ISSN: 1813-0410

Author : Abdulla Mahmood, Thikra

Immuno- Genetic Pathological Study of Protozoal Abortion in Aborted Fetus's and Placenta of Iraqi Cattle.

Muna Sachit Hashim; Angham Jasem Mohammed Ali; Taghreed Jabbar Humadai; Eman Hashim Yousif; Thikra Abdulla Mahmood

journal of kerbala university, Volume 10, Issue 3, Pages 347-353

Current study was conducting on 50 tissues samples which were on 25 placentas from aborted cow and25 from aborted fetuses. Each tissues sample was cutting in to 4 pieces about 1cm; 1st one kept in 10% formaldehyde and sent to pathology laboratory and 2nd kept in clear test tube and sent to microbiology laboratory in Veterinary Medicine College of Baghdad University. Third and four were sent to laboratory of molecular and immunohistochemistry(IHC) to detection DNA defects; P53 (apoptosis factor) and TNF (tumor necrotic factor) a markers on placental and fetal tissues. Further to serological test for hormones in all aborted female. Microbial examination showed positive test for bacterial and protozoa causes. Conclusions pathological findings in aborted fetus mainly were: in brain; neuronal demyelination and in liver; hepatocytes' vacoulation and inflammation and in lung: edematous lesion with inflammation; and in placenta necrotic foci with abscesses. Genetics test showed DNA damage in brain; liver of fetus and placenta. Immunological examination after IHC methods showed that there was detectable increasing in ratio of TNF and P53 in placental and fetal tissues. Serological test showed increase serum level of estrogen hormone and a prolactin hormone.