ISSN: 1813-0410

Author : Aziz Hameed Al-Shaybani, Mohammed

Wheel Track Test to Predict Permanent deformation (Rutting depth) of Hot-Mix Asphalt Pavements and Using Silica Fume to Reduce Effect of Permanent Deformation

Mohammed Aziz Hameed Al-Shaybani

journal of kerbala university, 2018, Volume 14, Issue 1, Pages 104-113

The road network of Iraq in the last two decades have increased in volume of traffic, heavy load and high temperatures. These reasons lead to the need for frequent and continuous maintenance work and the lack of funds allocated for maintenance work may lead to sudden rapid failure of performance of flexible asphalt concrete pavements which is evaluated by many constant factors. One of the major factors is the largest effect on the performance of flexible pavement which is the permanent deformation. The additives have showed acceptable effects on HMA at lower and higher temperatures due to increasing the resistance to permanent deformation (rutting). The main objective is evaluating the effect of additive on the resistance to permanent deformation of the hot mix asphalt (HMA). One type available additive which is Silica Fume with three various percentages was used. The percentages are (1%, 3%, and 5%) for Silica Fume by weight of asphalt binder. The experimental works in this research showed that additive - modified mixtures have rutting resistance, higher, than a control asphalt mixture at (50 Cº) about (30% - 60%) depending on different percentages of additive. It can be concluded that the concentration of Silica Fume (3%) gives the better properties of asphalt mixture to resist permanent deformation. A statistical model has been developed for the prediction of rutting depth in local asphalt paving materials as an influence by the factors of percentage of additive, and the number of passes at (50 Cº).