ISSN: 1813-0410

Author : Hussain Hattif Al-Attiah, Khalid

A Study of Nuclear Structure of 122-128Te Even-Even Isotopes by the Interacting Boson Model-1

Amir A. Mohammed Ali; Khalid Hussain Hattif Al-Attiah

journal of kerbala university, 2018, Volume 14, Issue 1, Pages 418-424

Feature of energy levels for even-even tellurium isotopes (122-128) and reduced electric transition probability B(E2) have been studied using the Interacting Boson Model-1 (IBM-1). The calculations of energy levels were carried out using the program package IBM-code, and the program IBMT-code for evaluating the electric transitions.
The present study assigned the spin/parity for some levels which have been assigned definitely, where the level (2.4 MeV) for 122Te have been specified with a spin/parity 24+, the levels (2.3, 2.2 and 2.6 MeV) for 124Te by 51+, 43+ and 62+ and the level (2.7 MeV) for 126Te by 43+ instead of (2+, 3+, 4+ ) which is experimentally specified.
In addition to the determination of the spin/parity of other energy levels which are not assigned practically where assigned the spin/parity of the energy level (1.7 MeV) for 124Te by the value 31+ and the level (2.6 MeV) for the 126Te by 51+.
The present results suggest some new energy levels: (2.41 MeV) for 122Te with spin/parity 51+ (3.2 MeV) and (4.06 MeV) for 124Te with spin/parity 82+ and 102+, (3.5 MeV) and (1.9 MeV) for 126Te by 82+ and 03+ and the other levels (2.13 MeV, 2.19 MeV, 2.7 MeV, 2.84 MeV and 2.88 MeV) for 128Te by 03+, 42+, 23+, 24+ and 43+ respectively. The Te isotopes have shown their membership to the vibrational limit SU(5).