious diseases. The use of PCR for pathogens detection has high sensitivity, and high specificity, in diagnosis. PCR is the most useful assays for the diagnosis of human brucellosis.
Objective: The aim of this review was to clarify existence of pathogen of security concern like brucella spp. in biohazard region, in addition to select the most appropriate samples in diagnosis by QPCR and their relation to chronic ache.
Methodology: This study was conducted in the period between Jan. 2015 and June. 2015 in Al-Najaf city-Iraq/Al-Najaf medical private lab.this data were analysed by Chi square, Study group include 49 patients with chronic localized ache from those patients we toke 63 samples include blood, and/or tissue biopsy from site of pain, and/or CSF, blood samples were collected as 5 ml →2 ml in EDTA tube& 3 ml in serum tube, and CSF samples were collected in plane tube, while tissue biopsy submitted for DNA extraction as fresh samples immediately then these samples submitted for QPCR for diagnosis.
Results: the percentage of brucellosis in Najaf city’s patients with localized joint pain was about one quarter, both tissue and blood sample can be regarded as useful diagnostic tool for diagnosis of human brucellosis by RT-PCR.
Conclusion: Brucella is regarded as endemic in Iraq and both blood and tissue samples are best selective samples in diagnosis of brucella.
Recommendation: Brucella should be considered as a differential diagnosis in cases of localized ache.
Keywords: Human brucellosis; Brucella spp; QPCR