ISSN: 1813-0410

Author : Abd Ul-Mohsen, Fouad

The Effect of applying Quality Standards in Assessing the Performance of Iraqi Universities (An Applied Study)

Fouad Abd Ul-Mohsen; Nofal Mahmoud Mousa

journal of kerbala university, 2017, Volume 13, Issue 4, Pages 1-21

Performance evaluation process aimed at achieving the basic elements (efficiency, effectiveness and economy) in the work environment, expressed in the inevitable result of the control procedures that the Federal Office of Financial Supervision sought to achieve. Therefore, the results of a Research conducted in the University of Karbala showed that the application of quality standards of education is weak. The total application proportion is 32. 6% and the mean are 6. 44; less than half of the average standards; that is 20 degrees with 0.892 correlations. This shows an impact relation between the performance evaluation and the application of comprehensive quality standards.
Several recommendations were drawn, the most important of which is the need to focus on improvement and development in the areas of the quality of education and scientific research via evaluating the performance of Iraqi universities in general and the University of Karbala in particular, according to the accredited quality standards in the QS ranking of the performance of the universities.